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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Knitting my Way Through British TV

Finished this series a few days ago.  It premiered back in 2016 and was a remake  of an earlier The Durrell's.  Took me some time to get into this series, but am glad I played through.  It takes place in Corfu and was re-titled for release in United States as The Durrells oin Corfu.    

The scenery alone is a reason to watch this.  A good deal of the series was in fact filmed there on the beautiful Greek Island.  I found it sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes dysfunctional.  I wanted the Mother to knock some sense into her very self absorbed kids......but, I did not know while watching, this was in fact based on a series of books (My Family and Other Animals, Birds Beats & Relatives, and The Garden of the Gods by Gerald Durrell.  This series is based on a real family who did indeed live on the island for 4 years.  The island had no electricity.  They left the island due to troubles when the war broke out.  I learned a bit more about the real family, but won't spoil it by saying more.

Watch the series, or read the books and then watch.  Gerry, whom I did not like at all in the series, became a well known naturalist and zoologists.  So, I guess he eventually grew up...and maybe took a bath.
Yes, I've continued to knit on with Jeweled Lines and it is growing.  Finished the turquoise section, added the small gray section and have started the large Amethyst section.  We're at about 46 inches thus far.  The olive green section is next.  Hope to get to that point for the next blog post.  This afghan like 99% of those I make will be donated through my blog, Bridge and Beyond, which is dedicated to helping homeless.  I'm needing to start another project so I have something small enough to tote with me.  This is getting to large and heavy to carry around and work on anywhere but in my chair in the living room.

Progress on the foot went backward for about 2 wks, but I believe we're on the upswing again.

Continuing to work on finding lost classmates for my 50th class reunion.

And to leave you all with a bit of smile........a laugh for the day.  Spotted this the other day on Facebook and thought it too good to not share.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Oh Deer, Where are my Classmates, we Have Yarns to Share!

--I'm participating in Slow Stitch Sunday, please come join us.
Jeweled Lines is growing, but it seems to be at a slow point right now for me.  It's 43 ish inches.  I'm a bit over half way through the largest turquoise section and next up will be a small gray strip followed by the amethyst.  I've not been knitting quite as much as I've begun working hard at finding lost classmates.
My high school class reunion for 50 years (egads how did I get that old) is next year.  I'm the person that finds people and maintains the database.  It's a job.  With those who've passed on (surprising how many), those that have moved, women who divorced and therefore have a different name etc.  Anyway, because of that, I've been on the computer more and therefore knitting less.
This is a most unusual view from our windows this am.  Seriously you can see we do not live in the country or a wooded area.  We are in a very developed, long standing neighborhood.  These two Deer (one has a reasonable size rack, and the other has one starting), spend a good amount of time cruising around in our yard, (non fenced), then hopped the fence behind us where the blue house is, then came back and jumped the chain length fence to our neighbor to the right of us.  In front of blue house is a major road...one of the most major in our community that connects 2 neighborhoods and 2 freeways.  They need to get across that road to get to safety.  About 1/4 of a mile on the other side of said road and to the right is a golf course......perhaps that's where they came from?  Down the busy road or any of our roads on this side takes them to the river in about a mile.......but then have to cross a 4 lane extremely highway to get to the river. 
Last week I shared a cross stitch I made years ago (scroll back to previous post), so today I thought I'd share one of the quilts I made a good number of years ago.  I do do other stitching besides knitting and crocheting.......just not as much.  I have some lovely blog ladies visiting who do really intricate cross stitch and or make very involved quilts...with real quilting patterns.  I'm a dabbler.  But, this quilt was fun as it's made from flannel nightgowns.  In my younger years we had a group of friends who skiied every year and we  woman would have "team" nightgowns for lounging around at the end of the day.  Nothing warmer or more comfy than a flannel nightgown after skiing in the cold all day.  So, this quilt was made for a very good friend from those nightgowns with cross stitched squares that have memories from our various trips.  I had planned to make one for the other lady in the group and myself........somehow, that never happened.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Happy Anniversary, Walking by Public Art, Jeweled Lines Afghan

Tomorrow this lady celebrates 46 years of marriage to this guy. (so young back in the day)
Pictures fade over time, and maybe we do too, lol.  My mother made my Wedding Dress, it's dotted swiss, and hubby wore a suit he'd just gotten back from the cleaners.  We got married outside in The Park of Roses.  We'll celebrate tonight by having a nice meal here at the house of steak, potatoes, and wine after cocktail hour with our favorite Martini's and Shrimp Cocktail.
Jeweled Lines continues to grown.  It's over the half way point now and measures about 34 inches.  I'm about half way through the dark green and next will be fun bright turquoise section.  Had an oophs and had to unknit about 13 rows, as I ran out of the dark green.That was a smaller skein than expected.  It's a skein I've had for eons, so no way was I going to be able to match it 100%.  Found something as close as possible at the store and since it's not right next to the other green section...it will get the job done.
**This is week 2 for me participating in Slow Sunday Stitching.  Had hope to find some pictures of some of my cross stitch projects (beyond the one in the last post), but haven't had time to look through old photo albums for pictures to share with some of you ladies who do cross stitch.  I do have a few quilt photo's I know I can share as time goes on.
A few days ago this was a scene on my virtual walk through Seattle on Walking4Fun.  I loved it and thought it worth share.  Some public art is just fun.  This 17 foot Popsicle has been there since 2011, designed by Catherine Mayer.  I think walking or riding past this would simply make you smile.
So, the headway with the foot and walking has come to a bit of a halt.  Was doing fine, in fact think PT was about to release me, when I started with some new pain.  Cuboid Bone is the problem according to my therapist.  Quite sore, swollen and a bit bruised, making walking difficult again.  I can and do walk, but not a good gate like I was.  She's hoping the manual manipulation to put it back where it belongs will do the trick.  She says sometimes The Cuboid Bone Falls down......No dancing tonight for me as hubby and I celebrate our 46th.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Still Knitting, Watching Cranford, Memories, and Laughing

Ok, so I wasn't all that hooked on this series, seemed slow and finally with about 1.5 episodes left in the first season things start happening.  Characters develop and then ...just as I'm getting into it.....Season 1 is done.  Season  is Called Return to Cranford, but it's not available on Amazon Prime unless you have a subscription to BritBox.  Good grief, I knew about Hulu, Starz, Master Piece Theater, and Acorn; but I didn't know about BritBox.  You could go broke if you subbed to everything.  But, you do get a 7 day free trial.  So, I signed up today so I can watch season 2 of Return to Cranford.
Only watched a few minutes so far, but LOVE this.  If this is historical accurate how much better is it for the baby to see you, Mommie, or Grandma or whomever is pushing the stroller vs looking away at strangers or unknown things that might be frightening?  This looks like a much better design to me.  Then the pusher of the stroller and the baby can intereact.
I have been knitting, but there's not enough of a different on Jeweled Lines to show up.  New picture next time.  Had to do some unknitting......about 12-13 rows worth......bummer.  But, thought you all might enjoy this funny about yarn.  You could certainly substitute fabric for my quilter friends, or DMC for my cross Stitch folks.
Speaking of Cross Stitch.  I made this over 30 years ago for my Grandmother.  It's stamped, not counted.  I LOVE the saying.  She had a beautiful rose garden that never had weeds in it...or at least as a child it seemed that way to me.  She loved her roses, so long ago...actually the more I think about it, bet it was closer to 45 ish years ago I made this for her.  It's been hanging in my house since she passed.  Always makes me think of her.

Most of my cross-stitch projects were before digital cameras so I don't really have pictures to share, unless there are some in photo albums.....hum, might have to look.

Saturday, June 09, 2018

The Afghan is Growing, so are The Wisteria

As you can see, Jeweled Lines continues to grow.  It now measures 33 x 58.  I'm over the half way point.  Somewhere in the middle of the widest amethyst section is the half way point.  So that section is completed and next wee green section is done and I'm about half way through the goldish section.  Then it will be back to the dark green, turquoise etc, making my back down in reverse order.

I've actually been knitting less, because I've become a bit more mobile.  Ever so slight.  I've actually started walking a wee little bit outside on days when I'm not in physical therapy.  I managed 6 blocks today.  Whew, hate to admit it; but am really feeling it.  Then did my exercises.  So, if you're following my Walking 4 Fun badge in the right sidebar you'll see I'm making progress..........slowly.  Currently walking a virtual trail in Seattle that has been fascinating.  Once finished with that trail (just a couple of hundred miles) I will head back to the very long Pacific Crest Trail where I've walked it seems forever.  Off and on, because everytime there's a more interesting trail I change, lol.

**Joining Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching**

I really like Judi Dench, but am so far luke warm on this series.  I'm watching it.  But, unlike many on my previous list, I do not think about it when not watching it.  It seems very slow so far.  I'll play through awhile, because I don't have a whole of other choices right now on my to watch list....I'm not sure I would recommend it, but on the other I don't dislike it and plan to continue.  Just not with lots of enthusiasm I guess.
I am clueless about art, other than I know when I look at something whether or not I like it.  I like this!  I like the feel of it, I like the colors.  It's titled, Our Wisteria.  I like that as well because my parents backyard was focused around their Wisteria.  A friend of mine who loves art, and knows art often posts things on his facebook page and that's where I spotted this.  The painter is German born, Jean Mannheim.  She was born in Germany in 1963 and died in California in 1945.  Doing a google search, I think I like most of her work.  Just thought I'd share this and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Google Rankings AND

I've not blogged yet about The Crown or
Call The Midwife OR
Land Girls.  

These were all series/shows I watched earlier.........before the broken leg.  Some on girls trips and some on a winter vacation to Hilton Head while hubby was playing golf.  I'll back track to these in a few days, as I'm continuing to knit Jeweled Lines as I elevate and ice my foot.

I wanted to post rankings from Google which I found interesting.  These rankings are simply where people on google give a thumbs up or down.  I would have preferred a middle ground on a few when I did my own rankings.  I've added the links to the blog posts where I chatted about these shows if you're interested in a bit more info...or why I liked or didn't.

Tulip Fever, which I didn't care for got a google ranking of 76%.  

Upstairs Downstairs I would probably rate about the same as google 87%

The Duchess was rated 88%, I would probably agree with that.

Larkrise to Candleford I would rate higher than google did at 93%.  I was sorry to see this series end.  I enjoyed it a lot.  I liked all the characters except The Thomas Character.  He really annoyed me.  I kept wanting to say shut up to him.  I was also disappointed Robert Timmons wasn't in the last season.  I wonder if it's because filming perhaps over lapped with Downton Abbey where his character was Mr. Bates?

Poldark I would also rate higher than google did at 93%  I LOVED this series and am most anxious for the 4th season to come to the states, possible fall of 2018.

Grantchester was also rated at 93% on google, I enjoyed it...but have rated it slightly lower.  It's entertaining, but I had a hard time with the premise of a Clergy being a solver of mysteries  and such a heavy drinker.

Doctor Thorne was rated 94%.  I watched one episode and didn't return to watch the remainder so ....would definately not agree with this ranking..........then again, maybe it got better and I would rank it better if I watched the whole thing?

Victoria was also rated 94% by google.  I would not rate this higher than Polark or Larkrise to Candleford.

Downton Abbey was also rated 94%, I would rate it higher than Victoria.  

**Land Girls was rated 94%, think I would probably agree with that, once I figure out my top down ratings.

Home Fires was rated at 95% by google.  I really really like Home Fires, hated the ended as it left you up in the air because additional episodes were planned and then it was cancelled.  Debating how closely I would rank Home Fires and Downton Abbey, and Larkrise to Candleford.

The Grand...was also rated 95%.  It was good, but again don't believe I would rank it as high as Home Fires or higher than Downton Abbey and or Larkrise to Candleford.

**Google rated both The Crown and Call The Midwife at 95%.  There are new episodes since I last watched Call The Midwife, I believe one more series so, will have to think about those ratings.

The Crimson Field was rated 96%  Debating here, yes higher than The Grand, and maybe tied with Home Fires?

Manor House was rated 96%...don't agree with that at all.  It's interesting, but definately not as good as The Crimson Field, or Home Fires or Down Abbey, or Poladark or Larkrise to Candleford.

  • Poldark
  • LarkRise to Candleford and Downton Abbey possibly tied
  • Home Fires & The Crown & Call The Midwife
  • Victoria & Crimson Field & Land Girls
  • The Grand
  • Grantchester
  • Upstairs Downstairs
  • The Duchess
  • Manor House
  • Tulip Fever
The only one I would not recommend is Tulip Fever.  Jury is out on Doctor Thorne since it didn't entice me to watch more than one episode.

Sunday, June 03, 2018

Watching Lark Rise to Candleford, Knitting Jeweled Lines Afghan

Jeweled Lines is growing..added green, gold-ish, another small section of green and now back to amethyst.  The section of Amethyst I'm currently working on is the half way point.  This section will be larger than the other sections and then will do a repeat of what's been done so far.  Measures 27 inches at the moment.  10 Inches longer than the last photo.
A bit hard to see the newer sections in the first photo, as I stopped last night without being at the end of a row, so I couldn't lay it out very flat...thus the bunching.  Tried this sideways view and believe you can see the addition a bit better.  My debate as this point is whether to make the Amethyst section solid, or stop half way through and add another section of the turquoise and the amethyst.  Thoughts?  I was so worried about having enough yarn I added the dark green and gold-ish.  Eyeballing it now, I might have been ok with the amount of yarn I had...but you just don't know when you're winging it.
Lark Rise to Candleford.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series.  I'm currently in season 4 and highly recommend it.  Robert Timmons (2nd from right Brendan coyle was one of my favorite characters Mr. Bates in Downton Abbey.  And Mini (Ruby Bentall 2nd from left was Verity Poldark in the Poldark Series).   In my next blog post, believe I'll give some thought to ranking these series I've been watching while not very mobile due to my broken foot.  I know this series will be very close to the top, if not the top.
If you watched Call The Midwives you probably recognize Nurse Phyllis (Linda Basset) lower left.  I am enjoying her more in this role as Queenie.

I have officially been given the go ahead to say good bye to this Ortho Boot!  I've been several days now without it.  I drove the other day for the first time in months.  The bone itself really won't be totally healed for about 4 more months.  I can do pretty well indoors, but am to stay away from walking in yards, and un-even terrain.  AND, if I know I'm going to be doing substantial amounts of walking I should put the boot on.  Will be continuing with PT for another month twice a week, as we work to build some strength and range of motion.  I haven't yet gone for a walk, might try around the block today if hubby has time to go with me.  It's a process, but am indeed making headway.  Thanks for all the good wishes.