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Friday, January 27, 2012

Red Brick now Cemented

Red Brick is now Cemented! That's right, the building of it is complete...cemented together. The afghan measured 56 square before it was blocked and gained about 2-3 inches once it was blocked. Made from many different donated squares of lots of different sizes (some square, some rectangle, some knit, some crocheted); it was pieced together using the whip stitch method and single crochet around the edges. Not the same number of rows of sc, adjustments made to fit it together.

I'm pleased with how this turned out and both hubby and my Dad said they liked it. This afghan has been donated to Bridge and Beyond for Project Welcome Home.

That's it for todays, Finished Object Friday. Link in side bar, which takes you to lots of other interesting FO.

Hum?? apparently,I never got the picture posted, and can't now as I'm not on my home computer. Sorry bout that folks, I scheduled this post to publish and thought I had also posted the picture before we left town. Will have to catch up on posts, pictures and visits on my return.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm in Red Mode

LOL. Just realized I'm really in Red Mode. Some of you have probably seen the red afghan (Red Brick) I've been working on, and heard me talk about The Red Cotton Cloth I've been working (which has since been frogged for a different pattern (stay turned); and now......drum roll. A red scarf!

This scarf is made from The Marble Yarn I used on a gray scarf recently knitted for Bridge and Beyond. It's nice yarn and works up quickly since it's chunky. Think this will be a good piece to take on an up-coming car ride. Mindless things are good for that.

Plan on taking the red cotton and new pattern with me on the trip with the hopes of getting it done. It's February's cloth after all. The pattern calls for lots of counting, a good quiet time project.

WIPW badges and links are in the sidebar if you'd like to join us, please do.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ivory Afghan

The other day I was visiting my Dad when I realized I had never taken a photo of this afghan I made Mom many years ago. It's solid ivory, not a color I use often but fit her decor and was what she requested. She asked me to make her a lacy, but not too lacy afghan when she bought a new sofa and love seat. She wanted something not too big to fit the back of the love seat to protect it against the rays that came in from a window. Not sure what stitch I actually used....can't remember, but it's crocheted shells of some sort.

Just thought I'd share this with you all. It's different then most of the afghans I've made through the years, in that it's more decorative. Normally, I make something for warmth both for family and all the ghans I've made for various charities through the years.

Laundry is calling my name, I'm trying to ignore it; but it's getting louder!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Building Red Brick

first designI assemble (build) afghans from donated squares through my charity blog, Bridge and Beyond. One of two things happens as the squares come in. Depending on what I'm working on and how many squares I have on hand...I either design a ghan with the squares, label and bag it for future assembling, OR the squares go into my square collection area. Then periodically I dump sort and design those squares in the collection area. Such was the case here. This group of red and brown squares (lots of sizes), were bagged and labeled as I worked on other afghans. I always take pictures so I remember how I had it layed out.

adding new squaresReviewed the above, measured it and thought it a bit small, and if I added lots of edging rows thought it wouldn't quite be what I wanted. So, looked through my squares collection area...after all, since the original design in picture 1, other squares had come in. I added about a dozen squares and felt this would work be an appropriate size.

edging and joiningUnlike real bricks and mortar knitted and crocheted squares can be moved around. Since there were sooooooo many different sizes here of both squares and rectangles, things needed to be moved to better fit. A real work in progress. Hoping to have this finished in short order. After it's all pieced together, I'll edge with several rows of red, then some brown...at least that's my current plan. I enjoy how funky and different these ghans come out when made from lots of different squares, but they do require extra work to get them together....much like a puzzle.

Since last week's YOP blog post, Got Brown Afghan has been completed, as has the shades of gray scarf. Both were pictured on Finished Object Friday's Post Here. Additionally, I've started working on the Feb cloth for Cotton Cloth Calendar Challenge; but....need to frog it, or at least part of it.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Feels good to get Projects Finished!

Here's Got Brown as it was designed.
And here's Got Brown Completed, laundered and blocked. I really loved how this ghan turned out. It has already been donated to Homeless Families Foundation through Bridge and Beyond's Operations Welcome Home Program.
I was waiting for Finished Object Friday to share it with you. The donated squares were all crocheted, and I added 2 rows of black edging to all the squares and joined with black using the join as you go method.

This gray shaded scarf is now also complete and has been donated to Bridge and Beyond. If you're not familiar with Bridge and Beyond, it's one of my other blogs, dedicated to helping the homeless through knitting and crocheting. This is simply good old garter stitch. I love how the shades show up nicely. The scarf measures about 7 inches wide and about 70 inches long, should be nice and warm for a man in need.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sweet Potato Gnocchi, Yummy

step 1 RecipeFirst of all, let me say this is not my work in progress but my Darling Daughter while she was home over The Christmas Holidays. She loves to cook and is a good cook. She had tried this recipe once before, and wanted to fix it for us. Now...having the lap top in the kitchen near food is not something I do, or probably would do. Then again, I don't use a laptop. However, I could find the recipe on the net, print it or write it down for reference. She had music playing on her laptop, and had the recipe there for reference. She was going to make us Sweet Potato Gnocchi with a Gouda Cheese Sauce.
step 2 cutting gnocchiShe likes space in the kitchen so I didn't get pictures of her actually making the dough. I was knitting in the other room. She cooked the potatoes in the microwave, scooped out the potato, mixed with flour to make her dough, then set it aside to rest while she got the ingredients read for her sauce. Then began rolling 4 long tubes/snakes. Cut the snakes into appropriate pieces ...about an inch.

ridges and drying step 3Rolling the individual pieces lightly on the back of the tines of a fork to obtain the ridges, then laid them carefully to dry a bit on wax paper on a cooking sheet.

starting the sauceHaving cut up and measured her sauce ingredients earlier, she was ready to begin making her Rue while the pasta dried slightly. After she made her Rue she added her cheese. I don't have pictures of it all, and timing, amounts etc....but thought I'd share the process a bit.

I helped by setting the table, and prepared the Martini's. Opened the wine for dinner so it could breathe while we enjoyed our Martini's.
Enjoy, dinners readyShe finished it off by making a nice spinach salad with red peppers and walnuts and light dressing. Outstanding!

link for recipe here,
Darling Daughter says she would suggest 1/2 smoked and 1/2 non-smoked Gouda Cheese to lessen how rich the sauce is.

Bought myself and DD a pedometer for Christmas. Was going to wear it daily and record steps taken and how many miles I went. Fell behind from the get go it seems. wasn't doing much here for the first couple of weeks after Christmas, and so didn't put it on. Then forgot to put it on at work. Finally, this week got started. Monday 16th walked 13,806 steps for 5.017 miles. Felt it to when I got home from work. But, yesterday.....19,852 steps and 7.214 miles by the time I sat down after work. And this morning....am still feeling it. Have added a tab here on the blog to keep track of my walking/steps etc.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Snowy Sunday

This scarf wasn't on my YOP list (see tab above) , however...it might be the replacement scarf for Liberty Lace. I just haven't been able to my way clear to restart that. It's been frogged and is now on the back burner. This scarf is gray, though looks a bit blueish in the picture. Nothing fancy; but I'm really enjoying it, both in appearance and because it's so straight forward. Nothing but good old garter stitch, with the shading in the yarn, I don't believe you need anything else. This is being knit on size 10 needles with Marble Chunky yarn. The yarn has a wonderful feel, is 100% acrylic and therefore washable. It doesn't feel like acyrlic, it's light to touch and is a pleasure to knit with. When I started this, I thought it might be mine......since Liberty Lace was a failure...but, it's nice and warm and large enough, might work well for Bridge and Beyond. Jury's out until it's finished where it will end up.
This lovely green lace scarf moves from a WIP to a FO and is for my DD. Made with Cascade Yarns, Lana Bambu (79& wool and 21% Bamboo) on size 9 needles. I LOVE this yarn and plan to gt more. It has some a fabulous feel, a neat texture to it with good body.
Got Brown is coming along nicely! It should be finished soon and will be donated to Bridge and Beyond for Project Welcome Home.

So, rather then redo the list each time for YOP, I'll make the changes above, you can also click the tab to see the whole list.

Plan for the week with regard to the list, start the February cloth for the Cotton Cloth Calendar Challenge, only 2 more to go, February and March.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Family Christmas Quilts

This is perhaps a bit of cheat post, in that this finished object was made years ago. I made this (my first quilt) for Mom who loved Poinsettia's. From looking back through family Christmas Pictures, it seems it was probably made sometime before 2002; though I can't say for certain. It's not a traditional quilt pattern, in that the pieces weren't cut to any specification, nor was it stitched in known quilt pattern. I cut pieces basically the size I wanted (actually thinking back I don';t think I cut them at all, I believe I tore them...based on what an elderly quilt maker told me). I hand sewed the pieces together, used solid red for the backing with batting in-between and green basis tape for the edge. I used a circle quilt frame.
Mom always put it out as part of her Christmas decorations. The last couple of years, since Mom's death it stayed in it's zippered bag. This year I mentioned it to Dad, and after Christmas he gave it back to me to use and enjoy. The stitching/quilting portion was done around all edges of the separate pieces, a Zig zag was used on the red striped which you can see, I did x on some of the squares. Basically each different fabric had a different design in terms of stitching. The Poinsettia's were all stitched around to make them pop a bit.

The year (whatever year it was), after making this quilt I made one for my 2 brothers and their families. My older brother always liked Norman Rockwell and I use a famous Rockwell Christmas print for the center of his quilt, though I didn't take a picture of it. Need to ask him to do so. My younger brother and his wife, love blue and Olde Time Village Christmas decorations so this is the one I made for them. I was able to photograph it as part of their traditional Christmas Decorations several years ago.

Mike & Dee Christmas QuiltI always intended to make one for myself, but never quite got around to it. I do believe I still have fabric somewhere. Perhaps one day I'll find the fabric and make one for my DD. There are nice to display year after year. I'll now be able to do that with the one I made Mom and Dad.

**Since most who visit this blog are crafters (knitters, crocheters, quilters etc.), could I ask that you scroll back to the previous post. Would love some insight, thoughts etc. on repairing an antique afghan.**

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Treasures from our Ancestors

This is an old afghan, a family afghan made by Granny, my Great-Grandmother. She was born just 4 years before the start of The Civil War, on Oct, 7th, 1861 in Hopetown, Ohio. Hopetown is a small little down between Columbus and Chillicothe, closer to Chillicothe. It was a rural farming community in the day, and not much more today. Granny was the daughter of Adam and Melissa Gartner, whom we believed to have been Mennonites. More on that later. Granny lived to be 95 years old. I was just 6 when she died. I do remember her. Sadly, I was afraid of her. She had huge eyes, and very large veins that stuck up on her skin. I wasn't used to being around elderly. She lived in her own home on Mill Street in Chillicothe, the states first capital. She died 56 years ago tomorrow, on January 13th, 1956. She gave birth to 5 children, and 4 survived. Her only son, is my Grandfather....my Dad's Dad. Dad gaved me this afghan yesterday to ask if I might be able to repair it. It's really in pretty good shape considering how old it is. When you take care of things, it's pretty amazing how long things can last. The ghan like Granny has had a long life.

I need to see if I have some yarn to match and see what I can do in the way of repairs. This ghan was used alot through the years; though in recent years, it's been tucked away to preserve it. Mom and Dad had it on their sofa for years, before that my grandparents used it and before that my Great Aunts who lived at Granny's house. If only this ghan could talk, wonder what it might reveal.

Granny was married on Thanksgiving Day November 29th, 1888, at the age of 27. Getting married at the age of 27 was rather old for those times, generally speaking. But, Granny....wasn't ordinary. She was, I believe a woman before her time. She raced horses, and not against other women. She raced and often won against men. A strong willed and very capable woman indeed.

She was a beauty too, would imagine except for her wild spirit, she was probably sought after by a good many men before marrying my Great Grandfather. I don't know if this was the picture taken for her wedding photo or not, but I would imagine it was close to that time frame.

This is later is life, long after her horse racing days were over.

This photo was taken on her 90th birthday. An article appeared in The Chillicothe Gazette discussing how even as a Octogenarian she had a full head of black hair, and another article was written when she turned 90 (which is where this photo came from), discussing her racing horses, being a tomboy and how sharp she was with telling family stories and remember child hood friends names.

I don't know how old Granny was when she crocheted this afghan, but I'm thrilled to have something from her hands. I won't jump into repairing it, as I want to study it a bit to determine the best method, and find the best match in terms of colors....I know that won't be easy, certainly after the long life this afghan has had, it's faded.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Unknitting on Monday

Liberty Lace........argh. I've put this scarf aside now for the 3rd time. Pick it up do a section, put it away. Bottom line.............I don't like these colors. I'm wondering what in the world they would go with. Here's what the scarf look liked before the Unknitting took place. Unknitting, negative knitting are words I've come across lately in place of the very well known....frogging it. See the ball on the left, those are the colors I thought I was getting when I purchased the yarn. I didn't know there was purple, or yellow or green.

Now, the question is...........what to do with the yarn. It's lovely wool, DK weight, has a fabulous feel to it. Not sure, but wonder..........what different stitch would make the yarn look prettier? Knitting lengthwise would the color blocks be more acceptable? They'd be smaller groups of the colors, right? Maybe nothing but knitting this on large needles lenthwise would be the answer? Or just plain garter stitch with regular sized needles? Thoughts?

In the meantime, needed a no counting project to tote with....so this is in the works.
First thought was to strip this, sorta a version of scarlet and gray (Buckeye colors). But, as I continued to working, the gray has such suttle changes in shades, doing sections one might not see the blend from dark to light and in between. Leaning towards one gray scarf and one reddish vs the 2 colors together. Opinions?

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Taking Stock of the List

10 of 25 squares edged with 2 rows of black. Squares now 12 inches. Details below regarding "Got Brown" Afghan in Works in Progress.
Good headway on Darling Daughters Green Lace Scarf. Love this yarn, love the pattern. Details below in Work in Progress.

On July 10th, 2011 I joined a blog hop on Ravelry called a Year of Projects (YOP)

My list has been broken into 3 categories:
Goals, Work in Progress, and Finished Objects. The list has been alter slightly. 2011 has come to and end, and today is day 3 of year 2012. The half way point in the YOP.

1. Learn to knit cables
2. Learn to knit socks
**I've made a cable knit washcloth so have accomplished 50% of this list item. I also have a cable knitted skirt I'm thinking of making...but, don't plan to add that item to the list

1. Candy Corn Ghan has been on this list Forever, and hasn't been touched. Seems since we past fall, it won't be for some time to come.
2. Liberty Lace. A scarf I'm making for myself. A challenge as it was a new lace stitch, my first. The yarn is yummy from a feel standpoint. Liking the color less and less as time goes on. On the back burner...haven't worked on it since ( ), a contender for frogging.
3. Buckeye Diagonal Scarf...also on the list a long time, no progess made. Back burner as OSU football season is a way off now, what's the point from a time management standpoint. Last worked on (May of 2011 )
4. Cotton Cloth Calendar Challenge. Fabulous headway here. 10 of 12 months completed 83% Done! Months pending are February and March. Cotton on hand, need to pick out pattern for February in the next couple of weeks.
5. Awesome Blue Scarf...frogged after 3 attempts and removed from list. Rather Replaced with Darling Daughters Green Scarf. Lots of headway, hoping to finish this week and mail to her. Had hoped to finish by Christmas, but that didn't happen. Pictured above and is one of my current focuses.
6. Bridge and Beyond Afghan, Got Brown? This particular item is coming along nicely, however since making ghans for Bridge and Beyond is ongoing...it's never going to be considered Done on my list. Pictured above in the works, and is one of my current focuses.

Finished Objects:
1. Wedding Ghan, this was the first fully knitted ghan with all new stitches I've made. It was a challenge, and I was very pleased with the end result.
2. Odd Ball Baby Blankets. When this was added to the list it was going to be 1 blanket, or my part of the one blanket. Turned into my part of 4 blankets. Cinco De Mayo, Baby Pink Petuna, Mardi Gras, and Fruit Salad. My parts are all DONE
3. Red Scarf No More, due to yarn problems this scarf was not donated to The Red Scarf Project, instead it was donated to Bridge and Beyond.
4. Bridge and Beyond Afghans. As stated above this is is always on going. I assemble ghans from donated squares which are in turn donated to Homeless Families through Bridge and Beyond. From the time YOP began here's the completed list:
A. Pink Poddle
B. Jewels
C. Pink Petuna
D. Rainbow Bright
E. Royalty

Badge and link for YOP in sidebar