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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday, Working Away

needle holderI ordered 2 of these last night through Amazon.com. I'm pretty excited because I've been wanting and needing one for some time. Each needle holder has 15 sections. These will help me get organized and have all my needles in one location. Really anxious for them to arrive. Normal price is 29.99, on sale for $11.99; but I only paid $3.97 for both after applying
superpoints button$25.00 worth of gift cards earned through SuperPoints over the last couple of weeks! And that includes shipping. I have so many odds and ends this will be really helpful. Plus, I have a set of Denise Interchangeable needles with 2 sets of cords and the flimsy plastic case things came in just really doesn't work. So, my thought was to put The Denise in one and the odds and ends in another. I still like The Denise, but find with some yarn I do better with some of my metal odds and ends. Depends what I'm making.

Work in progress...I will continue to use and enjoy my Superpoints Membership (if you'd like to join me, just click the button above on in my right sidebar), you'll start earning points as soon as you verify your email ady and fill out your profile. Enjoy and happy earning. Let me know if you have questions or need help.

AND work also continues on Feather and Fan.

feather and fan half wayThe light gray should be the middle section. It measures 16 inches (should be slightly more after blocking) before the light gray. I didn't think 32 inches was wide enough and so have decided to add a larger middle section of this light gray. The variegated skein will probably be the next section, which has lots of the blue-ish gray look. Very similar to the variegated already there, right before the light gray. What I'm not quite certain about it...if the light gray is only here in the middle is that going to look odd? Do I need to scrounge around for another variegated that compliments the light gray and make it the middle...so that there's light gray on the otherside of it...therefore having the light gray in 2 spots? Sing out with your thoughts. As you know the design on this keep changes, because I'm trying really hard to use yarn in my stash and make it all work.

Happy Wednesday, work in progress badges and links all in left sidebar. Do join us.

Work in Progress Badges and Links in left sidebar, please join us. The more the merrier.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday, Sketchy Internet

This is the 2nd to last YOP post for this year. Realistically, I've knitted so little in the last couple of days, seems no point in taking, editing, and posting another picture. The only thing I've been working on is my Feather and Fan Afghan. If I get some good knitting time in from now til this time next week....I might, hopefully get it done to get one more thing marked as done on my list.

There are 2 other afghans still listed, which were designed before I got the idea for this Feather and Fan Ghan; but ...I had done lots of crocheting, and those 2 ghans are pieces donated squares together. Not something I can take and go, something I really need to be here to work on. I was a bit tired of crocheting, wanted to knit, wanted a take a go item...and so shifted my focus.

I believe I'll just add those afghans to the start of next years list. I plan to organize it a bit differently. Wish I had done better on this years list. I removed more items then I'd like to admit to as this point. Though I did add items to take their place.

Hope you all have enjoyed working through your YOP lists, it's fun seeing everyones lists, progress, and being with such nice and supportive cheerleaders.

I will try my best to visit everyone, but...as you can see from the title, I'm having issues. These past 2 days, the internet hasn't played nice. I thought at first it was a particularly webpage (Superpoints...see badge in right sidebar), but it wasn't. Then I wondered if it was google as my gmail was dog slow...thought they were making more unwanted changes. But, today, hubby was also having trouble on his laptop. So if 2 different computers, using 2 different browsers (he used Int. Explorer and I use Mozilla FireFox), are having issues..........it's not the webpages, it's not the computers. I even did a full scan yesterday and clean up on my computer. Called the cable folks this am after resetting my router. Seems we're not getting full power/connectivity on all lines. They say they'll send someone out, but after being on the phone for 20 minutes, they tell me they have no openings for the whole week! Wow, that's lousy service. They gave me a claim file number and are passing the issue of no openings up to their superiors...who are suppose to call me and get this taken care of. So, sadly looks like I'll get behind trying to earn my points, visit and blog til they get this resolved.

So, please bear with me as I attempt to do my blog visits. Happy Sunday one and all.

YOP Badge and link in right sidebar.

And because I like photo's, please enjoy the flowers. I love flowers, these orange Lilies are from my backyard.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday's Spin on Sweet Fun

Have you noticed this button/badge in my right sidebar? This is an important button/badge. A sweet one for sure! 2 weeks ago I joined, and started earning points. I earned by spinning the superlucky wheel everyday, by watching video's, having fun while answering some surveys, and by SHOPPING! There are other ways to have fun, you can click and print coupons to save money, and play games.
This was my first shopping venture. I purchased these 5 books (notice they are not even paperback, but real books! Hold onto your hat, I got all 5 of these books for $0.99, plus shipping. I also got a coupon to be reimbursed for $10.00 of the 12....something shipping cost. AND, by purchasing these books through SuperPoints, I earned 1,000 points!

Since these books arrived, I've printed and saved $3.00 off on purchasing my Claritin D (what a year for allergies), and yes I earned points there as well. Points add up, and a few days ago, I turned some points into $20.00 to spend on Amazon.com. I've selected a few things I want, but haven't quite decided yet how to spend my free $20.00...plus I'm still earning points and maybe able to convert more into gift cards on Amazon.

Click the above superpoints button or the one in my right sidebar and you too can join, have fun, save money, make money, win gifts and prizes.
Now that's what I call a sweet sweet deal. This cute cupcake badge is also clickable and will take you to a fun and SWEET Saturday linky. Join us.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Two Projects to Share....

Working on my Feather and Fan afghan, plan C now in action. Working with the lighter gray currently which will be the middle section of the afghan. You'll note 3 variegated yarns already used, 3 will follow the light gray will continuing using the dark gray and the tan between to highlight the colors and make it an appropriate size. A bit of a cheat, in that it's not finished; but...finally the design is! Since this is the 3rd go round, I'm pretty excited by having that finalized. Plan A was alternating the dark gray with the various variegated yarns...which presented the first problem (thought I had lots of the dark gray and those sections were going to be large); Plan B was to alternate the dark gray and the tan between the variegated yarns...given the amount of yarn, those sections weren't going to be wide enough to make the ghan an appropriate size...........thus I've settled on Plan C. Actually think it's plan D....somewhere along the line (believe between plan A and plan B thought about using a different color or colors with the gray). Anyway...........this final plan gets the job done using the yarn in my stash along with yarn that was donated, so I feel like I've accomplished something positive. lol
You'll notice this button on my sidebar with a link. About 2 weeks ago I joined Super Points and have been earning points by watching video's, doing survey's, and spinning the superlucky wheel daily. Yesterday, I converted some of my points to obtain $20.00 in Amazon.com gift cards. Will take a couple of days to be active, and then I can shop. I've already picked out a knitting pattern book, and a circular needle holder I'd like to buy; so sorta finished in that the project was to earn the points, and convert to them to either cash, prizes, or gift cards. Sooooooooooo, I've converted them to gift cards for Amazon.com. Pretty excited and plan to do continue the process of earning points. I should also mention for those of you who love coupons...they have tons of great coupons to help you save money, not just on groceries; but lots of things you need around the house.

You can do the same, click on the button here and or in my right sidebar and join. As soon as you post a profile and click to verify your email ady, you can start winning/earning points too. I know Amazon has other things like household items, books, electronics etc, but naturally I first went to look at the craft stuff. lol

Finished object Friday Badtes and links in left sidebar. Join us, it's fun!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Proper Martini and changing Designs

Martini's ...a work in progress(one of the work's anyway)
Step 1 MartiniStep 1, rimming the chilled Martini Glass with lemon; and a light coating of the lemon sugar
pouring the martiniPouring the Martini, being careful not to pour on the rim and ruin the pretty and tasty rim.
curling the lemon twistCurling the lemon twist. Sometimes the twist breaks, depends on the thickness of the lemon skin. But, if you twist it around a toothpick or drink skewer...you get a nice decorative twist that floats and looks nice in your drink.
MartiniPresenting 2 well made Martini's. Hubby's on the left (Dry Gin Martini with a twist...that broke and didn't float...argh), my Vodka LemonDrop on the right with the coated rim. We had our cocktails at home before going out to celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary. Did you miss my previous post? Scroll back one to see how young we were 40 years ago.
Feather and FanOn the yarn front, continuing to work on my Feather and Fan Afghan. Though since his photo, I've finished with that multi-skein you see there and have moved onto the next section which is a gray, though not the dark gray you see...a lighter shade. The design keeps changing, due to the amount of yarn I have. A true work in progress, as the design is also in progress...as it slips along on the needles.

Work in Progress Badges and Links in sidebar. Do come and join us.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

In The Rose Garden

announcementForty Years ago today, at 4:00 I was in The Rose Garden. Perhaps not The Presidential Rose Garden at The White House; though we do have a connection...but in The Park of Roses. The weather was beautiful the day I became a June Bride. A simple out door wedding, with a few close friends and family.

Mom and IIn a wedding dress My Mother made of white dotted Swiss. Mom and I just prior to the ceremony. My flowers also simple, white carnations, blue bachelor buttons, and white baby's breathe. Mom wore purple as did my sister-in-law, Jan (my Matron of Honor).

Daddy and IDaddy and I walking among the trees up a pathway.

Daddy and I walking
Man and WifeSister-in-law, Jan on the left, Dave Koehler Best Man on the right. Ernie wore a suit and Dave wore a nice jacket and slacks. Mom made Jan's dress which like mine was Dotted Swiss. She also decorated the two hats.

As we walked down the isle of benches

Making our way to the table for refreshments.
us with our bikesA close up of our bikes, our wedding present to each other. We went for a bike ride that day before it was time to get showered and ready for the ceremony. By the way, we still have those bikes hanging in the garage, though it's been a good number of years since we've ridden them.

newspaper articleThe newspaper announcement. As you can see the pictures are old, and faded. I took photo's of the photo's. Haven't tried to see if I can remove them from these old style sticky photo albums. Seemed like a great idea at the time, this style album.... however...some of the pages aren't in good shape, unsure if I'll rip the photo's when I try to remove them.
Me in my wedding dressThis shows the colors a bit better, as this photo was scanned long ago.

**The White House Connection...June 17th, 1972 the date we got married is also the date of The Watergate Break-in.

YOP POST...not much of a change, but continuing to make progress with my Feather and Fan, still concerned about the amount of yarn I have and the size the ghan will end up...making yet another change. Think this is the 3rd change.
This shows the 2nd plan, where I was going to alternate between the dark gray and the tan in-between 6 variegated yarns. Not a very good picture, but if you click to enlarge you can see the colors better. Since this picture, I've completed the dark grey you see in a ball, and am almost done with the next variegated...the tan next to it...doesn't look right to me. Exploring some options.

Exercise Front...walked 13,540 steps today according to my pedometer. Put it on just before heading to work, so it's actually a bit more with whatever I did here at the house before going to work. Pedometer says that's 5.134 miles. Tomorrow should be about the same, perhaps a bit less according to my work schedule.

On The SuperPoints Front,
I've earned 2,367 points already in less then 2 weeks. I've earned and spent a $3.00 of Claritin D coupon already, and got a great deal on buying 5 books for only $.99 ....not a piece, but a total of $.99. You can make money, you can save money, you can get great deals when you shop, you can get cost savings coupons simply by watching video's, or playing games, filling out surveys, or spinning the wheel of chance. I don't do the games, but in a short period of time have done well doing the other items. Click on the red...On The SuperPoints Front to join me, it's fast and easy. You'll start earning as soon as as you fill out your profile and verify your email ady. It's a good idea to start a 2nd email account so you can keep things separate.

WOOT WOOT...a give away. Hop over to Faith's page, she's having a fun give away to celebrate her 100th blog post. Well Done Faith