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Monday, June 04, 2012

Better late then Never

I'm late, I'm late...this post was suppose to be typed and up yesterday. Sorry folks. This is my Sunday YOP post which is a day late. You can see I'm more progress with the afghan. You can see a couple of rows of the next tweedy color mix. Continuing to explore and think of options in completing this afghan. Found a wee bit more of the gray and am trying to figure out how much yardage I have with the one skein of the tan....I might be able to go with just those 2 colors and the 6 tweedy's. The Red Heart Skeins don't give yardage.

One this color section is done, I plan to get started on Sand Box Afghan to mix a bit with the crocheting time and the knitting time.

Hope you're all enjoying the weather and the end of the school year stuff. No little ones here, just remember that as being an eventful time of the year.

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Happy stitching.


  1. I love how the blanket's going! The colours look great together and I love the feather and fan. It makes me think of waves running up a beach just now and the way the colours are :)

  2. The blanket looks gorgeous so far! I love the colors and the way they combine with the gentle ripples. This is going to be a beauty!

  3. nice blanket very pretty color combo~~Debb

  4. The blanket certainly seems to be working out again, congrats! I still cannot believe how quickly you knit.

  5. Love the colours of that afgan, it's looking great. And in answer to your question, the jubilee is the Queen's diamond jubilee, celebrating 60 years on the throne, though really it's just an excuse to have a country wide party and holiday!

  6. Oh,and trainer socks are the ones that literally cover your feet and stop just before your ankles, maybe you have a different namefor them there?

  7. Liz, I like your description about the waves for feather and fan, very nice.

    Thanks all for the visits and comments.

    Girl Anachronism, thanks for the answers. We call them footies over here.

  8. I'm reminded of a beach with sea shells on it :O).

  9. So many of us think beach with the feather and fan...getting ideas of a name from you all, Thanks!

  10. Oh Sandy, I love these waves and the color you are choosing is amazing!!! Your blanket is definitely coming out gorgeous!
    Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend!
    Much love, LS


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