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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday, Sketchy Internet

This is the 2nd to last YOP post for this year. Realistically, I've knitted so little in the last couple of days, seems no point in taking, editing, and posting another picture. The only thing I've been working on is my Feather and Fan Afghan. If I get some good knitting time in from now til this time next week....I might, hopefully get it done to get one more thing marked as done on my list.

There are 2 other afghans still listed, which were designed before I got the idea for this Feather and Fan Ghan; but ...I had done lots of crocheting, and those 2 ghans are pieces donated squares together. Not something I can take and go, something I really need to be here to work on. I was a bit tired of crocheting, wanted to knit, wanted a take a go item...and so shifted my focus.

I believe I'll just add those afghans to the start of next years list. I plan to organize it a bit differently. Wish I had done better on this years list. I removed more items then I'd like to admit to as this point. Though I did add items to take their place.

Hope you all have enjoyed working through your YOP lists, it's fun seeing everyones lists, progress, and being with such nice and supportive cheerleaders.

I will try my best to visit everyone, but...as you can see from the title, I'm having issues. These past 2 days, the internet hasn't played nice. I thought at first it was a particularly webpage (Superpoints...see badge in right sidebar), but it wasn't. Then I wondered if it was google as my gmail was dog slow...thought they were making more unwanted changes. But, today, hubby was also having trouble on his laptop. So if 2 different computers, using 2 different browsers (he used Int. Explorer and I use Mozilla FireFox), are having issues..........it's not the webpages, it's not the computers. I even did a full scan yesterday and clean up on my computer. Called the cable folks this am after resetting my router. Seems we're not getting full power/connectivity on all lines. They say they'll send someone out, but after being on the phone for 20 minutes, they tell me they have no openings for the whole week! Wow, that's lousy service. They gave me a claim file number and are passing the issue of no openings up to their superiors...who are suppose to call me and get this taken care of. So, sadly looks like I'll get behind trying to earn my points, visit and blog til they get this resolved.

So, please bear with me as I attempt to do my blog visits. Happy Sunday one and all.

YOP Badge and link in right sidebar.

And because I like photo's, please enjoy the flowers. I love flowers, these orange Lilies are from my backyard.


  1. Yeah, I just came back from a two day vacation with no internet access, not always the best situation, but it does free up some crafting time! Also, on your list, instead of focusing on what you didn't do, take a look at all the amazing things you DID accomplish!

  2. I was having issues with mine also. I've been doing alright now. I disconnected my vonage from my computer and it seems to be working better. I'm not sure if that is a fluke or not.
    I hope it starts working better for you. Hope your week is a great one.
    Take care
    Therese (Michigan)

  3. I hope your net settles down and you get back to full power, there is nothing worse. I've really enjoyed looking at your posts each week Sandy. They were always inspiring and your blankets gave me the push to give crochet another whirl and I'm slowly working my way through some squares to make a blanket of my own. This was inspiried by the blankets I see here with you each week. I'm really looking forward to another year of blogging our projects together.

  4. Isn't that just the thing about afghans and scarves - only so many different pictures you can take of them :) I'm happy to see an orange daylily instead. Ours are just a few days away from the first blooms.

    I can't imagine how we coped before the internet. It's just such an amazing tool. Hope yours settles down soon!

  5. Sorry about the issue with your PC.
    There are days when even the keenest knitter or crocheter doesn't want to do it so don't let this worry you. Looking forward to seeing your F&F finished and to reading about the two remaining projects in due course.
    Take Care.

  6. boo for no appts. When i worked for the cable co, a well-placed "I'm researching other providers" calmly stated was our catchphrase to work someone into the schedule. Your list was impressive!


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