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Friday, June 08, 2012

A Pretty Project, DONE!

Coral Bells (pink ones) transplanted in flower bed 1...they should perk up a bit.
2 of 10 pots planted. Rephrasing, all 10 done, just photographed 2. I love the smell of Petuna's. They don't have much of a fragrance during the heat of the day, but in the morning and evening they are heavenly. The colors red and purple attract Hummingbirds, as do the Coral Bells.
The Purple Mountain (Coral Bells), transplanted in flower bed two. Both beds wedded and mulched. They too need to perk up. The one on the right is what they normally look like.

A different kind of finished project for you all to enjoy. This yard work gets harder with each additional year I age. Though I do love the end result.

And for your enjoyment a few other pretties in my back yard.

My daisies get like bushes they grow so well.
1 of 15 Yucca's in the back yard. I love seeing these develope. First the green bush area, then the stick, then the little arms start poking out, then the pretty bell shaped flowers.

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  1. Great garden! Don't forget to water! That's what I keep telling myself but sometimes I forget ;-(

  2. Your garden is looking FAB!! Love Love LOVE the daisies!!! I have the worst time getting them to grow at my house. Planted some last year and now our new puppies have dug up the whole flower bed so they are nonexistant this year. Stinky puppies!!

  3. SO, pretty! Want to come work on my yard? I love flowers and plants, they just don't love me.

  4. I love coral bells! Yours are so pretty! The yucca plant is awesome. I'll be missing mine now that we moved....so glad to see yours in bloom!


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