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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Working Away on Wednesday

Wow, it's Wednesday again. Seems I've fallen behind with these regular mimi's of late. This cable scarf is coming right along. In fact I've worked on it more since taking this photo the other day. I love the yarn, both texture and color. I'm pleased with my progress making the cables. This is the 2nd item I've made using cables. First was a difficult washcloth....cotton not a good thing to start with since there's no give to it. My concern is...I'm going to run out of yarn. Bought this some time ago and trying to match it...not possible; plus somewhere along the line I pitched the wrapper and couldn't begin to know what the number was. It's also a bit more narrow then I like. I would add a 3rd cable if I did this again. In fact the pattern on RAV, only showed one cable and was a real skinny scarf. This measures just about 4 inches wide. Assume It will grow a wee bit when blocked?
Slowly it's coming along. My first ever one piece knitted afghan. Knitting is so much slower then crocheting; but I am enjoying working on this. I previously made a scarf using the feather and fan and decided a ghan was the way to go. You see the pattern so much more. My problem is, I keep changing the design in terms of how much of this color and that color, because I'm using donated and stashed yarn and well, it truly is a work in progress. I thought I finally had it figured out, and the last variegated yarn was to be the middle....which would mean I'm now working on the 2nd half. I'm not totally sure it's going to be large enough. See, what you think. Sooo, I may have to check my stash again for like the 3rd or 4th time. Pretty sure though I don't have anything appropriate....to have a middle, I needed an odd number of the variegated, sooooooooooo...we'll see. I do think I may need to lay this aside though and work on some other projects. I always name my afghans, and this one is titled, Sand and Sea. I can't take credit for it, the name I mean. One of my fellow bloggers suggested it.
I'm continuing to work everyday on earning points through superpoints. The points are converted to amazon gift cards. After shopping for myself and obtaining awesome needle holders, and a yarn organizer; I've been able to donate my gift cards to my daughter. Like me she's working hard everyday earning points and converting to gift cards through amazon. She's uses them to purchase text books for her students in need in the inner city of St. Louis. If you can help us by joining.........we would surely appreciate it. To join 3 easy peazy steps
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sea and Sand and School Stuff..........already!

YOP post

Time to think about school, school supplies and books yet again. The sales are going on already. My DD works in the inner city in St. Louis and is trying to obtain help getting books and needed school supplies for the students who are without. No, I'm not asking you to donate money, or buy anything.
I am asking you to click the above button and join, it's fast, easy and fREE. Once you join verify your email addy, then fill out a little bio. Now the fun begins. You're earning points that can be converted into gift cards from a number of places, Best Buy, Pizza Huts and Amazon among many other places; as well as $$ through PayPal. You might have seen this button on my blog, or heard me mention it before when I ordered lovely needle holders after converting my earned points to amazon gift cards. My DD recently found out she can get items her students in need through this same process. I've already turned over my remained amazon gift cards to her and will be continuing to do as I earn them. But, am asking you all to help too. It's a win win. YOu'll be helping her help students in need AND you'll be earning yourselves to shop for you and your family with the gift cards. You earn points by clipping coupons, something we all do anyway. You earn points when you join, when you shop, when you play games, when you do surveys, and when you spin the wheel. Spin the wheel everyday..........takes all about 3 minutes. I've never had a day when I didn't earn points when spinning.
Before turning my gift cards over to DD, this was the yarn organizer I received through my points. 6 holes to thread yarn through, clean sections to see the yarn; all nicely zipped in. Notice even velcro to keep the yarn from going everywhere.
I have all the yarn I need, each in it's sleeve and threaded to continue to work on my Feather and Fan Afghan, named Sea and Sand. There are places for patterns, needles and the large inside is big enough to hold....Sea and Sand in it's present size!
It's really coming along. I finished the large light gray area followed by what I hoped to be the middle variegated area and am now working on the large gray area again....working my way back down the other side. I need to lay this out on the floor yet again and determine if I finally have it large enough to be just past the half way point. As you know, the design of this ghan has changed several times due to finding out I didn't have as much yarn as I thought I had. It's a process.

Happy YOP...late getting mine posted. YOP Badge and link in side bar. Please join us. Technically I already have one change to my list. Working on a cable scarf which I posted about previously which was not on my list, however.......I'm thinking it's my warm up project using the fact I learned to make cables due to last years list.

Everyone Needs Tarps

Making a list of the reason and uses of tarps rates right up there with trying to list all the thing you can do with Duct Tape! Seriously think of uses inside your home, in your yard, perhaps at work where you wished you'd had the right tarp for the job.

Who's painted their house inside or out without the use of a drop cloth? I wouldn't suggest it. No one, not even a professional is neat enough not to need the protection a drop cloth offers. It protects things you don't need or want paint on.

Farmers need tarps and will find heavy duty ones, canvas tarps and cloth tarps available to them. You find a variety of sizes, and colors to fit any job, and you'll have the ease of ordering on line. What could be simpilier?

In my younger years we camped alot and always used canvas tarps under our tent for protection against the elements, and a different style to make a canopy to ward off rain in order to stay dry...and or to protect us from too much sunshine. Think of how nice it would be to have a canopy the right size at your next cook out, family or class reunion, or work related outdoor function. Buy already made tarps or order a roll with the accessories you need to taylor make it.

The only problem I see with ordering your tarp on line is....you might have trouble picking out which ones you want; there are soooooooooo many to choice from.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Painting with Food and Drink in Mind

Hubby and I love Guacamole, it's often the snack of choice with chips while we're enjoying our evening cocktails. Sometimes we're drinking Martini's, sometimes Vodka and Gin Tonics. No, this isn't knitted or crocheted, lol. Recently Darling Daughter, Hubby and I were vacationing in Park City, Utah. DD loves to paint pottery, and so we spent one afternoon doing just that. She's quite good at it, me.........well I've gotten better. See my previous attempt HERE (2 years ago)I didn't do real well on the back side. See the white between the 2 sides? I was attempted to sponge the edge. The gal running the shop said it was easier, and faster then trying to paint a thin black line and blended the two colors together. Apparently, I didn't get enough paint on my sponge. Still though, am over all pleased with my improvement.

FOF Badges and links in side bar

didn't post as scheduled on Friday, so playing catch up here.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Study, Pass, and Make Money$

Often people cringe when they think of doing their taxes, or having the taxes done for them; or when they hear the words IRS. They cringe because they don't know how much money it will cost them, whether or not they'll get a refund or perhaps end up owing the government. The cringe because of the uncertainity.

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Earn CPE credits, learn fast and pass. What a great moto.

Enrolled agent exams are affordable through Fast Forward Academy with options available in pricing based on the amount of questions and study guide materials. Special pricing as low as $199.00 is currently available. There are even apps, compatible with a variety of media options for you.

Learn Fast and Pass, register today with with Fast Forward Academy.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Knitted Cables and Ty Dy

Cable scarf. This is my first cable scarf. I found a pattern on RAV which showed one cable and the scarf was quite thin (think it only had a cast on off 14 stitches). I used that pattern and added the middle stitches (3 garter stitches), and with good old math (see you really do need math in everyday life..............who knew back in school?), added a second cable with stitches on the sides to keep the scarf flat. I do have a bit of an curl at the scarf end; plus it flares a bit. I did several rows of garter there....thought I should to keep from curling...........lol. So, quess the curl and flare will be part of design when I get to the other end.

The purple and green (and red) yarn was purchased with DD in mind; but she didn't seem that excited by this scarf as I worked on it last week. Started this on the plane to Utah, worked on it off and on during the week when I needed a project that would fit in my purse; and again on the plane ride home. It's not quite as wide as she likes, though perhaps I could crochet an edge when done............or try to pick up stitches? I've not picked up stitches in knitting before soooooo...we'll see.

Love the yarn it's Knit One Crochet too Ty-Dy Wool. It's very nice to work with. 218 yards in the skein, I'm not sure if I have one skein or two. Must check my stash. Only took one with me, but I did that with several other skeins knowing I had more here. Hum........must check.

Work in Progress Wednesday, badges and links in sidebar. We love you all to join us. I've done one other item using a cable stitch so am enjoying the practice I'm getting with this.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sea and Sand Progresses

Sea and Sand may not look like it's larger when last you saw it; but...it is. The light gray section is complete (and is the largest section of the afghan), the next variegated section is almost complete. It traveled with me (in my suitcase, too big for the carry on) to Utah and back this past week.

Sorry I missed last week's YOP post, just couldN'T get it done from the hotel. We had spotty internet coverage for several days. And, we didn't spend much time indoors .

We were vacationing in Park City, Utah. Will be adding blog post to Traveling Suitcase too, feel free to visit.

This is a YOP post, badge and links in sidebar. Please join us, as travel together throughout the year helping and learning from another.

**Asking a favor folks, could you slide back a post. It's been awhile since I've done assigned blogging and am getting back into it. Could you help with some readership/support/comments, please and thanks**

Your Doctors Educational Needs

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Teach the Doctor, courses? Yep, even our educated doctors need additional training, continued training, and refinement. These courses are very popular in The UK. They're offered in a number of locations for convenience such as Oxford, London, Manchester, Edinburgh and more. All classes offer small group practice and feedback. All are fully accredited and are worth 12 points to the individuals.

Oxford Medical offers a Consultant Interview Course. This course is a wonderful way to build confidence, to practice your interviewing skills and help you obtain job placement. You practice in small groups, have professional feedback, practice discussion and questions; as well as view your interviewing techniques on video to fine tune them. Classes are fully accredited and offer 6 CPD points on completion. Courses are taught by expert NHS Consultants.

Whether you're interested in a Medical Teaching Course, or a Medical Management Course, you'll find courses to help you with conflict resolution, personal and team management, and leadership advice all directed through the well known and respected framework developed by The Academy of Royal Medical Colleges. Doctors and those in the medical field need to continue to grow and update their education to better serve their patients. We've all heard of people being book smart, but perhaps lacking in other areas; not a new problem. However, with the variety of courses offered in 1, 2 or 3 days at Oxford Medical it no longer needs to be issue.

The large variety of classes taught are all fully accredited and offer necessary points, in a variety of locations. Sign up and enjoy your new level of professionalism and confidence.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy 4th of July America

Work in Progress Wednesday (badges and links in sidebar). One project was sawing up all the tree limbs that feel during the last 2 storms. My part is done as you can see. Waiting on the city (which I thought was picking up 2 days ago) to finish the job. My whole street looks like this.
And while I continue to knit on the feather and fan afghan (named Sea and Sand), no new pictures as the progress has been slow, spending time on the yard and getting ready for today...4th of July. I have taken time to look through these 2 new books that just came the other day from Amazon...work in progress is trying to pick out a shawl pattern...and trying to understand the different types of casting on. These books and other cool things (remember my 2 needle holders?)
From Amazon. You can turn your points from SuperPoints into Amazon gift cards. Work in progress is trying to amass more points to shop with. Click to join, fill out your profile, verify your email addy. Done...you've already started earning points. Now complete offers, watch video's, play games, do survey's and spin DAILY on the Superlucky Button for extra points.

On this special holiday, please remember those who made it possible. My Dad was in The Navy, a Seabee. Fly your Flag Proudly. If you're traveling, travel safe my friends.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Sunday, Let's Start at the very Beginning

sound of musicLet's start at the very beginning
A very good place to start
When you read you begin with ABC
When you sing you begin with ...

You get the picture. And so today we begin with yarn, hooks, needles, patterns and ideas galore on our 2nd year of Year of Projects. Note the new fancy badge in the side bar. New Tab will be added for year 2.

Year one tab will still be available for awhile on the blog. It reminds me what I did and didn't accomplish. I did make 15 afghans (assembled them from donated squares); though I had 4 others that were on list.

I had 2 goals, accomplished one, removed one from the list. Heck, batting in the majors I'd be batting 500, so that's not to shabby.

I made a half dozen items that weren't on my list.

So, this years list will start off a bit more simple.

My Afghan Goals:
To complete 12 afghans from donated squares
Complete Candy Corn Afghan (longest work in progress project EVER)
Finish the Feather and Fan Afghan (knitted), that finally has a name, Sea and Sand

The goal accomplished last year, learn to cable. I want to make a skirt for myself using this new skill. Need to re-find the pattern for starters.

I want to make time for working on items other than the above afghans. I kept so busy with those last year, many other wanted projects didn't happen.

Cast on....I know there are other methods beyond the traditional one I always use. I get all tangled up when I try to do the thumb one and so ....do it old school...the long slow way. Would like to learn another faster cast on.

I have a knitting machine, haven't used it in over a year. In fact removed it from my office in order to make room for my antique Treedle Singer Sewing Machine. Would like to set up a space in the basement and use it some again for accomplish quick things for charity, Bridge and Beyond.

superpoints badgeSome of you have noticed this button in the sidebar and or in my previous post. But, thanks to this Superpoints membership, I have now been able to turn this needle mess

needle messInto this!
2 needle holdersLook how nice and organized. I've attempted to label the needles with size and length (click to enlarge and see little white rings on the right hand pouch). I'm going to explore further ways to label and so have these 2 pouches organized with interchangeables on the left (Denise) and Turbo's and other circulars in the right.

rolled needle organizersWOW, that's quite a difference. All together, organized and taking up less space. No more searching. Thank you Superpoints. I earned points by joining, by spinning the lucky wheel, by watching video's and by doing surveys. I converted my points into Amazon gift cards and shopped for my needle holders. Thus far, I've earned $30.00 worth, have spent $25.00 and am very close to earning another $5.00 gift card. Click on the botton and join, you'll start earning points as soon as you fill out your profile and verify your email addy. I suggest you use a separate email account to keep things separate from your personal or business email.

Happy Year 2 of Year of Projects.
And....I'm still working on the feather and fan afghan, which now has a name, thanks to a comment previously...Sea and Sand.