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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sea and Sand and School Stuff..........already!

YOP post

Time to think about school, school supplies and books yet again. The sales are going on already. My DD works in the inner city in St. Louis and is trying to obtain help getting books and needed school supplies for the students who are without. No, I'm not asking you to donate money, or buy anything.
I am asking you to click the above button and join, it's fast, easy and fREE. Once you join verify your email addy, then fill out a little bio. Now the fun begins. You're earning points that can be converted into gift cards from a number of places, Best Buy, Pizza Huts and Amazon among many other places; as well as $$ through PayPal. You might have seen this button on my blog, or heard me mention it before when I ordered lovely needle holders after converting my earned points to amazon gift cards. My DD recently found out she can get items her students in need through this same process. I've already turned over my remained amazon gift cards to her and will be continuing to do as I earn them. But, am asking you all to help too. It's a win win. YOu'll be helping her help students in need AND you'll be earning yourselves to shop for you and your family with the gift cards. You earn points by clipping coupons, something we all do anyway. You earn points when you join, when you shop, when you play games, when you do surveys, and when you spin the wheel. Spin the wheel everyday..........takes all about 3 minutes. I've never had a day when I didn't earn points when spinning.
Before turning my gift cards over to DD, this was the yarn organizer I received through my points. 6 holes to thread yarn through, clean sections to see the yarn; all nicely zipped in. Notice even velcro to keep the yarn from going everywhere.
I have all the yarn I need, each in it's sleeve and threaded to continue to work on my Feather and Fan Afghan, named Sea and Sand. There are places for patterns, needles and the large inside is big enough to hold....Sea and Sand in it's present size!
It's really coming along. I finished the large light gray area followed by what I hoped to be the middle variegated area and am now working on the large gray area again....working my way back down the other side. I need to lay this out on the floor yet again and determine if I finally have it large enough to be just past the half way point. As you know, the design of this ghan has changed several times due to finding out I didn't have as much yarn as I thought I had. It's a process.

Happy YOP...late getting mine posted. YOP Badge and link in side bar. Please join us. Technically I already have one change to my list. Working on a cable scarf which I posted about previously which was not on my list, however.......I'm thinking it's my warm up project using the fact I learned to make cables due to last years list.


  1. Great colors in your afghan.

  2. I love the colours in your ghan and as someone who is having to think about getting organised for back to school I hope your daughter can get as many vouchers as she can.

  3. Thanks Ruth and Charlotte for the visits and nice comments on the ghan. It's a slow moving project; but I feel like I'm making headway. Got my fingers crossed so folks sign up for superpoints.

  4. I need a bag like that..I currently try to carry everything in geeza backpac, with zero ability to organize..

    I've got a family member who is a teacher and in my area the local school committee is talking about buying kindergardeners IPads..seriously..and my BIL has students that can't afford pencils...geez..I'll explore your linky thing..always willing to help..

  5. Did you find the lost list?? I'm sure you'll stumble upon it somewhere! In the meantime your afghan is moving along nicely, and I do like the project bag - perfect for that kind of mutli-yarn piece!

  6. Still looking for the list Robin...really thought I had posted it? Wondering if I deleted the new one and left the old one by mistake...argh.

    Thanks Mary, hope you do join superpoints, it's a nice way to help those kids who don't have a chance without help.

  7. Wow, that afghan has grown! Look at it! It is looking fantastic, keep up the great work!

  8. Your ghan is gorgeous and the yarn holder it fab - very organised now!

  9. Love love love your afghan! It's coming out so charming! Thank you for sharing the link in little button, I will find some time to join it, sounds fun!
    You have a great rest of the week!
    Best wishes, LS

  10. Thanks Pumpkin, Lucie and lovestitch for your visits, much appreciated. I'm please with the afghan, but remeasured it again last night and think I've got to rethink it again...still doesn't seem like it's going to be large enough, so...guess I'm looking for more yarn AGAIN, altering design again etc.

  11. Darling Daughter (DD) Christine11:15 AM

    Thanks to those who have already joined Superpoints using my referral link - I've already earned $30 in Amazon gift cards to help my students buy textbooks for high school - so thank you!

    My students come from an area where the high school graduation rate is 38-41%, so when our students graduate at a rate of 97% it really means something in this neighborhood. A big portion of that success comes from the fact that many of them end up attending smaller, private high schools and much of my job involves supporting them through that culture shock and giving them the tools that they need to be successful.

    The average price of textbooks each year at one of these private schools is $250-300, so every little bit that I can help out with that, I know I am helping families keep their kids in school.


  12. Awesome work DD. It's important these kids stay safe, off the streets and out of the gangs. These small private schools are doing wonderful things. I'm very proud of you.

  13. The afghan is looking great! And I love the idea of points for school supplies, though Im not sure I understand the American school supplies thing.

  14. Hi Sandy!
    Thank you so much for visitng my blog! I have made a few changes, could you please have a look, if it is better to read for you now?
    Love your afghan, great colours!
    Have a wonderful weekend! xxxBarbina

  15. The Sea and Sand Afghan gets even more beautiful by the picture. How is the pain in your neck/arm you had a while ago? I hope it is better now.


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