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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Everyone Needs Tarps

Making a list of the reason and uses of tarps rates right up there with trying to list all the thing you can do with Duct Tape! Seriously think of uses inside your home, in your yard, perhaps at work where you wished you'd had the right tarp for the job.

Who's painted their house inside or out without the use of a drop cloth? I wouldn't suggest it. No one, not even a professional is neat enough not to need the protection a drop cloth offers. It protects things you don't need or want paint on.

Farmers need tarps and will find heavy duty ones, canvas tarps and cloth tarps available to them. You find a variety of sizes, and colors to fit any job, and you'll have the ease of ordering on line. What could be simpilier?

In my younger years we camped alot and always used canvas tarps under our tent for protection against the elements, and a different style to make a canopy to ward off rain in order to stay dry...and or to protect us from too much sunshine. Think of how nice it would be to have a canopy the right size at your next cook out, family or class reunion, or work related outdoor function. Buy already made tarps or order a roll with the accessories you need to taylor make it.

The only problem I see with ordering your tarp on line is....you might have trouble picking out which ones you want; there are soooooooooo many to choice from.


  1. Hiya girl, long time no talk, thanks for stopping over...the pesto...mmm good. Basil is not quite there yet, rain water is what is needed, lightning, nutrients for the soil...but the poor dears must settle for tap water chlorine & all. I'm hoping to harvest in the next or so. Hoping to move my hook this evening as well, I decided to clean out the fridge, it's one of those not so favorite chores....but it looks nice when it's done....have a great day...we have mixed clouds in ne ohio...hot no rain....boo hoo....:(

  2. I can sympathize, it is difficult to find the right tarp in stores. I'm definitely going to try and remember that there is a much better selection online! Although I've found that many of the times when I need one, I really, really need one!


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