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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Painting with Food and Drink in Mind

Hubby and I love Guacamole, it's often the snack of choice with chips while we're enjoying our evening cocktails. Sometimes we're drinking Martini's, sometimes Vodka and Gin Tonics. No, this isn't knitted or crocheted, lol. Recently Darling Daughter, Hubby and I were vacationing in Park City, Utah. DD loves to paint pottery, and so we spent one afternoon doing just that. She's quite good at it, me.........well I've gotten better. See my previous attempt HERE (2 years ago)I didn't do real well on the back side. See the white between the 2 sides? I was attempted to sponge the edge. The gal running the shop said it was easier, and faster then trying to paint a thin black line and blended the two colors together. Apparently, I didn't get enough paint on my sponge. Still though, am over all pleased with my improvement.

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didn't post as scheduled on Friday, so playing catch up here.


  1. Nice one Sandy, and how very civilised to have guacamole with cocktails in the evenings :) I'm a g&t girl, but am enjoying elderflower gimlets at the moment. Hope you had a great vacation!

  2. Vacation was assume Kate, thanks. Elderflower Gimlets....sounds so nice and summery. Must check into that.

  3. I think it's lovely. My one and only attempt at pottery was not so good. You have me beat hands down.


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