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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Study, Pass, and Make Money$

Often people cringe when they think of doing their taxes, or having the taxes done for them; or when they hear the words IRS. They cringe because they don't know how much money it will cost them, whether or not they'll get a refund or perhaps end up owing the government. The cringe because of the uncertainity.

Taxes are something that effect us all. Why not stop cringing and turn that time of year you've dreaded into something positive? You can turn it into a money making situation. How?

Fast Forward Academy, isn't a tool to fast forward through commercials, it's a way to fast forward your education, and examination process. It's a way to fast forward yourself into a new career, or a sideline job during that difficult time of year.

Become a registered Tax Preparer, or study for the CPA exam. Through your use of a enrolled agent study guide, you can be a part of the 79.8% student group who pass the exam (all 3 sections), the first time. How? Through preparation. The study guides take you step by step with practice questions to hone your skills.

Earn CPE credits, learn fast and pass. What a great moto.

Enrolled agent exams are affordable through Fast Forward Academy with options available in pricing based on the amount of questions and study guide materials. Special pricing as low as $199.00 is currently available. There are even apps, compatible with a variety of media options for you.

Learn Fast and Pass, register today with with Fast Forward Academy.

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