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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Knitted Cables and Ty Dy

Cable scarf. This is my first cable scarf. I found a pattern on RAV which showed one cable and the scarf was quite thin (think it only had a cast on off 14 stitches). I used that pattern and added the middle stitches (3 garter stitches), and with good old math (see you really do need math in everyday life..............who knew back in school?), added a second cable with stitches on the sides to keep the scarf flat. I do have a bit of an curl at the scarf end; plus it flares a bit. I did several rows of garter there....thought I should to keep from curling...........lol. So, quess the curl and flare will be part of design when I get to the other end.

The purple and green (and red) yarn was purchased with DD in mind; but she didn't seem that excited by this scarf as I worked on it last week. Started this on the plane to Utah, worked on it off and on during the week when I needed a project that would fit in my purse; and again on the plane ride home. It's not quite as wide as she likes, though perhaps I could crochet an edge when done............or try to pick up stitches? I've not picked up stitches in knitting before soooooo...we'll see.

Love the yarn it's Knit One Crochet too Ty-Dy Wool. It's very nice to work with. 218 yards in the skein, I'm not sure if I have one skein or two. Must check my stash. Only took one with me, but I did that with several other skeins knowing I had more here. Hum........must check.

Work in Progress Wednesday, badges and links in sidebar. We love you all to join us. I've done one other item using a cable stitch so am enjoying the practice I'm getting with this.


  1. It so pretty. I love the yarn and the way it works with the cable is perfect. I am still to tackle cable and haven't found the right project yet.

  2. It's very pretty! You can always block it to try to even and flatten it out :-)

  3. Love the yarn - I find that the younger you are the wider and longer you like your scarves. Not sure if it is because it is a trend or maybe its always been that way.
    Don't know cables in knitting yet but looking forward to learning.

  4. scarf is looking good, love the colours.


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