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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My New Years Plan

Happy New one and all.  I hope you're ending 2014 on a high note and are looking forward to what a new Year can offer.

I've not been one to make New Years Resolutions, sometimes I think about goals...in a loose manner, nothing written down, nothing hard and fast.  It seems lots of folks get down on themselves if they're not able to get their New Years Resolutions.

Most of you know several months back I began walking in order to reduce pain and swelling in my knee from arthritis, as well as bring down my cholesterol which was too high.  I've been successful with both of those quests.   A bonus has been weight loss, which I've learned reduces the stress to ones knees.  In fact, I read a single pound of weight loss reduces stress to each knee by 5 pounds.  That's HUGE and has made a real improvement for me.

My Fitbit has been a big help with keeping me on track and I enjoy the friendships that have developement with Fitbit'ers.  People encouraging each other, virtual walking buddies is indeed very helpful.  Stats prove people with walking buddies, exercise buddies both in person and virtually do better with their goals than those that try to meet the goals/weight loss solo.

So, my plan for up coming year of 2015 is to continue.  I've been a bit lax of late, in that I've not walked daily as I was before.  The cold weather has made it more difficult as have the holidays.  So, need to re-double my efforts on that.  For anyone out there wanting a walking buddy, virtually...sing out.  We can share Fitbit profile links, or connect on facebook or here.  I was religious about recording my food intake until the last couple of months, so need to regroup on that score.  Again, stats show you're more successful if you do keep track of your meals.  Not only for weight loss, but if you're watching your sodium level, or cholesterol, or carbs...any specific item like that.

So I vow to be more consistent with my walking,
To be more consistent with recording my food,
To be available for others who want/need encouragement....

Tomorrow I'll post something about part 2 of my quest for the New Year, so please check back in.  Don't want to be too wordy here.

I wish you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Years

Sunday, December 07, 2014

The case of Hungry Vacuum and my Knitted Shawl

Been such a long time since I've written a blog post on this blog.  Where does time go?  I love this shade of green and have made more headway on this project since I took the photo a week ago.  It's made with Uptown DK Universal Yarn.  It's not a yarn I've used before, but am enjoying the feel of it.  The skein suggested size 6 needles, but I'm using a 7.  Actually now my 2nd set of size 7 thanks to my sweeper.

The project/shawl was laying on the footstool where I had been sitting the evening before.  Yarn was dangling down which I didn't see as I was vacuuming.  Sadly, the vacuum did snare it.  Tried quickly to get the thing turned off, but ...the yarn including needle (the bent black lovely Knit Picks Wooden needles) included.  Had to cut the yarn close to the sweeper to free my shawl...thankfully the shawl itself didn't get sucked in, but the needle did.  The needle also shattered...errrrrrrr, really liked those needles, so am now using a back up pair with a shorter cord.  After unwinding all the yarn the hungry vacuum had eaten, I resumed cleaning......though not happily.

The shawl pattern calls for 2 skeins, but I've purchased a 3rd, as I'm concerned it's not going to be long enough.  Currently fairly close to the end of the 2nd skein.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nice Bull, Please go Away

Trail Location

I've posted off and on about my walking.  This site is for anyone with an interest in virtual travel, anyone who likes history, anyone who likes awesome photography, and anyone who likes to walk, anyone who has a fitbit etc.

I'm virtually walking in Scotland and enjoying the sites, chocked full of history, interesting pictures; however.........think if I came in contact with this fellow, I might want to take off my walking shoes and find another hobby.  LOL

This badge will eventually be added to my sidebar and or have it's on page with a tab here on the blog, so I can click and or you can to see where on the trail I am.  I've gotten through part of the trail that's very overgrown and has nettles..........whatever there are they sound like (see the description in the photo there) like they hurt and scratched up my legs and others on the trail.  Makes me wonder if this is more appropriate for hiking boots vs my walking shoes.........though they're not nearly as comfortable.

I'm wanting to change the font on my blogs from the default font and can't figure out how to do it, anyone know?  I've tried to find it even in the html code where I know it can be changed, but.........haven't been successful and it occurs to me with all the gadgets there's probably an easier way to do without messing with the code?

I should add, I'm super close to getting my 1,000 mile badge on fitbit (less then 2 miles to go), need 70 more flights of steps for the next stair badge which is 500 floors...so best get off the computer and get stepping.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Eating Well, Knitting a Shawl

Some time back a variation of this quick and easy meal appeared on Facebook.  The pan was turned the other direction, and they used only 3 items (no carrots) in the version posted.  They had chicken on one side, potatoes, and green beans.  They suggested using canned green beans.......I use fresh when possible.  Their presentation wasn't nearly as colorful as the potatoes (white showing) were next to chicken.  I suggested for color they flip things around........then the first time I made it I used green beans, carrots, and no potatoes.......typically I didn't cook potatoes with chicken. 

It was hit with hubby for taste and with me for ease of cooking it, and cleaning up.  One pan, no muss, no fuss.  Cook on 350 for 45 minutes covered with foil.  Drizzle with Italian dressing.  Sometimes I use olive oil and a good balsamic and my own spices.......sometimes I pour Italian Dressing right out of the bottle. Salt and pepper to taste, or use Mrs. Dash........which is what I used in this picture.

By turning over most of the potatoes to show red, stacking beans and carrots, and adding potatoes......you can make it a very complete meal.  

Spending lots of time walking (see previous posts), so don't want to spend lots of time cooking and no reason to.  I've also put pork chops in this arrangement in place of the chicken.  Butterfly chops, cut in half.  Not bad flavor, though they come out a little tough.

When you don't spend too much time in the kitchen, you have time for other pursuits.

Like knitting a prayer shawl.  Love the green, such a pretty color.  I've not used this yarn before, but will be again......love the way it feels and how it slides nicely on the needles.  It's Uptown DK anti pilling acrylic.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Free Rewards

WOW, it's been forever since I've posted here.  Think I've broken a record of how long I've gone between blog posts.  Life has been busy, busier then normal.  Working more hours then normal, spending more time working outside in the yard (or did during the summer), and spending alot more time outside Walking, and WALKING and Walking!

If you read my last post you know I'm trying to walk daily to reduce my too high cholesterol count, to build supportive muscles due to arthritis in my knees, and to maintain a more even keel of activity.  The cycle of being on my feet for wayyyyyyy to long one day, and not wanting to do anything the next day at home has made the situation worse.  Back in the spring I changed that; but it requires several hours a day of me stretching, walking, and stretching again.  However, it's worked!

Have lost weight, thus reducing pressure to both knees, have reduced cholesterol (more needed though), and have built supportive muscles which has reduced pain and swelling in my knees.

AND I've earned this dandy bright pumpkin orange headband...........FREE!

Free is always good.  Think, I'll probably use it more as a headband to cover the ears as the weather turns cooler.  If you can read it it says #FittStreak.  I earned it on Fi.tt.  (my profile link is HERE
You can join free (it's quick and easy), you can link you fitbit or other electronic devices that count steps etc to Fi.tt and earn points.  You earn points based on challenges.  I earn on some, and some I don't; but they do add up, and after I had earned 200 points I got this headband as my reward.  Who doesn't like rewards?

You can join as many or as few challenges as you like.  Some are for fun only, some reward with points, but both encourage you to have fun while you're exercising.  You can have friends, be as social or non social as you like; but most research indicates the folks that have friends (even virtually) do tend to meet their goals more.

So yes, I am still around in the blogsphere, after all, one needs a break from walking sometimes.  Too bad I can't figure out how to do other things while I'm walking.......hum!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Calories in and Calories Out, Fitbit

Shrimp and Brussels Sprouts right off the barbee.  I've not been blogging lately, seems my on line time has been diverted to logging in my steps, miles, and food on fitbit and it's side kick fitnesspal.com.  It takes time, though it should get quickier because I have a good amount of food now listed in my food diary.

Been doing well with steps and miles on an on going daily basis.  Fitbit (the device) really does motivate you.  Then you join a couple of on line groups and make virtual friends with the same or similar goals and it truly inspires you.  I'm in several groups/forums through Fitbit but find the 60 plus Trackers and !!Walk and Wine!! groups both fun, interesting, and inspiring.  We have a lady in our 60's group 80 something and she's leading the pack...how cool is that.  I also love how young she's staying by being on line and chatting with us.  Good for her.

The goal to be healthy is to walk 10,000 steps daily, currently I'm averaging around 16,000 so no problem making goal there.  Additionally you're suppose to strive for 30 minutes of active minutes daily, I don't always make that, because even with getting lots of steps in (at work and or mowing etc) you often aren't going fast enough for it to log you as "active". I do make it most days though.  Drinking 64 ounces of water daily is another of the daily goals, and I struggle with that.  In fact, I didn't make much of an effort in the beginning until I learned it actually is important from my group members.  The other goal you're to strive for is 5 miles daily, I manage that most of the time.  You can add your weight and your goal weight and it will track for you how on target you are and estimate a date when you'll reach your goal based on your in and out calories.

In calories.......thus the picture of food.  One reason I started this fitbit craze(which by the way is pretty addictive), I needed to lower my cholesterol.  Along the way I learned dropping some weight not only makes my clothes fit better but reduces the pressure on my knee (my arthritic knee).  A pound of weight loss reduces pressure to each knee by 5 pounds!  I've managed to reduce the pressure by 60 to each knee which has truly helped the pain and swelling.  Building up good muscles around the arthritis is also very beneficial.  This meal, very satisfying is quite low on calories.  The shrimp were marinated in a garlic oil for about 30 minutes before I skewered them.  The Brussels sprouts were cooked in water in the microwave for about 3-4 minutes and once cooled on the skewers they went...light drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper.  By using the skewers it's easy to turn over both the shrimp and the round Brussels sprouts.

It paired nicely with a Pinot Noir...and yes I faithfully add those calories on my food diet too. (as well as the Martini I had prior to this good dinner......you can't give up everything!).

You must walk more then 10,000 steps if you're trying to loose, and you loose 1 pound when you burn 3500 calories more then you eat.  So, since I'm not giving up my wine etc...I'm walking walking walking.  I generally walk about 1.5 hours and then whatever else I get step wise is normal day to day and or work.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fruit and Fitbit, Thank You Darling Daughter

Yummy.  My Mother's Day Edible Arrangement.  It arrived just as I got back from a walk, perfect timing.  The fruit was refreshing, just what I needed as I cooled down from my steps/miles.  THANK YOU DARLING DAUGHTER!  Love you, and so appreciate you're thinking of me.  I was so anxious to dive right in, I had pulled out what I was going to eat right away, before grabbing my camera for a picture.  The vase was a cute red Martini Glass.  Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good Martini, and I LOVE making them.

This banner is from the fitbit blog.  If you click on the picture it will take you to the fitbit page.  I've worn out countless pedometers and decided to buy a decent one.  These units range in price and style and color from $60-$100.  I got the zip, the cheapest one and am loving it.  It counts your steps, calories burned, miles walked like most pedometers.  But, it synchs with your phone, your ipad, and your computer.  Some units have re-chargeable batteries and monitor your sleep as well, mine will need a new battery, somewhere along 4-6 months.  I'm ok with that, it's getting hard keeping track of all my cords to charge all my stuff as it is...

In my last blog post I indicated I had joined yet another blog challenge.  Well, that fell by the way side.  I find it too hard to write blog posts every day for this blog, as well as my Travel Blog (where I am blogging about my recent trip to Spain), and to keep up with blogging on Bridge and Beyond (my charity blog which normally is also daily).

Since purchasing the fitbit have been trying to sit here on the computer less, and walk and move more.  It's good for my arthritis and hopefully will lower my cholesterol.  You can log your food and know how many calories etc you're taking in vs what you're burning up also on the fitbit page.  I'm finding some days I eat more then I burn and some days I burn more then I eat.  My downfall is cocktails, and wine with dinner.  I do fine through out the day; so starting today going to see if I can trim by pouring smaller glasses of wine and making smaller martini's.  It's a start.

Through fitbit you can join groups, have friends and cheer each other one.  It's fun and takes the drudgery out of "exercising".  You have virtual buddies.  I found a group of fitbit'ers who knit.  A couple actually successfully walk and knit at the same time.  WOW...can see me falling if I tried that.  I've also joined a group for folks 60+.  Exercising as you age takes on a little different note of trying not to hurt your body.  AND through fitbit I found you can walk virtually across the USA.  CLICK HERE
Everyone starts somewhere in Virginia, you log your daily miles and it tells you where you are.  I've logged miles just about 2 wks, and currently it says I'm 12.86 miles from Glendale, Virginia in Charles City County, and have traveled 47.6 miles.  You see a little picture of where you are on the road.  Kinda fun.  The website is a bit slow though to load, so be patient.

And if you want a different type of virtual travel, do join me over on Traveling Suitcase

Friday, May 09, 2014

Why I love Friday

Late to the challenge as I didn't know about this one til after the month started.  I was visiting through my Travel Blog, Traveling Suitcase where I just finished the annual A-Z Blog Challenge for April.  I had so much material from a recent trip to Spain, I decided to continue blogging a-z May with my Travel Blog.
Probably nuts trying to do another one; but this blog has been very quiet of late and so I thought it might help to kick start it again.
Here are the prompts...and though it's Friday...it's evening so am really getting into late.
  1. I love that's Friday, that's it's the end of the work week, and hubby and I can spend more time together and things are more relaxed.
  2. I love that this Friday, I made my step goal (through fitbit), AND I got my first 50 mile badge on fitbit.
  3. We always have Martini's on Friday (glasses are in the freezer and will be nice and chilled.
  4. I love that this Friday I had a much needed massage.  Thank you Frank!I
  5.  love that I bought a dress for $8.00  at a re-sale shop today on a whim, had a few minutes to spare before the massage and decided to look around, the shop was just a few doors down from Massage Envy.
Click the badge and join in.  Here's the list of prompts.
Day 9, Friday:  5 things you love on a Friday.
Day 10, Saturday: A fashion, beauty or life tip.
Day 11, Sunday:  Go for a photo walk.  (It’s a walk where you take lots of great photos and share them.)
Day 12, Monday:  Tell us how your blog got its name (and tagline).
Day 13, Tuesday: Write a poem or piece of creative prose.
Day 14, Wednesday: Make us laugh.  Share a funny story or picture.
Day 15, Thursday: Create or share a poster, card or artwork that shares a message that inspires you.
Day 16, Friday: Blogging is about sharing the love.  Tell us about 5 blogs that you love reading regularly.
Day 17, Saturday: A day in the life.  Photo journal your day today.
Day 18, Sunday: 10 things that make you happy.
Day 19, Monday: Dream job?
Day 20, Tuesday: Who inspires you?
Day 21, Wednesday: What’s on your plate?
Day 22, Thursday: Share a video clip that you are loving at the moment.  It could be as simple as a song on YouTube or an inspirational speaker on TED Talks.
Day 23, Friday: Write a post about a particularly good or controversial comment someone left you.
Day 24, Saturday: If you could have 3 people to dinner tonight, who would you invite?
Day 25, Sunday: A list for the week ahead.
Day 26, Monday: Invite someone to guest post for you.
Day 27, Tuesday: Share a project you’ve been working on.
Day 28, Wednesday: Family.  What do you love?  Best traits? What crazy genetics do you have in common?  Fave photo?
Day 29, Thursday: What have you said ‘yes’ to today?
Day 30, Friday: Best advice you’ve received lately.
Day 31, Saturday: Gratitude.
So, will you join me? Go on, you wouldn’t …
PS. There will also a grab button available for you to display on your blog to tell everyone that you are trying to complete the challenge.  (Better still, at the end of the challenge, I’ll give you a button that tells everyone that you’re awesome and you did it. High five!)

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Steps, Miles, and Calories...Fitbit

Ok, this got my attention the other day on Facebook, so thought it was worth reposting.  Thought it's been almost 2 months since my last post.........probably the longest ever I've gone without updating (life's been busy).  In my last post I posted my tennis shoes and talked about trying out apps on my phone to track my walks/steps/mileage etc.  That was a complete bust.  I tried 3 different apps.

Firstly, Windows phones don't support the most popular apps you hear people talking about and the ones I tried (only free ones), didn't work all that well, weren't user friendly, and many of items you needed on the app were ONLY available if you upgraded to a paid app.  Errrrrrr.  I so dislike false advertising.  If it's not free, don't state it does x y z.  And, who wants to pay for app before you try it out and know if it will meet your needs...not me!

I've killed far too many cheap pedometers over time, which is why I thought I'd try the apps.  Several problems with that, if you really want to track all your activity throughout the day, the phone is not the way to go.

So, I bought a Fitbit.  It's a wireless unit that replaces the mechanical pedometers I've had in the past.  It's battery is suppose to last 4-6 months.  You can synch it with your ipad, your iphone, and most droids...not windows phones (should never have  listen to the salesman who pushed the windows phone).  You also get a free webpage connected to a forum where fitbit folks support each other.  Similar to Facebook, you can friend someone.  You can even challenge each other, though I've not yet done that.  The unit I purchased was their cheapest one, $60.00, several others units are around $100.00.  Didn't quite want to do that; but they do track a bit more including your sleep habits which I think could prove to be very helpful to some folks.

You get a weekly email with your stats, plus there are all kinds of graphs on the webpage and some with app.  Most I'm not yet up to speed on how to read, lol.  It's a process.  You can set goals of steps, weight loss, food...whatever it is that's important to you.  I'm trying to lose a few pounds, but mostly I'm interested in eating a bit healthier (possibly high cholesterol), and increasing my exercise to aid with the arthritis and the cholesterol.  Tracking food and steps etc makes you so much more aware.

Got my first email of weekly stats yesterday (wk 4-28 through 5-4...not sure I really recorded everything or even had it on the whole time as I was still learning)...possibly not a real accurate weekly reading.

52,026 steps, 21.93 miles, burned 11,347 calories, 0.5 pounds weight loss, #362 calories in vs out....I think that means I ate too much?

And you get cute little badges to make you smile...different colors for different things you did good.  Who doesn't like a pat on the back.  I have a couple, not sure what one is for though, lol.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Walking with my Pedometer

This is the longest I've ever gone without posting on this blog.  What's up with that?  Life?  Been busy keeping up Bridge and Beyond, kick starting the Traveling Suitcase for up coming April A-Z Blog Challenge and this one has just gone silent.  I've not been knitting much either, and typically blog about knitting.

These are the wild shoes I got primarily for work to help diminish the swelling I have in my knee, thanks to Arthritis.  They're very supportive.  Got fitted at a running store, Front Runner which was suggested by my physical therapist.  He thought better shoes would be helpful.

Because these puppies were rather expensive, I've been reluctant to wear them anywhere but to work......until lately.  I'm not as active as I used to be.  Aside from gaining a few LB's, my cholesterol has jumped and one of the best ways to bring it down is exercise.  Sooooooo me and my Mizuno's (shoes), and my Feetures (socks) have been putting in some miles.  I LOVE these socks.  There is no seam to rub, they're very stretchy and almost massage your feet while walking and or at work.  They fit so well, there's no extra fabric to cause problems either.

I've had more pedometers then I can count, and they just don't last... so loaded an app on my phone called Pedometer Master.  There's a free version (the one I'm using) and one you have to pay for that does more.  I have a windows phone and there aren't nearly as many apps to choose from.  Hubby like's one on his Droid phone called Cardio Trainer that really does a-lot.

Todays stats:
Distanc:  2.48 miles
Duration: 41 min 38 seconds
Steps: 7,138
Average speed 3.57mph
Calories burned: 162

Wow, not many calories burned, but from what I've read the way to burn more calories is walk faster.  Maybe I'll work up to that?  I don't like to overdo, then the knee hurts and swells.  Arthritis doesn't do well when you over do, but it also doesn't do well when you sit.  The balance of it, apparently is the key.  I'm looking for the key.

I'm also not totally convinced I've got my stride correctly measured and will re-do it a couple of times to see how that goes.  Currently my stride is listed as 22 inches.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Parents Failed Her!

Did you read my previous post, if not please scroll back.

A book is suppose to make  you think, stick with you awhile right?  Well, that book surely did.  I find myself thinking about it off and on too much.  I find my emotions continue to be mixed.  Anger, sadness, and more.

I mentioned I couldn't accept her (her being the authors) perspective that her parents weren't to blame, that she didn't blame them....they simply didn't know.

  • Maybe she's not being honest with herself, maybe it's easier to think that way, maybe she's a better Christian and has forgiven them?  But, to say they didn't know?
  • Parents have 1 primary job and that is to take care of, to keep their children safe.  They most certainly failed to do that big time.  Why?  Too interested in climbing the corporate ladder to think what was right for their children.  Does anyone really think moving every 2 years, pulling kids out of their neighborhoods, making them start over in school, making them try to fit in and make friends every 2 years is a good idea??
  1. They didn't have many close friends, couldn't.
  2. They didn't really know neighbors, couldn't
  3. They didn't really know teachers well, couldn't
Likewise, the parents didn't know their children, their children's aquaintenances or their teacher...why, they couldn't and or choice not to.  They didn't participate in school functions, didn't attend school activities their children participated in.  If they had, they might have conversed with other adults to realize something wasn't right.

Your daughter, your young 15 year old daughter creeps out of the house at all hours of the night and early morning for a period of 2 years and you don't hear it?  Seriously, you don't hear her on the steps once she 's left her room, you don't hear the door opening or it closing when she leaves?  You don't hear the door opening or closing when she comes back?  The door opens and closes 4 times on each occurrence and this happens over 2 years and you fail to hear it every single time?  Wait, lets back up a little....prior to her creeping down the steps, the phone rings, so you don't  hear the phone, or the door? night after night for 2 years? So ok, maybe that night you're really tired and you don't hear it,  but neither you or your spouse EVER hear it?  WOW!  I can not accept that.

But, there's more.  You don't hear the phone because you don't like to answer the phone and talk to any of your children's friends, so to keep your distance you buy them personal phones for their bedrooms.  Perfect solution to staying un-involved in your kids lives.  Even had nothing horrific happened, this would be a parent fail.

In my dating years, back in the dark ages; our house was left un-locked and when we returned from our dates we locked it up.  I can guarantee you my parents heard each and every-time I came home, knew what time it was and whom I had been with.  We had a specific time to be home, often they would ask as we passed by their bedroom door...did you remember to lock up?  Yes, they heard us, heard me and my two parents every time we left the house.

There's more to consider though.  I grew up in a nice small house; her parents were climbing the corporate ladder.  She lived in a large house so hearing might have been a bit harder.  Wouldn't that just mean you had to work at hearing a little harder?  Her parents "entertained" a lot, apparently that was part of the work of climbing, so often weren't without the influence of adult beverages.  This was eluded to when the police brought her home..........so perhaps under the influence keeps you from hearing on some nights......but still night after night for two years two adults don't hear their children.  Don't check on their children?  Unacceptable.

Wait, so the police brought her home, so they did know she was "out"?  That's another whole rant, please pop back in to find out about the police and their involvement in this tragic story of human trafficking.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ipads, Reading and eBooks

I got an ipad a few months back as a birthday gift from my DH.  I'm still feeling very much like a newbie at it; but am enjoying having it.  Normally I don't read all that much ....beyond knitting or crochet patterns, or blogs...lots of blogs; but since getting the ipad have found I read more then I did before.

Why?  Maybe it's the novelty of the gadget...if so, no doubt that will wear off at some point.  Maybe it's the ease of having things at your finger tips.  You don't have to go to the book store, you don't have to go to the library.  In fact you can spend 10 minutes or less and look through what Amazon has to offer pretty quickly.  I narrowed my search to free or $0.99 cent books, then selected a genre I like wow......the number of offerrings is pretty staggering.  Then through Amazon, I saw something called Book Bub.  It's even better.  You don't have to know what you're looking for, or who the author is.  Again you plug in a few things, like how much you want to spend and what genre's you like and each day in your email box you get a notice of 2-4 books...Generally I've gotten 3.  There's a snipet about the book and how much it costs you click buy or not.  You don't need to buy a certain number of books in a certain time frame like a book club.  Selecting books couldn't be easier.  Once you click in your email, you're taken to your amazon page, where you click buy with one click...AND you are DONE!

Each time you turn on your ipad or Kindle or other e-reader the bok loads and you're ready.

The above book is one I recently finished.  I paid 0.99 cents for this book; not the normal price but it was the special of the day.......another advantage of Book Bub.

Have you read this book?  I'll be doing a review, prbably in several different blog posts, as there is much to discuss about this book.  Please join me.  Its a serious topic, one that needs to get attention and truly needs to be discussed.

Though in my last post I mentioned I joined a new blog challenge, that has gone by the wayside.  I'm trying to get back into blogging with more regularity and that challege wasn't going to do it for me.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The New Year

The New Year is a time for resolutions and starting fresh, so why not start with a challenge to kick off the new year! I have come up with the #2014bloggerchallenge. The challenge is to write a blogpost twice a month about different topics. The #2014bloggerchallenge posts will go live during the 1st and the 3rd weeks of each month. Everyone who signs up will be sent an email with the post topics. The topic ideas are there to give you new ideas and encourage you to write about things you wouldn't normally write about.

Well, I've done it again.  I've joined yet another blog challenge.  Which is probably good, as it's been awhile since I've blogged regularly on all 5 of my blogs.  Sometimes you need a kick start.  

I'm at #388 on a list of 409 bloggers who signed up for the challenge over at Another Girly Blog.  Gaby wrote the post about the challenge back in Nov, giving us all time to gear up.   Several weeks later, she sent out emails with the topic...again giving us time to write our post.  However, I'm just now on January 1, writing my post.  Life's been busy is my excuse.

Welcome to 2014, and the challenge.  I'm looking forward to getting out and about and visiting lots of new blogs and making new blog friends.

The topic:
The topic for the first post of the #2014BloggerChallenge is going to be "New Years Inspiration" - the idea is that instead of writing new years resolutions on your blog you share a quote or a picture that inspires you and you think will inspire others in the New Year. 

That little logo, inspires me.  It inspires many others as well.  Why?  It represents kindness, caring, and loving hands coming together to accomplish something that is near and dear to my heart.  It's the logo for my charity.  It's a ministry that reaches homeless people in need.  It reaches Men, Women, and Children living out doors in central Ohio; as well as those living in temporary shelter situations.  For 5 years knitters and crocheters and others have used their time and talents to keep people warm with making and donating hats, scarves, mittens, slippers, and other warm items.  Through a wonderful team effort we've been able to warm thousands of people in 3 different family shelters, people in food lines, and people living outdoors....under bridges and beyond.  If you knit, or crochet, or want to be a part of something that truly matters...check out the blog HERE.  (the logo is also an active link).  You do not need to knit or crochet to help.  

**edited to add, please folks kill your captcha's, when trying to visit lots of blogs it's beyond a nuisance and time consuming**