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Sunday, December 07, 2014

The case of Hungry Vacuum and my Knitted Shawl

Been such a long time since I've written a blog post on this blog.  Where does time go?  I love this shade of green and have made more headway on this project since I took the photo a week ago.  It's made with Uptown DK Universal Yarn.  It's not a yarn I've used before, but am enjoying the feel of it.  The skein suggested size 6 needles, but I'm using a 7.  Actually now my 2nd set of size 7 thanks to my sweeper.

The project/shawl was laying on the footstool where I had been sitting the evening before.  Yarn was dangling down which I didn't see as I was vacuuming.  Sadly, the vacuum did snare it.  Tried quickly to get the thing turned off, but ...the yarn including needle (the bent black lovely Knit Picks Wooden needles) included.  Had to cut the yarn close to the sweeper to free my shawl...thankfully the shawl itself didn't get sucked in, but the needle did.  The needle also shattered...errrrrrrr, really liked those needles, so am now using a back up pair with a shorter cord.  After unwinding all the yarn the hungry vacuum had eaten, I resumed cleaning......though not happily.

The shawl pattern calls for 2 skeins, but I've purchased a 3rd, as I'm concerned it's not going to be long enough.  Currently fairly close to the end of the 2nd skein.

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  1. I would call that an "oh bother" moment. Thankfully it didn't the shawl, than you would have probably called it something else. What's been going on with you, it has been a long time no talk. Hope all is well, and that you'll be round the blogosphere more often showcasing your talent and good conversation. :)


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