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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Surprise and Squares!!!

Andrea made my day. THANKS!! It's been a bit tough lately (if you've read the post about mom you know what I'm referring to). Coming home today from a less than satisfactory visit with Mom to find a box on my porch!!! Lots of goodies inside, I won Sunnie_fairie,s contest--check out her cool blog Octopi Crafts

Including a picture of the box and goodies, my favorite is the flower (shown in a separate picture). You really REALLY made my day, what a nice pick me up.

Mom is home from the rehab center, though I'm on pins and needles; as I think things still aren't good.

Daughter is due in shortly from Baltimore (fingers crossed, it appears her flight is on time---as rare as that is).

Sent out 15, 7 inch squares yesterday from Warming Omaha. Lots of colors, hope they help Robyn's cause.

Made a pair of slippers and working on a 2nd pair for Pine Ridge. Made 4 batches of homemade noddles. Took over one batch for Mom and Dad to have chicken and noddles for dinner. Did 3 pies today (not from scratch, Mrs. Smith's I just put them in the oven).

Happy Thanksgiving to you all

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Making Headway!!! YIPPEE

Mom's stitches in her head (from the injury when she fell at the first Rehab Center), will come out on Sat. She'll then get to wash her hair which she's really looking forward to. Many thanks for all the good vibs, prayers and wishes from you all. She's making a wee bit of headway each and every day.

Hats and booties sent to Marine Corp Kids today. 4 of the booties match the hats and could be used as sets; or if when received the need to separate to cover more families...that works too. All items knit.

Addressed and mailed out a stack of please donate to the Cancer Society today also. You know, when you sign up to be your neighborhood representative.

My back is still far from 100% and I was super tired working yesterday on my feet. Perhaps today will go better. I'm hoping to maybe find a place to have a massage early next week to help.

Worked a bit on Candy Corn Ghan again. Seems forever since I've worked on it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fingers and Toes Crossed

Well since the posting of Worst Week (previous post), I'm almost afraid to say shhhhh things might be getting better. Everytime I think things look better, or look like we're moving forward...we go back 4 steps.

Mom got released to the 2nd Rehab Facility from the Hospital on Sunday. The day everyone was sick, Dad, my husband me sorta, my sister-in-law; my nephew stayed with Dad for the night so at least we felt better that nothing further would happen to him.

Hubby had the lightess case of the 3 of us. ONly part of the day and just felt tired for another day, I had it slightly over 12 hours and felt dizzy and light headed for 3 days, daddy lost 7 pounds..he was somewhere in between the 2 of us with severity.

I check on everything Sunday am, and head back home to regroup and recoup, and fill everyone in over the phone. Dad calls early next morning....pre 8 am to say he's ready to go to the hospital. He wakes up my older brother after waking me up. We know...my brother and I that the release is gonna take HOURS, and try to explain; but Dad thinks he needs and wants to be there first thing. So...off we go. We stand around for about 4 hours, finally everything is official, ambulance comes and we head to The Rehab Center. She has a nice private room, roomey, nice and efficient staff, the room is yellow---her favorite color and we're all pretty up when we see everything....except her. She says she doesn't like it, bed's too hard, the food isn't good, and on and on and on. Can't think of any positive thing she said. We all tried really really hard to get her to see this was best. Daddy spent the night with her, slept in a reclincer in her room. He was misserable, uncombfortable and his back was bothersome next day.

Fast forward today is Tuesday and it's almost over. She must have realized this was really the best for her, for daddy, and for us and the only way she was going to recover. Her attitude was much improved the next day when she called, and then I visited and ran several errands for them. Had one rest day-get acquainted with the facilty day, then Monday the hard work of physical therapy began. Tuesday, today...harder and more painful still...but she's beginning (the first time in about 1 month), beginning to make headway. Now, daddy's being a bit of pill. I don't want to get old. Emotionally, this is awful for both of them. They are, and we kids are, realizing they aren't and never will be again independant. It's official now, my older brother said. Our parents are old and are roles are reversed. It's really quite sad, frustrating, difficult.

Had my 3rd chiropracter apt today, and hoping I'm gonna be able to maintain tomorrow at work. I work a very fast past job, always on my feet and if they weren't short staffed right now...really wouldn't be going back tomorrow. Told them I would do my best, but was not 100%, and was most definately slower than normal. My job is pretty physical, so we'll see how it goes.

Sent off a large stack of Thanksgiving Cards for Shareacard today, waiting on address to send 6 pr. of booties and 4 hats (to be picture...maybe tomorrow) for the 10 preemie project through Homespun Helpers. Worked a bit tonight on the Candy Corn Ghan (haven't touched it in months).

I've not had time to come and visit any of you, to see what you're all up to. Hope all are doing well, and I will try to soon. Many many thanks for your understanding, your good wishes and vibs and prayers....all much needed and very much appreciated.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

*****WORST WEEK !!!!************

I hardly know where to begin. Last I posted, I was trying to enjoy sun and surf while on vacatiuon. Each day devoted some time on the phone to checking on mom, talking with other family members and learning she was going down hill fast. Not only wasn't the back pain better, she was losing ground with the knee rehab...too much back pain so she would cancel her therapy sessions. Both are not good. When I would talk to her, her voice was garbled, her speech slurred. This concerned me. My older brother and dad got her to the doctor finally after they had called him twice...he thought he should see her. Though all he did was medicate her more. He felt she needed stronger longer acting pain meds to deal with it. She does NOT do well with pain meds. He knows this, we all know this. Neverless thats what happened. A long acting pain med, a short acting one, a muscle relaxer, and Tylenol. He had her way way too dopped up. My brother said she wasn't able to do any of the therapy, he spent the night there even though they didn't want him too. He was even more concerned and called to ask when I would be home. I was due home the next day, so went home for 10 minutes from airport, grabbed appropiate things to spend the night there (different from my light weather Florida stuff), and spent the night. He was right, she had lost all muscle ability, was dead weight, things were not good. She was irritatble and confused and very slurred speech. The next morning I began making arrangements for her to receive care at a rehab center (where we all wanted and though she should have gone post op---most people do, but she was very opposed and the doctor didn't tell her rehab was best). We...being my dad and brother, or my dad and me couldn't support her with the help of the walker. She almost fell twice the night I was there. We felt strongly she needed to do this, but when my brother and I precented her with the information/insurance coverage etc. she wouldn't agree. Initial she was all for it (that morning when I told her I was going to check into it), her doctor Dam him anyway, told dad on the phone she hadn't given the meds long enough. She was in terrible pain, she was in no less pain taking 4 meds than she had been taking 2 meds, she had gone down hill big time on the four meds and was dead weight. (I need to add my brother and I both have bad backs, and my dad has 2 Harrington rods in his back from surgery years ago). They decided they were going to sleep on the idea.

And so, what we were trying to prevent; her falling.. all for naught. My brother spent the night (we were trying to take turns), and she did fall! DAM I was irritated and upset. Ok, we tell them they have no choice. We update the arrangements from the day before, call a transport service and get her to a Rehab Center. She's there about 2-3 hours, when someone gets her up, gives her the walker and walks away from her...AND she falls AGAIN!!! When she fell at home, it was sorta sliding out of bed and hit the floor which is carpeted. At the facility....she hit tile floor and busted her head open on the underneath part of the bed. She fell backwards. Blood everywhere she's squaded to the hospital. I had only been home from the facility and running errands for Daddy for about an hour. We head to the ER and got home the next morning at about 2 am. She was admitted, had x-rays, MRI's, Scans, blood work, got 8 stitches in head. The next day with further tests, they found she also had a cracked back, and more bruises than I can count. She's miserable. She's not gone to the bathroom in 7 days and looks 9 months pregnant. Pain meds do that.

Not knowing how long she'll be in the hospital, and knowing she has to go somewhere else after the hospital for the needed P.T. for her knee I make other arrangements with a different faciltiy. I've had mutliple conversations with them, and social service, and have physical been to the facility.

She's been given more laxatives, stool softners, and enema's than I can count. Know she has the opposite problem, diarrhea. Head is healing, back has been fused with some kind of adhesive. That procedure was done yesterday. She has an incision in the middle of her back from that. She was bed fast for several days due to the back. Therefore no PT, therefore losing more ground, more muscle mass. The only movement to date is to use bedside commode. The possibility exists that she'll be released tomorrow. Though, she's scared. She's afraid to get up, she's afraid people aren't going to help her enough, she's afraid she's going to fall again. She's forgotten some of the hospital stay, due to the meds and being doopy.

I got a stomach virus 2 days ago (think I lost about 10 pounds--that what it feels like anyway), my dad has lighter bout of it now, as does my husband. It started with my dad last night and he passed out making his way to the bathroom, and he fell. He cut his foot on the cabinet in the bathroom, but thankfully thats all he did. So he can't go visit mom today. I'm still feeling pretty punk. 12 hours of diahrea and vomitting really takes it out of you. Hubby hasn't had the stomach part, daddy only once. My older brother got the call from my dad at 3 am when he woke up after passing out. He's been there all night with him. Neither got much sleep. It's a real mess around here. My back's been real bad this week (been to the chiropracter twice), could hardly walk yesterday, some better today. I did manage to get to the hospital so I could check on her, hear what the doc had to say, and talk to the nurse. Only stayed a little while (1.5 hours), at least enough I could update dad so he wouldn't try to go. Older brother will go later, probably after he gets some rest. Fingers and toes crossed he doesn't come down with this two.

My nephew is going to stay with dad tonight. We can't risk his passing out again.

If you've got some spare good will, we could surely use some.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Sand, Sun, and Surf for Sandy

Well, after the strange and hectic Friday (see previous post), Sat, the (this time last week), started out about the same. First a call from Mom, who had been making good headway to ask if I muscle relaxers (from when my back when out, she thought I might). I answer no and she tells me she was pulling on her ted hose (you know those anti-embelism hose from the hospital), and pulled her back out and she was having lots of pain and bad muscle spams. After taking tylenol and using heat it was no better. After she did her physical therapy for the knee replacement, it was worse still.

We did manage to leave town on time and have had wonderful weather. Fun in the sun, but each day I call once or twice to check on her, hoping to hear she's better. She's not. In fact the opposite, she's continued to get worse with more and more pain. Finally she got a script for something from her doctor, but after several days on that...still no improvement. She's ready to go back to the hospital she feels so bad. Hearing how poorly she's doing had dampened my fun in the sun. I wonder how I could help if I were there. Finally get my brother involved more. They went to the doctor yesterday, he changed her meds and decided she doesn't the oxygen any longer. One less thing to worry about. She's thrilled though to not have the oxygen to mess with. Hard enough trying to move on her post op knee, while her back is in spams without trying to trip over the oxygen.

Have walked the beach everyday which is good exercise. I'd forgotten how much harder walking in the sand is vs. cement etc. Have soaked in some good sun around the pools, and have enjoyed watching the large ships come and go from port. A couple of cruise ships, lots of package ships which are HUGE, and some personal yatch's belonging to the rich and famous. In fact, one ship with the name Privacy went by and hubby said...hum, I know that name. I think that's Tiger Wood's ship. He googled it and found out indeed he had a good memory. We didn't see him, he might not have even been on it. It's the time of year when people have the yatch's moved further south and that might be what we were seeing.

I've gotten a good tan, but no one's gonna see it; as I understand I'll be covered head to toe tomorrow when we return home since it's gotten not just cool, but COLD there. Looks like we're gonna have a cloudy day today. Pooey...wanted one more day of warmth and sunshine.

Finished a hat, a pair of booties, and am about half done with a baby sweater. Haven't knitted or crocheted as much as I thought I would. Really can't do that while sitting in the sun around the pool.

Have a good wkend, one and all.