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Saturday, November 15, 2008

*****WORST WEEK !!!!************

I hardly know where to begin. Last I posted, I was trying to enjoy sun and surf while on vacatiuon. Each day devoted some time on the phone to checking on mom, talking with other family members and learning she was going down hill fast. Not only wasn't the back pain better, she was losing ground with the knee rehab...too much back pain so she would cancel her therapy sessions. Both are not good. When I would talk to her, her voice was garbled, her speech slurred. This concerned me. My older brother and dad got her to the doctor finally after they had called him twice...he thought he should see her. Though all he did was medicate her more. He felt she needed stronger longer acting pain meds to deal with it. She does NOT do well with pain meds. He knows this, we all know this. Neverless thats what happened. A long acting pain med, a short acting one, a muscle relaxer, and Tylenol. He had her way way too dopped up. My brother said she wasn't able to do any of the therapy, he spent the night there even though they didn't want him too. He was even more concerned and called to ask when I would be home. I was due home the next day, so went home for 10 minutes from airport, grabbed appropiate things to spend the night there (different from my light weather Florida stuff), and spent the night. He was right, she had lost all muscle ability, was dead weight, things were not good. She was irritatble and confused and very slurred speech. The next morning I began making arrangements for her to receive care at a rehab center (where we all wanted and though she should have gone post op---most people do, but she was very opposed and the doctor didn't tell her rehab was best). We...being my dad and brother, or my dad and me couldn't support her with the help of the walker. She almost fell twice the night I was there. We felt strongly she needed to do this, but when my brother and I precented her with the information/insurance coverage etc. she wouldn't agree. Initial she was all for it (that morning when I told her I was going to check into it), her doctor Dam him anyway, told dad on the phone she hadn't given the meds long enough. She was in terrible pain, she was in no less pain taking 4 meds than she had been taking 2 meds, she had gone down hill big time on the four meds and was dead weight. (I need to add my brother and I both have bad backs, and my dad has 2 Harrington rods in his back from surgery years ago). They decided they were going to sleep on the idea.

And so, what we were trying to prevent; her falling.. all for naught. My brother spent the night (we were trying to take turns), and she did fall! DAM I was irritated and upset. Ok, we tell them they have no choice. We update the arrangements from the day before, call a transport service and get her to a Rehab Center. She's there about 2-3 hours, when someone gets her up, gives her the walker and walks away from her...AND she falls AGAIN!!! When she fell at home, it was sorta sliding out of bed and hit the floor which is carpeted. At the facility....she hit tile floor and busted her head open on the underneath part of the bed. She fell backwards. Blood everywhere she's squaded to the hospital. I had only been home from the facility and running errands for Daddy for about an hour. We head to the ER and got home the next morning at about 2 am. She was admitted, had x-rays, MRI's, Scans, blood work, got 8 stitches in head. The next day with further tests, they found she also had a cracked back, and more bruises than I can count. She's miserable. She's not gone to the bathroom in 7 days and looks 9 months pregnant. Pain meds do that.

Not knowing how long she'll be in the hospital, and knowing she has to go somewhere else after the hospital for the needed P.T. for her knee I make other arrangements with a different faciltiy. I've had mutliple conversations with them, and social service, and have physical been to the facility.

She's been given more laxatives, stool softners, and enema's than I can count. Know she has the opposite problem, diarrhea. Head is healing, back has been fused with some kind of adhesive. That procedure was done yesterday. She has an incision in the middle of her back from that. She was bed fast for several days due to the back. Therefore no PT, therefore losing more ground, more muscle mass. The only movement to date is to use bedside commode. The possibility exists that she'll be released tomorrow. Though, she's scared. She's afraid to get up, she's afraid people aren't going to help her enough, she's afraid she's going to fall again. She's forgotten some of the hospital stay, due to the meds and being doopy.

I got a stomach virus 2 days ago (think I lost about 10 pounds--that what it feels like anyway), my dad has lighter bout of it now, as does my husband. It started with my dad last night and he passed out making his way to the bathroom, and he fell. He cut his foot on the cabinet in the bathroom, but thankfully thats all he did. So he can't go visit mom today. I'm still feeling pretty punk. 12 hours of diahrea and vomitting really takes it out of you. Hubby hasn't had the stomach part, daddy only once. My older brother got the call from my dad at 3 am when he woke up after passing out. He's been there all night with him. Neither got much sleep. It's a real mess around here. My back's been real bad this week (been to the chiropracter twice), could hardly walk yesterday, some better today. I did manage to get to the hospital so I could check on her, hear what the doc had to say, and talk to the nurse. Only stayed a little while (1.5 hours), at least enough I could update dad so he wouldn't try to go. Older brother will go later, probably after he gets some rest. Fingers and toes crossed he doesn't come down with this two.

My nephew is going to stay with dad tonight. We can't risk his passing out again.

If you've got some spare good will, we could surely use some.


  1. Hugs, Sandy! What a horrible horrible week! I hope you're feeling better soon and that your mom and dad are doing better. It's so hard when someone you love is suffering! I hope your mom has gotten into the right facility where she can get on the road to recovery.
    Sending lots of prayers and good thoughts for all of you!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear how badly things are going for your family. I know it's hard, but you need to take care of yourself so that you can take care of your parents too. I've gone through bouts of ill health with my mom and my in-laws, and it's never easy. But you will get through it. I'm definitely sending good thoughts your way, too.

  3. Oh dear! I'm so sorry all of that is going on :( Best wishes to you.

    In answer to your question, the 10 items are for "Ninjasezzy" who is over on livejournal.

    Big hugs to you, my dear!

  4. My thoughts & prayers are with you! It's beyond me why someone who works in a rehab place would leave a patient unattended with a walker, esp,; if they have a history of falling! Completely & totally irresponsible. Be sure to follow-up w/administration & a patient advocate. Maybe this won't happen again to someone else's parent.

  5. Oh my word Sandy........You have tons of good vibes, thoughts and prayers coming your way and lots of hugs too..........
    I hope things get better realllll fast for you....

  6. All I can say is WOW! But my thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  7. There aren't words enough... I'm glad you had a somewhat restful week before everything hit the fan. I often say if we could make our own arrangements and write our own prescriptions we could do at least as well as the doctors do. I hope your mom sees some improvement soon and your dad (or any of you) develops additional problems. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. I hope everyone feels better soon.

    Happy blogoversary!

  9. So sorry for all your troubles. Your family is in my prayers...hugs!! Hope things improve FAST!!

  10. Oh, my goodness! I hope you all get better and FAST! I will be praying for all of you. And I have a bit of news to hopefully cheer you up.
    You won my giveaway!

  11. OH, Sandy!!! I'm so sorry all of this is happening. It is draining physically and emotionally for everyone concerned.

    I will keep you and your family in my prayers.


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