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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Sand, Sun, and Surf for Sandy

Well, after the strange and hectic Friday (see previous post), Sat, the (this time last week), started out about the same. First a call from Mom, who had been making good headway to ask if I muscle relaxers (from when my back when out, she thought I might). I answer no and she tells me she was pulling on her ted hose (you know those anti-embelism hose from the hospital), and pulled her back out and she was having lots of pain and bad muscle spams. After taking tylenol and using heat it was no better. After she did her physical therapy for the knee replacement, it was worse still.

We did manage to leave town on time and have had wonderful weather. Fun in the sun, but each day I call once or twice to check on her, hoping to hear she's better. She's not. In fact the opposite, she's continued to get worse with more and more pain. Finally she got a script for something from her doctor, but after several days on that...still no improvement. She's ready to go back to the hospital she feels so bad. Hearing how poorly she's doing had dampened my fun in the sun. I wonder how I could help if I were there. Finally get my brother involved more. They went to the doctor yesterday, he changed her meds and decided she doesn't the oxygen any longer. One less thing to worry about. She's thrilled though to not have the oxygen to mess with. Hard enough trying to move on her post op knee, while her back is in spams without trying to trip over the oxygen.

Have walked the beach everyday which is good exercise. I'd forgotten how much harder walking in the sand is vs. cement etc. Have soaked in some good sun around the pools, and have enjoyed watching the large ships come and go from port. A couple of cruise ships, lots of package ships which are HUGE, and some personal yatch's belonging to the rich and famous. In fact, one ship with the name Privacy went by and hubby said...hum, I know that name. I think that's Tiger Wood's ship. He googled it and found out indeed he had a good memory. We didn't see him, he might not have even been on it. It's the time of year when people have the yatch's moved further south and that might be what we were seeing.

I've gotten a good tan, but no one's gonna see it; as I understand I'll be covered head to toe tomorrow when we return home since it's gotten not just cool, but COLD there. Looks like we're gonna have a cloudy day today. Pooey...wanted one more day of warmth and sunshine.

Finished a hat, a pair of booties, and am about half done with a baby sweater. Haven't knitted or crocheted as much as I thought I would. Really can't do that while sitting in the sun around the pool.

Have a good wkend, one and all.


  1. Sorry to hear about your Mom's back...I'll pray she gets some relief soon :) Back pain is the worst!

    Glad you are having a good time in the sun...not long before you are back to the cold weather. Enjoy :)

  2. oh, I hope your mom gets better! send her my best wishes. :] And I can't wait to see what you've been working on.

  3. Oh, back pain is terrible. Seems you just can't move in the right way to fix it. I hope she feels better soon. Hope you didn't let it ruin your vacation too much though I certainly understand being concerned. Enjoy that tan!

  4. Sounds like a somewhat relaxing time. Sorry to hear your mother isn't feeling so good! I hope she starts to feel better soon!

  5. Hope your mom's back is pain free really soon! That must be awful.
    Looking forward to seeing pictures from your vacation. And stay warm once you are home :)

  6. Sitting by the pool......I'm so jealous!!! Glad you had a relaxing vacation.

  7. I pray your mother is doing better now and so glad you had a vacation! Oh what i would give to be by the beach right now:)


  8. Oh, sun and fun sounds so great right now. It is so cold and damp here at home. I envy you but know you deserve it. Sure hope your mom gets some relief soon. I don't think there are any of us who have not had back pain and know how miserable it can be.


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