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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

From Socks to Veggies at Christmas

 Do you sport fun Christmas socks?  This is a pair my Darling Daughter got me a few years ago.  LOVE them.  Please click to see the Martini Glass.
 This is a pair I've had for awhile, but hey...no holes yet soooooo
 Cute, Cute idea for a veggie tray.  Perhaps less variety than many veggie trays though.  Might give some thought about how you could change it to use a bigger variety of veggies!!  Thoughts ideas?  I've never made this, but saved the picture from Facebook either from last year or the year before.
And did I mention Kitties at Christmas?  

Totally off topic, does anyone know how to change the font, the default font on blogs?  I know I can highlight and select after the fact and change to what I like .....but, how can you do it without having to change it each time you post?

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Calories, Crocheting, Charity and Wine

 I have many friends I know personally who use a Fitbit, plus I have a ton of on line friends who wear a Fitbit.  I love the little device and have met face to face with several of my Fitbit friends after knowing them on line.  I consider that a real plus.  It's really lots of fun meeting up with people you chat with on line.  My steps have been way down though lately.  I don't enjoy walking outside in the cold.  It didn't used to bother me.  Last winter I went to the gym and used the treadmill, but I haven't even gotten back into doing that.  I need to.  A couple of those pounds have found their way to my waste again.
 Aren't these cute?  Colorful too.  When my daughter was home for Thanksgiving she and I made these.  Well actually, I made a couple and she made about 10.  I took the picture early in the process.  These are water filter covers.  She's part of a group that sends water filters to Uganda.  Trouble is they are rather fragile and break easily, so they came up with the idea of making a filter cozy out of cotton.  These crocheted cotton cozy help protect the much needed water filters.  I've got a good mound of cotton in my stash and we'll no doubt make more when she comes home for Christmas.  My problem is you need to crochet quite tightly which is hard on my arthritis, so I can't make as many as she can.  I had to switch projects, to something that would bother my arthritis less; and I was trying hard to finish a couple of afghans for my charity, Bridge and Beyond.

This is a wine rack.  Can you tell?  LOL.  It was a kit.  Hubby and I've been looking off and on for one that would fit our space, so we could save space in the kitchen cabinets where the wine and wine glasses have been.

AND.....here it is all put together in corner in the dining room.  It holds 2 cases of wine, though you can see we have some empty spaces.  It holds a dozen wine glasses.  We're pretty happy with it....and it was on sale!

Are you getting ready for Christmas at your house?  I've barely begun.