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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Knitting and Crocheting Projects on Wednesday

Beach Ball in the works. I added a row of dc to all squares except the bright pinks, as those squares were larger. Then added a row of sc winter white to all squares. Currently my method for crocheting together in one continuous strip (vs crocheting 2 squares together, crocheting a strip, crocheting stripes together) is to tie the corners with left offer strips of yarn. The yarn ties can be removed as I crochet...giving me the ability to have the ghan in my lap or on a table to crochet continuously across the full width and length. Once joined, I'll decide how much and what type of a border is needed for this afghan. This like the previous one (A Day at the Beach), will be donated and be size and color appropriate for a little girl as a full afghan and or a female teen/adult as a lapghan. I'm needing to check my stash to see if I might have some of the shocking pink or aqua/turquoise to use in the border.

This knitted Feather and Fan Scarf is actually for me! Obviously it will be for next year. I'll work on it only here and there, in-between other projects since there's no rush. It's a nice take and go project as it's currently small, and the pattern isn't too terrible to keep track of without complete concentration. It's a cast on of 22 on size 8's. I considered using 9's to make it a bit more lacy, wondering how different it might look if I had. But, I'm not going to frog and start over. Love the yarn, both the color and texture. This is Ultra Alpaca (Berroco) 215 yds 50% Alpaca and 50% Laine Wool. It's quite soft, and light weight. Was having some trouble with the k2tog'ers until someone suggested pulling down a bit on the stitches (as if to purl). That's been a good tip. I don't knit tightly, but apparently from what I read on RAV and a few blogs....the k2tog'ers tent to get tight when you a series of them together. Someone else suggest lace needles with better points would be helpful too..........as the moment, I'd rather not buy more knitting needles.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thinking Sunny on Sunday

A Day at the Beach, finished. Just needs to be laundered and blocked. Currently measures about 45 inches square and should grow a little once it's blocked. I ratted through my stash, was about 99% certain I had some of that variegated yarn, sorta remembered making something with it some time back. Bingo...I had one ball, partial skein and was able to edge it with 2 rows of sc. The aqua in my stash is close in shade, just not exact; though I believe it works given the winter white in between the squares and the aqua stripe. This should make a suitable size and color afghan for a little girl and or a teen/adult female a as lapghan. Homeless Families Foundation will put this in someone's Welcome Home package. If you're new to my blog, you might not know about that. When a homeless family moves from the shelter into permanent housing, they're given a Welcome Home Package. The afghans are to welcome them home, give them hope for the future, and to congratulate them on moving ahead to the next and important phase of their lives.
A bit of a close up so you can see the variegated yarn. I edge each square wsith 2 rows of double crochets, crocheted the squares together in a continuous row, then edge the whole afghan with another row of double crochet, switched then to the aqua for 2 rows of single crochet, followed by 2 more rows of double crochet with the white, and ended with 2 rows of single crochet with the variegated. So, was able to add quite a bit of size to the 7 ish inch squares. When doing the single crochet edge I wasn't sure I had enough to do 2 rows, switched to a smaller hook for the last row, which I believe made all the difference...ended up with less then 2 feet of yarn. Whew, close call.

Still thinking beach, summer, fun, and sun.........this afghan is titled Beach Ball. I've begun edging. The hot pink squares are larger then the others so am adding 1 row of sc in white; adding one row of dc in pink to all other squares followed by a row of sc white. When they're edged, I'll remeasure to determine whether or not to join at that point or add some more for size.

Since last week's YOP post, the only changes are what you see...the completion of another ghan, and the start of another. Both to be donated through Bridge and Beyond's Project, "Welcome Home".

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thumnail Picture Practice

Here's one of the many afghans I've designed that's bagged and tagged and waiting it's turn to be joined. Probably not even the next one I'll be putting together. I asked in the previous post about how to make a thumbnail, have it clickable so that it could be clicked and made larger AND have a link. Sandie offered some opinions about posting picture to other places and picking up code to make it a thumbnail. I tried several options but didn't get anywhere. Googled it and found several options, some were quite complicated. I tried the one I could sorta understand multiple times, wrote down and rechecked the code multiple times; but I couldn't get it to work.

Then found directions which produced this.

Trial #1

Trial #2

Though I was pleased I got the thumbnail thing to work. I thought this was a draft, and didn't know I had clicked published. In fact...I'm almost certain of it. So, when I came to my blog this am, I was surprised to see this. But, thought I'd leave it with information in case others are interested.

Step 1, load your picture as you always would right here on blogger
Step 2, click the edit html code tab and change the size of the picture in the code area (I used 100 x 100), but it was originally coded this way 320px; height: 230px Only change the first part of the code so that it's clickable. If you look further down into the code you see src="http...and lots of of numbers, then/s320/ and whatever you named the picture as followed by id= then the blogger ID number. I assume, leaving the 2nd number it's original size actually leaves the picture in it's large form...otherwise it wouldn't be clickable?

So, then if I wanted a link I believe I could just add a caption under or with it picture that was clickable. My original thought was to have the picture clickable....but haven't gotten that piece of the puzzle yet...might not be worth the extra messing with code? As you can tell, when you click on the first thumbnail, trial #1, it's a link and takes you elsewhere...ok. Think I can accomplish my original goal/object which was to have a page of thumbnails, clickable for size and or links elsewhere. Trial #2 is clickable in that it enlarges, with the caption under it being a link.

So, now I just need to figure how which I prefer. I wanted to learn how to do this for several reason. One was to change pictures on old posts to thumbnails, as I thought that would save space. Figuring I wouldn't hit the max here on blogger as soon. Now though wondering if that actually works? Since the picture is still in it's large format? Which hadn't occured to me when I started this project. Secondly, I wanted a page with all the afghan pictures in one place, with links that would take you to wherever that afghan had been discussed/blogged about. So, it seems one purpose has been accomplished, rather I've learned how to do it. The maxing out on picture space allotment here on blogger, is still unclear. Has anyone hit their max? If so how did you deal with it?

Actually had planned to show you A Day at the Beach finished today; but didn't quite make it. Came close last night, so plan to finish it up today and will share it on Sunday in my Year of Projects Post.

Happy Friday all, dark here, looks like were in for an all day rain.
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach is the name I've chosen for this afghan. A bigger name then usual, particularly for a smaller afghan, lol. I love these colors together, bright and cheery. The gold makes me think hot sun, the shades of aqua make me think water, and the variegated colors make me think beach and bathing suits. There are only 16 squares here, just under 7 inches prior to the edging. Edging added about 2 inches a square. Once joined, my plan is to do a few rows of boarder to increase a bit more. I rarely use white in afghans, for the dirt factor; but this white seemed to work. It's not white white, and it's not ivory/offwhite. It's called Winter White. Some one donated it awhile back. I reviewed by stash and felt I had enough of this...on my second 8 oz skein. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I remember doing a afghan that had this variegated yarn. I'm hoping I have enough left in my stash to do at least a row in the border. Playing through. As always, this afghan will be donated through Bridge and Beyond for Project, "Welcome Home."

Many thanks for the help in the comments of the previous post (year of project post) regarding my substituting yarn. I appreciate the brain power. I've gone back to the drawing board on that project....I really like the yarn I bought, and am going to look a bit more for patterns that use the DK weight, and or review the original pattern to see if it makes more sense the 2nd or 3rd time I read it.

**Question, would like to have a page with thumbnails of all the afghans, either here or on Bridge and Beyond, or both...how does one go about posting thumbnails on the blog that can be clicked to enlarge/and or go to the blog post regarding said item?**

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Blocking Blue Jazz

Blue Jazz in the works here, as some saw it on Wed. The colors are more true in this picture, though I did make a few square changes in the finished project below.
Not sure why this picture isn't as good. I may move it later and re-photograph it; it's in a location I don't typically use for photo's....perhaps it's a lighting thing? But, it's wet and currently being blocked, so don't want to pick it up now and move it. Lots of different sized squares, some rectangles, some knitted, some crocheted. Took lots of edging to bring this one together so it really needed blocked...more so then some of the ghans of late. Used about double the amount of yarn I usually do in the edging, joining, and bordering.

Have picked out a shrug pattern I want to make for myself (not on the YOP list), but it calls for bulky #5 weight yarn. Says it should measure 15 x 54, using a size 10 needle is suggested. While I don't think it's necessary to swatch for something like a shawl...I'm wondering...I want to use DK weight yarn (merino), probably size 7/8 needles...in my mind, I can't determine if my item will be larger or smaller? I've not substituted yarn before knitting. Thoughts? I bought the yarn for a specific pattern, then found a pattern I liked better

The afghan is the only think I've worked on this past week, therefore the only change to the list. YOP list on tab across the top of the blog, with badge and link in right sidebar.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blue Jazz

Jazz - an American art form and an international phenomenon! Jazz is not the result of choosing a tune, but an ideal that is created first in the mind, inspired by ones passion and willed next in playing music. Jazz music is a language, sometimes intimate, often boisterous, but always layered with experience and life profoundly lived. Jazz is not found in websites or books or even written down in sheet music. It is in the act of creating the form itself, that we truly find Jazz.
I thought, that partial definition I found on the web made perfect sense when viewing this afghan design. Rather I should say, that definition seems to be a good description for this afghan design. It's free flowing...it's changed over time, it mixes things up, it was an idea in the mind, and brings together many hands and thus many life experiences. Inspired by ones passions....that surely hits things squarely on the head. Those who knit and crochet squares show their passion for wanting to help, and my passion is orchestrating their wishes into realities. If you've not read about Project, "Welcome Home", please pop over to Bridge and Beyond, my charity blog. This afghan was designed some time ago and has been waiting in que...step #1Step #2, removed a few squares--think I might now have enough red, white and blue in bins to do a Patriotic Ghan so removed that one, plus wanted to diminish the whites some; so removed those and added a few additional squares to enlarge the size with squares that have come in since it's first design. Have begun edging and joining as you see, it's in the works on this Work in Progress Wednesday.

I've also been scouting out shrug patterns....I actually might get around to making myself a shrug.......though am not holding my breath. lol Check back, partially trying to decide how warm I want it...do I want it more summery or using a nice wool for cooler weather?

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Diagonal Buckeye Scarf Done

Diagonal Buckeye Scarf Done! This scarf was started as a Christmas gift, didn't get it finished. Project layed aside, without notations about where I was in the pattern. Argh. Thank you Chris, fellow blogger for coming to my rescue. After the project being dormant and or my work in progress list for far too long.........I used Chris's directions and was able to pick up where I left off. Finished it last night. I did have some issues with adding a couple of extra stitches here and then, then lost a few...though it's not real noticeable...even to me and I know it's there. I like the diagonal slant, I need a new scarf..........maybe I'll keep this one? Would be good to wear to The Ohio State Football Games, maybe.........I'll donate it, maybe...........I'll hold onto it for awhile and decide. Juries out. I have a scarf barely started for myself with luscious mohair...hum....

Anyway, successfully got this project moved from wip list to the FO list. Since last Sunday's post for YOP post this is the only completed project; though 2 more afghans for Bridge and Beyond are in the works. Since the start of our list (see tab on top of the blog for updated and ongoing list), these 2 afghans, Day at the Beach and Blue Jazz make ghans #13 and #14. Stay tuned, perhaps I'll unveil them as there's a bit more to see.

I'm really needed to pull out Candy Corn Ghan as the longest running wip I've ever had....just not motivated.

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Friday, March 09, 2012

He went to Jared's

I really don't watch much TV, but since I named this afghan GemStone, the commercial saying, "He went to Jared's", popped into my brain. Above are some donated squares I put together. Debated about what color to use...was leaning towards the off white/ivory edging and joining, then when checking my stash, noticed I had a blue on hand that seemed to be a shade that blended well with the 3 shades of blue in the ghans squares...so started counting and realized 10 of the 30 squares, 1/3rd of them were in fact blue. Decision made. Next decision, did I have enough of this one particular blue to edge, join, and border? Maybe, but if I didn't edge them, I certainly had enough. It's been years since I've not edge squares to join; but since these were all the same size squares (which often they aren't)...I thought I'd give it a whirl.
Comes together much faster when you're not edging each squares. I tied them all together at the corners with scrap yarn and starting crocheting them together, first horizontally then vertically. Added the border. I had very few tails to work in, as I worked them in as I crocheted it together.
It was a cold ugly day, one to stay indoors. I assembled this ghan in one day. I've never put one together so quickly. So, the question is, what do you think....putting it together without edging? Showing a flip of the backside as well. I probably won't have the opportunity to do this often, as typically the squares I put together come from different people, are different sizes, and different type of squares, but.........sometimes, like this they are the same style and size and are donated by one person; so it's a possibility. The other consideration is, size. There were enough of these squares I was able to put together to make a nice size adult afghan that I didn't feel I needed to edge to enlarge the ghan; often I'm not putting together as many squares, or the squares are smaller and so edging increases the overall size of the afghan.

Love some input on this folks. This is another afghan donated for Project, "Welcome Home", on Bridge and Beyond. Had hoped to show you the diagonal Buckeye Scarf today, but it's not quite finished for Finished Object Friday...close though. I have been about to about double it's size then the previous post. Perhaps I'll be able to show you it on Sunday for Year of Projects.

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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sunday with Sandy

YOP, updated in tab above, only thing remaining untouched on list is Candy Corn Ghan, and learning to make socks. Since last week's update have added 2 finished ghans, Baby Boy Blanket in previous post (FOF).

Kaleidoscope is finished. Was pleased with the end size, given how small the squares were to start with, and my limited amount of black in my stash. I edge the 25 squares with 2 rows of black, joined them using the sc continuously across, then added a row of sc pink, sc black, sc green, sc black, followed by a edge scalloped row in pink. Here it is before being laundered and blocked, measures about 44 inches squares, should grow maybe a couple of inches in the process. This will be a nice blanket for a little girl up to teen in a lapghan.

A close up of the border. Another afghan that will be donated to Project, "Welcome Home", through Bridge and Beyond.

TaDAH! I'm pretty excited about this scarf. Not that it's really even something "special". But, I started it before Christmas...ran out of time, laid it aside. Totally forgot where in the pattern I was and didn't know how to figure it out. Sometime back I posted about this problem. Was debating about frogging it. A fellow knitter, ChrisKnits came to my rescue and left directions about how to figure out where I was. Got brave the other day tried it, and ....it worked. Tank you Chris! I've successfully added 4 sections! Woot woot. Love it when a plan comes together. This has been on my YOP list untouched for way too long, so despite it just being a scarf (small project compared to all the ghans), I'm excited because I'm making headway, solved the problem, and won't be frogging. QUESTION...on the increase decrease row pattern calls for k1, k1 front and back (for the increase). I'm not thrilled with the look and wonder if I do this again (do like the stripes), how different it might be to do a yo for the increase and or cast on another for the increase. Obviously the yo would create the eyelet edge look, but what about the cast on add?

**Plan for the week is to finish scarf, begin working on another ghan, thinking of removing socks from list. Realistically, I feel making the ghans for those in need is a bigger priority then making socks for myself......though I do want to learn. Not very motivated to pull out Candy Corn, since it's not the season; but........it won't be until after we finish our year...**
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Thursday, March 01, 2012

No Pink Please, Baby Boy

I'm pleased to say even I can't see the wee bit of pink in this finished afghan/blanket. I posted the process and it's story previously. If you'd like to read about this soon to be born on the streets baby, please click HERE. It measures just over 41 inches square. Not bad for a start with 16 6 inch squares. This will be hand carried by my friend Rae to this expecting homeless couple.

If you're moved, and would like to help, please pop over to my charity blog, Bridge and Beyond. There are many ways to help. The more help we have, the more people we're able to help.

Short and sweet this week folks, many things in the works though.

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*posted a bit early, that's a change