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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thinking Sunny on Sunday

A Day at the Beach, finished. Just needs to be laundered and blocked. Currently measures about 45 inches square and should grow a little once it's blocked. I ratted through my stash, was about 99% certain I had some of that variegated yarn, sorta remembered making something with it some time back. Bingo...I had one ball, partial skein and was able to edge it with 2 rows of sc. The aqua in my stash is close in shade, just not exact; though I believe it works given the winter white in between the squares and the aqua stripe. This should make a suitable size and color afghan for a little girl and or a teen/adult female a as lapghan. Homeless Families Foundation will put this in someone's Welcome Home package. If you're new to my blog, you might not know about that. When a homeless family moves from the shelter into permanent housing, they're given a Welcome Home Package. The afghans are to welcome them home, give them hope for the future, and to congratulate them on moving ahead to the next and important phase of their lives.
A bit of a close up so you can see the variegated yarn. I edge each square wsith 2 rows of double crochets, crocheted the squares together in a continuous row, then edge the whole afghan with another row of double crochet, switched then to the aqua for 2 rows of single crochet, followed by 2 more rows of double crochet with the white, and ended with 2 rows of single crochet with the variegated. So, was able to add quite a bit of size to the 7 ish inch squares. When doing the single crochet edge I wasn't sure I had enough to do 2 rows, switched to a smaller hook for the last row, which I believe made all the difference...ended up with less then 2 feet of yarn. Whew, close call.

Still thinking beach, summer, fun, and sun.........this afghan is titled Beach Ball. I've begun edging. The hot pink squares are larger then the others so am adding 1 row of sc in white; adding one row of dc in pink to all other squares followed by a row of sc white. When they're edged, I'll remeasure to determine whether or not to join at that point or add some more for size.

Since last week's YOP post, the only changes are what you see...the completion of another ghan, and the start of another. Both to be donated through Bridge and Beyond's Project, "Welcome Home".

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  1. Lovely! You really have a knack for constructing beautiful blankets :)

  2. The aqua border is a nice way to break up the white and I think the variegated edging is very practical as well as attractive. After all the edges see a lot of wear and tear, which is less likely to show in a busier yarn compared to a plain white. And maybe the smaller hook makes that last edge row a bit firmer and sturdier?

    It is SUCH a sunny blanket that I really think it's perfect to welcome someone to their new home and their new future.

    Beach ball is the perfect name for the next one.It has very tropical punch feel to it. Very summery again!

  3. I love the Beach Ball blanket choices. That will make a little girl very happy and feel very much at home.

  4. Thanks all for the visits, and the nice comments. I appreciate the encouragement.

  5. I love the aqua and variegated border you added and although the aqua may not be the same shade you'd never suspect that. It really does remind me of the beach.
    Loving the shades of pink in the Beach Ball ghan, you really do come up with some terrific names for your ghans.

  6. Love both, it's amazing what a difference a border can make bringing everything all together and I really like the edging, what a nice idea.

    The hot pinks in the beach ball ghan are gorgeous, I do love those colours together.

    Thanks for the comments on m baby blanket, I know I love colour and would always go for that, but so man people choose neutral shades when they hav their first....whatever I end up doing, both will get done and used, just not sure when and how!

    Have a lovely week!

  7. *many* people....sorry, silly typing!

  8. Lovely job. Such nice straight sides. The aqua is perfect between the white. I have been in that situation more than once, hoping I had enough to finish - sometimes I'm right, sometimes not so much. LOL What nice luck that you had that variegated! Great job on this one as always.

  9. What a close call. It looks great, so I'm glad using the smaller hook worked out in the end.

  10. Very nice blanket and for a great purpose too.

  11. That variegated yarn was just perfect for finishing that first blanket off--and the beach ball ghan? Superb! Such a wonderful charity you knit for, and I am sure these blankets will be cherished by their owners in their new home.
    *smiles and happy thoughts*

  12. The name is so appropriate! I love those colors!

  13. Hi Sandy, I sent you a Ravelry link with all of the information a few days ago, it might be handy to bookmark it!

    As mentioned in this post: http://www.eskimimimakes.com/2012/03/knitting-and-crochet-blog-week-2012.html the date for the announcement of the topics is set for April 2nd. I usually give the Blog Topics out 2-3 weeks before the event for anyone who wants to prepare.

  14. Didn't see where it listed a date previously, thanks for the feedback Eskimimi

  15. oh wow - lovely cheerful colours! I love the edging and that little narrow stripe on the first one, great idea. You are so generous with your time!


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