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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thumnail Picture Practice

Here's one of the many afghans I've designed that's bagged and tagged and waiting it's turn to be joined. Probably not even the next one I'll be putting together. I asked in the previous post about how to make a thumbnail, have it clickable so that it could be clicked and made larger AND have a link. Sandie offered some opinions about posting picture to other places and picking up code to make it a thumbnail. I tried several options but didn't get anywhere. Googled it and found several options, some were quite complicated. I tried the one I could sorta understand multiple times, wrote down and rechecked the code multiple times; but I couldn't get it to work.

Then found directions which produced this.

Trial #1

Trial #2

Though I was pleased I got the thumbnail thing to work. I thought this was a draft, and didn't know I had clicked published. In fact...I'm almost certain of it. So, when I came to my blog this am, I was surprised to see this. But, thought I'd leave it with information in case others are interested.

Step 1, load your picture as you always would right here on blogger
Step 2, click the edit html code tab and change the size of the picture in the code area (I used 100 x 100), but it was originally coded this way 320px; height: 230px Only change the first part of the code so that it's clickable. If you look further down into the code you see src="http...and lots of of numbers, then/s320/ and whatever you named the picture as followed by id= then the blogger ID number. I assume, leaving the 2nd number it's original size actually leaves the picture in it's large form...otherwise it wouldn't be clickable?

So, then if I wanted a link I believe I could just add a caption under or with it picture that was clickable. My original thought was to have the picture clickable....but haven't gotten that piece of the puzzle yet...might not be worth the extra messing with code? As you can tell, when you click on the first thumbnail, trial #1, it's a link and takes you elsewhere...ok. Think I can accomplish my original goal/object which was to have a page of thumbnails, clickable for size and or links elsewhere. Trial #2 is clickable in that it enlarges, with the caption under it being a link.

So, now I just need to figure how which I prefer. I wanted to learn how to do this for several reason. One was to change pictures on old posts to thumbnails, as I thought that would save space. Figuring I wouldn't hit the max here on blogger as soon. Now though wondering if that actually works? Since the picture is still in it's large format? Which hadn't occured to me when I started this project. Secondly, I wanted a page with all the afghan pictures in one place, with links that would take you to wherever that afghan had been discussed/blogged about. So, it seems one purpose has been accomplished, rather I've learned how to do it. The maxing out on picture space allotment here on blogger, is still unclear. Has anyone hit their max? If so how did you deal with it?

Actually had planned to show you A Day at the Beach finished today; but didn't quite make it. Came close last night, so plan to finish it up today and will share it on Sunday in my Year of Projects Post.

Happy Friday all, dark here, looks like were in for an all day rain.
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  1. Can't help you on the pictures issue, I'm not very technical :p. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Looks like your making a wonderful blanket. I'm also making a patchwork blanket right now, ssssssh, it's still a secret.

  2. Thanks Suzanne, mum's the word.

  3. Hi Sandy! Thanks for you lovely comments on my blog! The afghan is going to be lovely! Blue is my favorite color and I'll be checking back to see how it turns out.

    When I add my photos to blogger, I get options as to the size that appears in the post and the option to add a description under it. Probably because I'm not using the HTML editor. You can switch back and forth as to which editor you are using while writing your post (I've done it) and that might make it easier to work the thumbnails.

    Happy Friday!

  4. I do that too Dawn, but there is no option for thumbnails. It's just small, medium, and large. I've been using the medium option.

  5. Pictures on blogger are so finicky! Thanks for the tip!

  6. Sorry, also have no idea how to do the thumbnail thingy, but thanks for the tip. Would love to see your afghan stitched together looks really interesting :-D


  7. Happy Friday! We started out rainy, but the sun's out now.

  8. Love the colours of your afghan. Thanks for the thumbnail thing as well.

  9. I am amazed at the number of afghans you are accomplishing. This one is lovely as always.


  11. Hey Sandy! U sure R knitting up a storm. I know you enjoy what you are doing and I am happy for you and Ernie. Tks for the comment on my blog. It was very good to hear from you again. Enjoy this wonderful Spring weather and tell Ernie to hit one long and straight for me too!

  12. Thanks all for the visit, hope the thumbnail how to is helpful to some of you. Still not sure about the storage factor; but making headway on my page.

    Thanks too for nice compliments about the afghans.

  13. I am so clueless when it comes to blogger and special things! Glad you figured it out!

    I love all the different squares for your afghan - it looks like it will be warm and so very beautiful.

  14. It's such a pain when code won't work, isn't it?! Great job on getting it sorted though.

    I'm afraid I'm no help on the picture limit either. A while ago I did wonder what I would do when I hit the limit, but didn't really get too far into considering my options. I think you can buy more space, but I decided to look into it when I the situation arises in the hopes that Google will increase the amount of storage you're allowed!


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