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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sunday with Sandy

YOP, updated in tab above, only thing remaining untouched on list is Candy Corn Ghan, and learning to make socks. Since last week's update have added 2 finished ghans, Baby Boy Blanket in previous post (FOF).

Kaleidoscope is finished. Was pleased with the end size, given how small the squares were to start with, and my limited amount of black in my stash. I edge the 25 squares with 2 rows of black, joined them using the sc continuously across, then added a row of sc pink, sc black, sc green, sc black, followed by a edge scalloped row in pink. Here it is before being laundered and blocked, measures about 44 inches squares, should grow maybe a couple of inches in the process. This will be a nice blanket for a little girl up to teen in a lapghan.

A close up of the border. Another afghan that will be donated to Project, "Welcome Home", through Bridge and Beyond.

TaDAH! I'm pretty excited about this scarf. Not that it's really even something "special". But, I started it before Christmas...ran out of time, laid it aside. Totally forgot where in the pattern I was and didn't know how to figure it out. Sometime back I posted about this problem. Was debating about frogging it. A fellow knitter, ChrisKnits came to my rescue and left directions about how to figure out where I was. Got brave the other day tried it, and ....it worked. Tank you Chris! I've successfully added 4 sections! Woot woot. Love it when a plan comes together. This has been on my YOP list untouched for way too long, so despite it just being a scarf (small project compared to all the ghans), I'm excited because I'm making headway, solved the problem, and won't be frogging. QUESTION...on the increase decrease row pattern calls for k1, k1 front and back (for the increase). I'm not thrilled with the look and wonder if I do this again (do like the stripes), how different it might be to do a yo for the increase and or cast on another for the increase. Obviously the yo would create the eyelet edge look, but what about the cast on add?

**Plan for the week is to finish scarf, begin working on another ghan, thinking of removing socks from list. Realistically, I feel making the ghans for those in need is a bigger priority then making socks for myself......though I do want to learn. Not very motivated to pull out Candy Corn, since it's not the season; but........it won't be until after we finish our year...**
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  1. I love your Kaleidoscope its such a beautiful ghan. You do such great work.I really like the stripes on your scarf as to the yo or cast on, I'm not sure, I'm never confident enough to advice on such matters but I am thrilled you found your place on the pattern and are continuing on with it.

  2. Another beautiful blanket! Well done on the scarf, I think some of my greatest achievements have been sorting out whatever was stopping me knitting, it's so easy to give up but so very satisfying to find the answer and carry on.

  3. I really bow down to your blanket making ability. It's really quiet amazing how much you finish in a week.

  4. Kaleidoscope is very nice. I can't imagine there will ever be a day when the need for blankets has evaporated, but I still think you should give socks ago. Good warm wool socks can provide a great deal of warmth and comfort for the homeless and under-housed as well!

  5. Gorgeous ghan, you do an amazing job!

    The scarf is looking great, I so know what you mean about the pickin up a pattern and not being sure where you are. I have done that with the shawl I started a month or so ago.....I'm not too sure where I am, and am not feeling it any more...oh, dear!

    Have a fun week.x

  6. Another beautiful blanket!! You really do great work, Sandy :) You are making lots of people warm and happy. A handknit or crocheted blanket makes you feel loved :)

  7. Looks very nice. you are very talented.

  8. Beautiful blanket, I can't believe how quickly you finish them. And I love the scarf, what's the pattern?

  9. Wow, you're doing so well with your list! The diagonal scarf looks a lot of fun. I love the blanket, it's gorgeous :)

  10. Hi Sandy,

    Email me, I can't find yours. I have a question about something I'm working on, and I want to talk to you about something.


  11. Ooh...that scarf is so neat w/its shape. I can see it wrapped around your neck w/the ends fluttering in the wind.
    You are such a ghan pro!


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