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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blue Jazz

Jazz - an American art form and an international phenomenon! Jazz is not the result of choosing a tune, but an ideal that is created first in the mind, inspired by ones passion and willed next in playing music. Jazz music is a language, sometimes intimate, often boisterous, but always layered with experience and life profoundly lived. Jazz is not found in websites or books or even written down in sheet music. It is in the act of creating the form itself, that we truly find Jazz.
I thought, that partial definition I found on the web made perfect sense when viewing this afghan design. Rather I should say, that definition seems to be a good description for this afghan design. It's free flowing...it's changed over time, it mixes things up, it was an idea in the mind, and brings together many hands and thus many life experiences. Inspired by ones passions....that surely hits things squarely on the head. Those who knit and crochet squares show their passion for wanting to help, and my passion is orchestrating their wishes into realities. If you've not read about Project, "Welcome Home", please pop over to Bridge and Beyond, my charity blog. This afghan was designed some time ago and has been waiting in que...step #1Step #2, removed a few squares--think I might now have enough red, white and blue in bins to do a Patriotic Ghan so removed that one, plus wanted to diminish the whites some; so removed those and added a few additional squares to enlarge the size with squares that have come in since it's first design. Have begun edging and joining as you see, it's in the works on this Work in Progress Wednesday.

I've also been scouting out shrug patterns....I actually might get around to making myself a shrug.......though am not holding my breath. lol Check back, partially trying to decide how warm I want it...do I want it more summery or using a nice wool for cooler weather?

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  1. Your blanket project looks interesting. Wishing you much success with attaching the squares and making the edge.

  2. i love this blanket, really lovely blues !

  3. I LOVE the diagonal striped one! I'd love to know what kind of yarn & pattern you used for that. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Kristine, since the squares are donated, I don't know what yarn the person used. It's not a variegated I've seen before with blue, white, and black. It looks to be the traditional corner to corner dishcloth pattern, except not yarn over...knit front and back of the same stitch for a more solid square.

    Thanks all for your visits and comments, appreciate it.

  5. The afghan looks beautiful and I'm sure who ever receives it will muchly appreciate it.

  6. Good job on the selection of squares to include. I agree with taking out the mostly red. It was too different from the others. The blue was a good choice for joining. I love how you mix it up with joining colors. I need to take a lesson from you and step back from the boring black and white.

  7. Beautiful afghans, and what a lovely idea behind them! Great job in putting all those squares together :)

  8. Perfect name for your latest creation :)

  9. I love what you do! Very rewarding, I'm sure... Love this blanket and the idea of bringing the squares together. Jazz is a great name for this one! Truly inspirational!


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