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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getting Things Done?

knitted scarf
A busy time of the year has once again come upon us. Are you getting things done? I made my usual homemade egg noddles for Thanksgiving with the help of my DD. We spent the better part of Wed, the day before Thanksgiving working on them and made 3 large batches. A little over a batch is needed for the meal, the rest always gets divided between my Dad and 2 SIL's. This year we had a problem. I thought I'd done the noddles in the crock pot before, though DD says no. Anyway....it didn't work. I don't know if the crock pot simply doesn't get hot enough, or I didn't allow the brother to get hot enough before adding the noddles. We had a gooey mess. So, I got the egg noddles done....sorta? My Dad had since enjoyed several meals from the uncooked he went home with. My brother is on a gluten free diet so the one SIL didn't take noddles this year. I still have some here.

I managed to finish the above purple and green wool scarf for DD. Had hoped to have it done by the time she arrived on Tuesday evening; didn't quite make that deadline. Managed to finish it the next day after we'd made the ill fated noddles. I love this yarn, it's Taos, light, soft and very warm. Green and purple are her favorite colors. So, I got it done, just not quite when I had hoped. At any rate, she was able to pack and take back with her...which was the plan even though I thought I'd give it to her at Christmas. Heck, between now and then is a whole month of cold.

Been working on the scarf (from the previous post), which will be for my young niece for Christmas. Finished 3 ghans (for Bridge and Beyond) and all need to be laundered and blocked....maybe I'll get that done tomorrow?

Managed to start another scarf, and do some trim on a couple of pair of mittens for The Bridge as well.

Spent today with Dad in Urbana, my elderly aunt had cataract surgery. That went real well, I'm pleased to say.

So, how bout you...are you getting things done with the end of year fast approaching?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Young, Youthful or not?

lacy scarfWhen I bought this yarn I wasn't sure if it would be a scarf for a gift, or a scarf for me. I liked the colors but, just wasn't sure who it was appropriate for. I started it just before leaving for Mexico, as I thought it would be a good small, light weight item to pack and work on during my travels. I'm using a lacy stitch pattern. Not sure how much you see the lace in this picture as I'm holding it up to get snap the picture with my other hand. Believe it moved a bit. (I think you might see the lace pattern better in the first picture I took when it was started, click on I bought this yarn).

So, my question is...is it youthful looking or not? If it's youthful looking it may end up being part of a Christmas gift for my niece who's 14, I think. I'm terrible at birthdays and remember ages; but believe she just started middle school this year. If it's not youthful, it may go to a charity for battered women that likes lacy and pretty scarves. This scarf though lacy, is also warm as it's 100% wool, made with one of my favorite yarns to work with, Taos. Then again, it might find it's way around my neck because it is a warm scarf. Generally, I make light weight scarves for those battered women; not knowing what climate they're in. Light weight works for all as an indoor scarf for decor and comfort. A wool scarf would only be welcomed by those living in cold climates part of the year, so is less usable.

Open to you thoughts and ideas. What do you, Young Youthful, or Not?

Continuing to work on a scarf for DD, which I should be able to finish by tomorrow when she arrives. Finished the corner to corner ghan for Bridge and Beyond 2 days ago, worked some yesterday on tucking in the ends; just a few left to do today. On last section of the blue and burgundy squares also for Bridge and Beyond; should finish it today. Hoping to get both those ghans in wash so I can block them. Have some fun colorful yarn sitting here starting at me, calling my name. I might have to give in and start something with it.

If you're traveling for Thanksgiving, travel safe and enjoy.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Art, wearable Art

custome jacketThis is the jacket I bought at this years art festival. I really liked it when I got it in the summer; but now that's it's cool and jacket season....I don't know. Put it on to go to dinner the other night and it just didn't seem right. I loved the big buttons and the way the collar folds down like a big cowl; but the rounded scooped cut of the jacket made me feel like it should be on someone smaller, or at the very least someone without a stomach. Love the fun colors, the circles and squares; but....wondering if this would fit my niece. Looks good I think with snazzy jeans with the blues.

Purchased it from the same lady I had purchased from before and her sewing is so nice, am disappointed that it just doesn't seem right to me now.

Chipping away at a scarf for DD, a scarf for my niece, two ghans for Faith Mission through Bridge and Beyond. Looking forward to DD arriving for Thanksgiving. Hubby and I tried to purchased a new washer and dryer today; but looks like it will be on sale on Black Friday. Groan....I usually avoid all shopping on that day; but...it's a good price break. So, think that's our current plan.

Hope you all have a good week end.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Busting Blue Stash

blue stashBusting my blue stash now. This is the 3rd color. Process continues the same. Dump bag, sort, separate, roll, and yank out small balls to add to the corner to corner ghan. It's been fun organizing my yarn, reminding me what I actually have, and fun to see how the ghan is taking shape, in hues of the same color done in batches.
ghanWill work until the blue's gone, or until I feel like busting another color. This ghan will be for Bridge and Beyond.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Starts for the trip

I generally like to start a few small projects in preparation for packing for a trip. I like to start it before leaving home to see if I'm going to like my idea rather than do that actually on the trip.

Taos yarnHere's my little start. A lacy scarf with 100% wool from one of my favorites Taos. This is I think a discontinued colorway. Why, I don't know because I really like it. Got it in the sale bin at my LYS (local yarn shop). Still not cheap, but more reasonably priced then it typical is. Taos is never cheap yarn to my way of thinking.
lace scarfHolding it up here so you can see the lace pattern a bit. It's the old fashioned faggot stitch. Colorway is Tucson. When I originally purchase the yarn I thought I'd probably make myself a new scarf with it; but am now thinking maybe it will be a Christmas gift for youngest niece? Not sure yet. When I get further along I'll decide if it's youthful looking. This was one of the projects I started and put in my carry on bag for the trip to Mexico.

My plan for this past week to work on 10 rows for the corner to corner ghan for the homeless for The Bridge, and 10 rows for the scarf I'm working on my DD for Christmas fell a bit short. I did manage my 10 rows a day for the corner to corner ghan; but only managed 18 of 60 rows for the scarf assuming 10 x 6 through yesterday. I also planned to visit 5 people daily from my blog log and didn't manage that successfully daily--though yesterday hit a good number and just finished the remainder today. Seems lots of folks on my blog log aren't blogging as much as they used too, and for some reason Knitting by the Ocean--Joansie, is now a closed blog? Am receiving a message saying it seems you've not been invited to read this blog. What's up with that, anyone know? Joansie and I've been visiting and commenting on each other's blog a long time, so am puzzled and wonder if we've got a blogspot snafu of some sort.

Hope you all have a good rest of the weekend. I'm hoping to get 10 more rows on corner to corner, and see about catching up and or finishing DD scarf.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Everyone Loves Purple and Green

knitted purple and green scarfStarted this scarf for my DD on the plane to Mexico last week. It's purple and green of course. Her colors, but apparently not just her's. Several folks on the plane and in the lines mentioned how popular green and purple are right now. One young gal they're really "IN". lol I'd be using them even if they weren't. Knitting this from 100% wool, Crystal Palace which is one of my favorite yarns for scarves. Light weight, pretty, soft, but still warm. No fancy stitching to detract from the pretty yarn are necessary. Using a real favorite, The Condo Stitch with size 15 and 8 knitting needles. One of the nice things about using your interchangeable knitting needles is the ability to use 2 different sizes at the same time.

The plan of 10 rows mentioned in my previous post isn't going quite as well as I had hoped. Currently doing 10 rows a day on this scarf I should be at 40 by the end of today, and am only on 19. AND following the same plan for the corner to corner ghan I'm knitting for Bridge and Beyond, I should also be at 40 by days end and am at 25. The day's not over yet, so there's hope but as I finish this post, I'm heading to work soooooooooooooo.....beyond doing a little during my dinner break, I don't know if I'll make it or not.

My other plan of visiting 5 blog mates a day has fallen way short. Too short to report, but I will keep trying.

Hope you're all having a wonderful day. Pretty fall day here, hope it is for you as well.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sandy's Sunday Thoughts

There really is never enough hours in the day.

People really can really surprise you with their big hearts.

Immigration and airport security are stressful, long, involved and I wonder....do they really serve a purpose?

Yes, I really do need more time in each and everyday. I am soooooooo behind at blogging on this blog and in visiting all my blog friends. I plan to visit at least 5 of you everyday this week in an effort to catch up. And I need to get a couple of posts written, scheduled and get back in the swing of things...show you what I've been working on, what I've been doing, and find out the same from you.

Been gone for a week, and was thrilled thrilled thrilled to see so many wonderful donations for Bridge and Beyond.

Get in this line, show this paper, move over here. Put your papers away, take your papers back out. Leave your shoes on. Get them tied again, now take your shoes off. Good Grief. How much do you have to declare, what did you buy? Why don't they ask for receipts if they really care? Where did you go, how long did you stay, what happens if you don't tell the truth? How would they know? I'm not sure they would. But...I sure spent lots of time in line..........Geessssssssss Lots of details, pictures, and information to follow on my travel blog, Traveling Suitcase

Daily plan for the week:
Knit 10 rows on scarf I started for DD for Christmas (picture tomorrow)
Knit 10 rows on corner to corner (ghan for homeless, keep checking Bridge and Beyond for progress, in a blue phase now
Crochet 10 rows or stitch together sections for blue burgundy ghan for homeless, keep checking Bridge and Beyond for progress

Goals for the week:
Streamline new tab areas on Bridge and Beyond to include slipper patterns, consolidate mitten patterns
Make exciting announcement about who won the mitten challenge on The Bridge (and tally final total of mittens received for challenge made my member Beth
Make exciting announcement regarding magazine article.............drum roll please.