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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sandy's Sunday Thoughts

There really is never enough hours in the day.

People really can really surprise you with their big hearts.

Immigration and airport security are stressful, long, involved and I wonder....do they really serve a purpose?

Yes, I really do need more time in each and everyday. I am soooooooo behind at blogging on this blog and in visiting all my blog friends. I plan to visit at least 5 of you everyday this week in an effort to catch up. And I need to get a couple of posts written, scheduled and get back in the swing of things...show you what I've been working on, what I've been doing, and find out the same from you.

Been gone for a week, and was thrilled thrilled thrilled to see so many wonderful donations for Bridge and Beyond.

Get in this line, show this paper, move over here. Put your papers away, take your papers back out. Leave your shoes on. Get them tied again, now take your shoes off. Good Grief. How much do you have to declare, what did you buy? Why don't they ask for receipts if they really care? Where did you go, how long did you stay, what happens if you don't tell the truth? How would they know? I'm not sure they would. But...I sure spent lots of time in line..........Geessssssssss Lots of details, pictures, and information to follow on my travel blog, Traveling Suitcase

Daily plan for the week:
Knit 10 rows on scarf I started for DD for Christmas (picture tomorrow)
Knit 10 rows on corner to corner (ghan for homeless, keep checking Bridge and Beyond for progress, in a blue phase now
Crochet 10 rows or stitch together sections for blue burgundy ghan for homeless, keep checking Bridge and Beyond for progress

Goals for the week:
Streamline new tab areas on Bridge and Beyond to include slipper patterns, consolidate mitten patterns
Make exciting announcement about who won the mitten challenge on The Bridge (and tally final total of mittens received for challenge made my member Beth
Make exciting announcement regarding magazine article.............drum roll please.


  1. Always such a busy time of the year. Glad to see you are getting things into perspective.

  2. That's the story of my life...never enough time and I haven't been traveling :) I'm always playing catch up with my blogging!! One step at a time...

  3. hiya stranger...you've been a very busy lady...thanks for stopping by
    my little place. hope all is well and you are soon up to speed.


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