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Monday, November 22, 2010

Young, Youthful or not?

lacy scarfWhen I bought this yarn I wasn't sure if it would be a scarf for a gift, or a scarf for me. I liked the colors but, just wasn't sure who it was appropriate for. I started it just before leaving for Mexico, as I thought it would be a good small, light weight item to pack and work on during my travels. I'm using a lacy stitch pattern. Not sure how much you see the lace in this picture as I'm holding it up to get snap the picture with my other hand. Believe it moved a bit. (I think you might see the lace pattern better in the first picture I took when it was started, click on I bought this yarn).

So, my question is...is it youthful looking or not? If it's youthful looking it may end up being part of a Christmas gift for my niece who's 14, I think. I'm terrible at birthdays and remember ages; but believe she just started middle school this year. If it's not youthful, it may go to a charity for battered women that likes lacy and pretty scarves. This scarf though lacy, is also warm as it's 100% wool, made with one of my favorite yarns to work with, Taos. Then again, it might find it's way around my neck because it is a warm scarf. Generally, I make light weight scarves for those battered women; not knowing what climate they're in. Light weight works for all as an indoor scarf for decor and comfort. A wool scarf would only be welcomed by those living in cold climates part of the year, so is less usable.

Open to you thoughts and ideas. What do you, Young Youthful, or Not?

Continuing to work on a scarf for DD, which I should be able to finish by tomorrow when she arrives. Finished the corner to corner ghan for Bridge and Beyond 2 days ago, worked some yesterday on tucking in the ends; just a few left to do today. On last section of the blue and burgundy squares also for Bridge and Beyond; should finish it today. Hoping to get both those ghans in wash so I can block them. Have some fun colorful yarn sitting here starting at me, calling my name. I might have to give in and start something with it.

If you're traveling for Thanksgiving, travel safe and enjoy.


  1. When in doubt, I always try to finish the project that is nearest to completion and will give me a sense of accomplishment. However, I say whatever makes the happiest...go for it!

  2. IO know what you mean Joansie about finishing the item closest to done, gives one a sense of accomplishment to get something done.

  3. I think the rainbow yarn and the pattern makes for a very youthful scarf. I bet your niece would love it :)

    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving :)

  4. Jean Scarlett9:08 AM

    Sandy,I think this would make a lovely scarf for a young girl. My 14 yr. old daughter saw the pic and thought it was awesome.

  5. Thanks Hakucho and Jean, appreciate your feedback. Been working on it off and on and like how it's coming along.

  6. Anonymous4:05 AM

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