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Saturday, December 25, 2021



Not sure why the tree looks different on the bottom then the top.  I tried taking the picture from several different angles, but it didn't seem to help.

Crocheted snowflakes on the french doors from the dining room leading out onto the deck (I didn't crochet them)
Dining room table

The fireplace, candles, wreath and nativity (hand painted by my Mother in Law, many years ago.  She did a fantastic job.
Close up of the nativity

A Merry Christmas to you all, Happy Hanukkah and whatever special holiday you celebrate.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Yarn, So Many Possibilities, Reading


I've begun a project with all my fun colors.  Though these mocked mitered squares will make an afghan at some point.  I'm trying to decide how to arrange them.  Here's one possibility.  with the same color on the coutside 
Or the common color in the inside

Or stripes vertical or horizontal, sorry must have moved as this first picture is blurry.  Common color right left right etc.

Or the common color going the same direction?

Not sure what I think, but am interested in your thoughts and preferences.  One idea is to do one of grouping of 4 and then have 2 large triangles on either side (doubling the size).

Might not be able to decide until more squares are completed.  Then there's the pinwheel design idea.

A fascinating book!
Another WWII book, but focused on a woman!  Ladies do yourselves a favor and read this book.  This is a true story.  Women can be awesome when given a chance.  I won't do a review, don't want to give anything away.

Cutting these post a bit short, as I know everyone is rushing with last minute things to get done for the holiday season

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Knitting, Reading and Decorating


Plymouth Encore, 200 yard skeins WW yarn.  Washable 75% Acrylic and 25% Wool.  This is my go to WW yarn.  LOVE the colors.  28 skeins here. 5,600 yards of yummy.  These colors were calling out to me, even though I have an afghan in the works that's close to being done.......AND a 2nd WIP, The Buckeye scarf (scroll back one post).  Have made progress with the scarf, it's bigger than it was in the  previous post; but I haven't taken another photo.  Maybe next time.  AND...do swing back to see what I'm doing with this 5,600 yards....or at least the first project using some of this.

The first book in 3 book series by Ken Follett.  If you like anything about history, the coming of age; you MUST read and or listen to this series.  I really enjoy listening to books and get them free from the library and use the Libby App.  The app is easy to search, to borrow, or be put on a waiting list.  Book 1, follows the lives of families in Germany, England, Russia, and a small Welsh coal mining town.  I highly recommend this book and the entire series.

Book 2 in the series, follows the lives of families in England, The United States of American, Russia and Germany.  And how what happened in their lives was dictated by events in and around World War II

Book 3, the final book of the series involves the same families (the 3rd generation) and the same countries: England, The United States of America, Russia and Germany during the cold war and lots of historical events including The Cuban Missile Crisis, The British Invasion, The Kennedy Administration, Watergate, and The Civil Rights Movement.  If you're my age, you lived through this period.  If you read or listen to these books, let me know your thoughts.

Decorating has begun at my house.  How about yours?  Do you decorate the same each year?  Do you buy a real tree or have an artificial tree at your house?

Hope everyone is getting their Boosters and getting the young ones vaccinated.  As the numbers of cases, and hospitalizations has risen in many states.  Sadly, my state is one of those.  And just a few days ago, the states first cases of Omicron have appeared here.  Oh how I wish I could wave a magic wand and get rid of this virus in all of our lives.