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Sunday, October 27, 2013

It's for Me and Mine

 Please disregard the scary face, it's not meant to look like Halloween; but the previous face had faded so I attempted to draw one...egads, truly no talent there.  This is the completed hood/cowl I've been working on.  First I'm pleased to say it fits, which is always a chore for something small enough to fit my child sized head...but I think it needs one more section to be long enough to work well as a hood.
 Alternating sections of garter and purl gives you these rolls.
 Wearing it as a cowl would certainly keep your neck nice and warm.
 Here you can see the side view, the sections, and how stretchy it is; but you can also see how a bit more length on the back to keep the neck warm would be an improvement.

So, this is my first selfish knitting for YOP and it will be warm and stay on, so all in all a successful project.  I would add one more section next time I make one though.  And for folks with regular adult sized heads I would suggest using larger needles or adding to the cast on. I think the sizing on her pattern is a bit lacking.

Sorta selfish knitting project here is a green kimono style sweater.  I say sorta selfish because it's not for my charity as 99.9% of the items I knit and or crochet are.  It's for my DD...so while it's not for me, it's for my family.  Actually........terribly late.  Started this last near years as a belated Christmas present......and as I do far too often put it aside while doing my charity stitching.  I am really going to try and get this finished.  I'm about 5 inches from finishing the back which is largest piece.  I purposely started with the largest piece thinking I'd feel I really had made headway that way.

It's Sunday, what's everyone working on with regard to your YOP list?

I must shift gears and get busy assembling some afghans again too.  I've just not been as productive with yarn in recent months, having gotten involved in research for multiple family trees for folks.

Monday, October 21, 2013

They called it Mellow Yellow, Memory Monday

I remember when I crocheted this sweater for Mom, one of the first I'd ever made.  I remember how jazzed I was at being able to match up the striped and how excited I was when I came up with the idea of stripping it to solve the.........I don't have enough of the mellow yellow yarn.  Yellow was Mom favorite color, she always said yellow was a happy color.  This was a Christmas present long ago, see those really big glasses........remember when those were in style?  Made everyone look like an ant with great big eyes.  lol

I wonder what happened to that sweater?  Mom's gone and so is the sweater.  I've lots or loaned the pattern and have looked many times to find and purchase it again.  The sweater is a raglan sleeve sweater and so well written, would love to make another sweater or two using the pattern.  Though it was crocheted it had the look of a knitted sweater, I thought.  I remember the picture on the cover/leaflet that the pattern was in was a woman wearing this sweater in a pretty soft almost minty color.  It's basic dc and the yarn used was sport weight yarn............long before we had all the wonderful choices of fibers we have today.  Does anyone have one of these vintage patterns?  Pretty sure it was a Leisure Arts Pattern.

Miss Mom and miss the pattern.

(wish this was a better picture)

What's your Memory Monday?  Post a picture and tell us about it, add the blog badge with a link back here.  Be sure and add your name and blog post url to the linky and let's have fun and get out there and visit.  Let's see if we can get others to look back...doesn't have to be eons, at fun memories.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Christmas Eve Memories

This isn't the best of pictures, it's small and granny.  Most pictures we took with those little Instmatics with a cube for a flash were.  This was Mom long ago in front of the fireplace on Christmas Eve.  My family always did the family exchange on Christmas Eve while Christmas morning was saved for the presents from Santa who came during the night.

I don't know what year this was, she looks so young.  The afghan she's unwrapping was one I made for her that I had sorta forgotten about until seeing this picture.  It was really heavy I remember as it was made with rug yarn.  It was really colorful though all you see here are shades of brown.  It had blue, red, green and gold I think from memory.  The afghan was made with octagon's and sewn together.  No idea what happened to it this many years later, it could still be there at home somewhere I guess.  She used it for awhile on the sofa which was brown then later as a rug to coordinate with her oval braided rugs.  Remember those?

I love looking at old pictures and remembering the details, particularly nice when Mom isn't with us anymore.

Got memory?  Please share.  Post your picture and story, add this badge to your post
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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood, you sure are looking good...You're everything that a big bad wolfe would want..........growl.

Go ahead, sing along with me...you know you want to.  It was a fun song even back in the day.  Sorry to say this picture is a bit blurry and that makes the detail in the cowl/hood a bit hard to see.  Someone knitted and donated a half dozen of these for Bridge and Beyond and was good enough to send along the pattern with a picture showing how you can wear it.

This can be a cowl, or it can be a hood.  I have the worlds smallest adult head and have a hard time getting a hat to fit so thought this must might be the ticket.  Started it on a recent plane ride (to Aruba), but couldn't work on it long as the person beside me needed alot more then his share of the seat, arm rests etc.  You basically knit in the round alternate every 7 rows between knit and purl.  It's quite stretchy.  I'm knitting this with Lion Brand Wool Ease, double as the pattern called for a chunky yarn I didn't have, in fact had never heard of.

The pattern is Grace Jones Cowl

This isn't something I had on my list exactly, but it is something for me!  Aren't you all shocked....this is some selfish knitting.  Looking forward to catching up with you all on YOP, it's been awhile since I've participated.

Happy Knitting and Crocheting on this Fall Sunday.

  • Had issues with my old blog and had to change templates.  Not thrilled with this one, as my other one was a 4 column style; but trying to make it work
  • Anyone know how to make the facebook, twitter etc logo's in the upper right go to my pages vs where they go now?
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