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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood, you sure are looking good...You're everything that a big bad wolfe would want..........growl.

Go ahead, sing along with me...you know you want to.  It was a fun song even back in the day.  Sorry to say this picture is a bit blurry and that makes the detail in the cowl/hood a bit hard to see.  Someone knitted and donated a half dozen of these for Bridge and Beyond and was good enough to send along the pattern with a picture showing how you can wear it.

This can be a cowl, or it can be a hood.  I have the worlds smallest adult head and have a hard time getting a hat to fit so thought this must might be the ticket.  Started it on a recent plane ride (to Aruba), but couldn't work on it long as the person beside me needed alot more then his share of the seat, arm rests etc.  You basically knit in the round alternate every 7 rows between knit and purl.  It's quite stretchy.  I'm knitting this with Lion Brand Wool Ease, double as the pattern called for a chunky yarn I didn't have, in fact had never heard of.

The pattern is Grace Jones Cowl

This isn't something I had on my list exactly, but it is something for me!  Aren't you all shocked....this is some selfish knitting.  Looking forward to catching up with you all on YOP, it's been awhile since I've participated.

Happy Knitting and Crocheting on this Fall Sunday.

  • Had issues with my old blog and had to change templates.  Not thrilled with this one, as my other one was a 4 column style; but trying to make it work
  • Anyone know how to make the facebook, twitter etc logo's in the upper right go to my pages vs where they go now?
  • Gonna try again to get Memory Monday going folks, giving it another month; so please swing back in tomorrow.  EVERYONE has memories, please stop back, link up, and share.  Let's get some linky love going as we take the Monday from ewwww to WOW
deebriese shared an Instagram photo with you....not sure if you know but trying to visit your blog gives me an error message saying I've not been invited to read your blog.  I know some people do have closed blogs, but yours hasn't been, so assume something wonky happened with your settings.  Hoping you see this and are able to make adjustments.  If you do, please leave a message/comment so I can re-connect to you.


  1. Very nice looking cowl-hood so far. I am sorry you have had blog issues... I did a while ago too...

  2. Thanks Christine for the visit and comment, appreciate both.

  3. I love anything red especially hand knit. Blogging glitches are not fun, hope you get yours sorted..I have had something not work since I returned to my blog on Friday, photos, dialogue grrrr..

  4. So glad to see you back, I'd been missing coming by. Not that I've been oh so good in blog land I can't even remember my own schedule I put in place ! I'm even more glad to see some selfish knitting going on with you ! Love the hood/cowl and in red my favourite colour ! Sorry about the blog issues.

  5. I was just going to say I thought you new "notebook" format was very clever and I like it! But having just gotten a new pc with new software and new OS I can commiserate! I'm not posting because I can't get my camera to upload the pics! LOL!
    The cowl looks pretty even if blurred.
    Aruba was where I always wanted to go on my honeymoon....I've been married twice now and have yet to have a honeymoon much less gotten to Aruba! LOL! Good for you! And yes, I liked that song too and still do! I was singing it right along with your words! Ha! Ha!
    Have a great week!

  6. I've missed you - nice to meet with you again :) And I was a little shocked to see some selfish knitting, and dare I say, very pleased to see it as well!

  7. Love the red cowl...I bought some read yarn, as I'm hitching for a red cape...


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