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Monday, September 23, 2013

On My Honor, Memory Monday

On my honor, I will try:
To serve God and my country,
To help people at all times,
And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

Who remembers being a Brownie?  Those brown uniforms were so ugly.  Looking it up on the net this am, I found out the name of the group was originally RoseBuds....I think I like that better and we could have had pretty colorful uniforms.  I was a Brownie for a short period of time, in Marion Ohio.  Never rejoined once we moved from there.  For some reason we were told by the principal of the school a group didn't exist.  It wasn't until years later I found out not only was there a group, but the scout leader was the Mother of friend of mine I knew through grade school, junior high, and high school.  I might add the principal was very anti-women.  Pop in next week for a follow up story on him and his anti-women.  Surely seems wrong for a man that only wanted to promote guys to be in education.  

I remember thinking it was fun, being in The Brownies, and remember earning a few badges, but don't really remember doing much of anything but getting together and having snacks at someone's else.  Maybe our group just wasn't very active.  I think some really got involved in community.  Where you a Brownie?  Did you like it?  Did you fly up to be a Girl Scout?  Or were you a member of The Camp Fire Girls?

It's time once again for Memory Monday....I keep trying to get others to play, I know there's not a person who doesn't have memories....come on folks get in the game.

Grab the badge and post it with a link on your blog
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Visit and have fun
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  1. Testing to see if the reply options works with this template.

  2. Apparently not, another issue to work on.

  3. Imbedding the comment is suppose to make the reply option work, but I'm not seeing it.

  4. Hey Sandy! I like the new layout. Good luck with it! I wasn't a brownie. I wanted to be ... something about the mothers in charge. I was never told the whole story ...

  5. I was a Brownie but I gave it up in Grade 3 giving the excuse that I didn't much appreciate the wooden toadstool nor being a Fairy...my Mom added more figure skating and piano lessons to my agenda an let me quit. I like this new format.

  6. Really a great thanks to give us a important suggestion. Thnaks for the reply.



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