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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Messy Yarn Organization, and Packing?

yarn mess
I always go through this when I'm trying to decide what yarn to take. You want things that don't take up much room when you fly so no bulky yarns. Sometimes I think it's wiser to have nothing but 1 or 2 skeins of real basic yarn and do scarfs or squares; but then you've got more bulk on the return. Sometimes I think baby items are good, lighter weight yarn; but that also means I need to pay attention to patterns. On the plane sometimes counting stitches and rows can be an issue.

Sooooooo, this mess on the floor is my attempt to organize and decide what to take, what to work on; what's the right size and amount of yarn. What size needles, should I only take crocheting or both knitting and crocheting etc.

I have a basket right by the chair, which tends to be where I put things I'm working on, left over yarn from items I've recently finished etc. And after a period of time, it's a mess and I no longer remember what's in there. So, I dump it and re-organize. Take some I'm not really using to the basement shelves, bring other stuff up etc. It's always such a process. Seems I always do this before I pack.

Sooo, right now I've put a bag of purple, white, and lavendar light weight yarn in a zip lock bag with a crochet baby sweater pattern and the right size crochet hook. This is obviously a girl combination of colors. So, to of set that, I also found a camo type dark yarn mix where I can use the same pattern for a little boy. That's probably going in my carry on bag. Then something to knit in my suitcase. That way I have variety. Or I'll flip it around. But, at least I've picked out the yarn for part of it.

Silly Squirrels, Must be NUTS

red tulipSeveral weeks ago we spotted this one, lone red tulip in the yard. Not in the flower bed you can see just to edge of the picture. This flower bed is NOT where I've planted tulips at all as a matter of fact. What is a fact is that all the red tulips are on the side of the house, this picture is in the back yard. Now birds can sometimes drop seeds and things can sprout in odd places; but tulips don't have seeds. In fact their bulbs are pretty good size, AND their planted on the surface but about 6 inches below the soil. So.........me thinks some silly squirrel is nuts. Rather he or she was planting nuts, dug up my bulb thinking it was a nut and never remember to come back to it for dinner along the way. Or perhaps he or she did come back for a snack and realized....hum, that's not a nut!
red tulipHere's a close up my lone tulip. Intended to dig it up to transplant it back where it belongs after it bloomed; but it's been raining alot and so, I've not gotten that done.

We enjoyed it's beauty just the same.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Miracle of Birth, and Laying an Egg

Mallard Duck nestingThe other day I traveled to Urbana to help Daddy take his 90 year old Sister to the doctors. This Duck has made herself a comfy nest right beside the door to the doctor's office. I mean right beside it. See the drain, the door is to the left about 8 inches. There were tons of people in and out in and out. We were there about an hour and half and the poor Duck surely had lots of interruptions. Someone else there waiting got her the bowl of water and some stale bread. What a busy place to make a nest to lay eggs.
Momma MallardApparently, she had already layed the eggs. See the white there in the very front? One of the nurses came out to check on her and said there was a pond back behind the office; but there were often cats there. She figured the Duck felt safer close to the building with all the people.
Duck on EggsShe didn't squawk as we all watched her. I'm not as close as this looks (wanted to give her some space); used my Zoom and then cropped the photo here which makes it appear I'm closer.

Birth is such a miracle. Wonder if the doctors office staff has little ducklings there yet to watch over?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

WOW MOM, The Wisteria

Purple WisteriaWisteria

Took these photo's about a week ago at my folks house. Mom LOVED these Wisteria plants. Year after year it was a source of concern and pride for both my folks. Mom would worry so about them being ruined. Our weather here in central Ohio is soooooooooo unpredicatable. The Wisteria would show blooms in early spring then we'd get a frost and they'd be gone and she'd be extremely upset. She spotted these plants I think on a trip to Williamsburg many years ago and then they decided to plant some.

There have been years when through their worry, Dad would hook up umbrella's around them to protect them from the frost. I even remember one year she talked so much about how many blossoms they had and how anxious she was for them to bloom; he hooked up a light bulb to provide heat for these treasured plants of hers.

And this year, I feel Mom's presence there. The Wisteria have never been prettier, or more full of blooms. They smell heavenly and are loaded with lots of honey bees pollinating. Pollinate away bees, Mom would certainly approve. On the anniversary of her death, I enjoyed some quiet time with Daddy, a glass of wine and Mom's beautiful Wisteria.

**I'm out of order alphabetically here with my W memory of Mom, but it seemed appropriate.
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Clicking glasses together, TOAST!

wine lunchOne for me and one for you! See, I really am handing it across the table to her. Take a look and you'll see, one for me and one for Jan, my SIL.
Jan and wineWe had lunch outdoors, little cool; but we were determined to catch a ray of sun if it showed itself we didn't want to miss the opportunity. This was a couple of weeks ago after we'd gone for a massage. You can tell it's still plenty cool; she's wearing a jacket, and I've got on a vest.

Lunch is always an adventure for us. We don't get to do this often; and it seems funny things always happen when we do; so it truly is an adventure.

I usually have my camera in my purse, and it's a good thing..........cause look what we saw. Grabbed my camera quickly....and HERE YOU GO. (psssssssss click on here you go).

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


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Monday, April 19, 2010

Noodles over Niagara

Niagara Falls Family PhotoLong long ago, in a planet far far away. Chuckie, Mikie, Mommie, and Sandy. Without the color you may not see what we're all sitting in front of; it's the flowered clock at Niagara Falls. See me wearing pedal pushers....that's right Capri's are not a new style; merely an old one given a new name. Niagara Falls was the first vacation I think we took as a family. We were there I think about 4 days or less. I remember Mom with a fold up iron ironing our clothes on the end of the bed in the hotel room. I remember her talking about how much prettier The Canadian side of the falls was. I remember having fun. Not sure how old we are in this photo.

Noodles. I remember making homemade noodles for the first time with Mom. I remember watching her make noodles before I was old enough to help her. She rolled them out with a roller, stretching and stretching the dough. Then she rolled it up like you would a pinwheel, and cut them. Then to uncurl them she'd lift them off the table over and over until she got the whole pile down, spreading them out so they would dry a bit there on the kitchen table. She made beef and noodles over mashed potatoes. Yum.

I make homemade noodles too, though I use a pasta roller. Though a different method, I always think of you Mom. Thanks for the memories!

I've kept the memory alive by teaching my daughter to make pasta, and a few years ago enlisted the help of my nephews's daughter, my grand niece. And so it continues. Mom's legacy.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Printer Scanner, YIPPEE

unpacking new printerI did it! My first install, almost by myself. Well, couldn't lift it out of the box, so hubby did that for me. Then I did ask a question about a specific plug. But, after that, I got it installed. Talking to myself the whole time. lol

new printer installedI think it's more then I need really; but choices are bottom line printers that only print or the combinations...all in ones. My HP all in one that preceded this I loved. Easy to use, smaller than this, printed, copied, scanned. But, then it quit printing and I couldn't get it fixed. So, got a new one, this one has what appears to be high level fax. Which is nice, but I don't have a land line so that's pointless. It's the HP officejet 6500. From the info, the printing is suppose to be more cost effect then the model below and above this. This has the energy star, so it's suppose to be more energy efficient, more green. Cartridges are cheaper also then the other 2 models I looked at. So, it made no sense to buy one that cost $20.00 less but spend more everytime on ink cartridges. So far, it's working quite well.

Hubby can print from his office also which has been handy for him several times of late.

Ok.......solved one problem, the printing, still not happy with my photo software issue though. The one that came with the computer is very minimal, the one that came with my previous all in one was Fabulous. HP doesn't support it anymore. The software they say replaces it, I downloaded....no where near as nice. I still can't edit photo's via pixel size the way I need to for several webpages which annoys me. It also makes the pictures here larger, and therefore takes my space allotment quicker. Not yet a problem, blog wise, as i still have space; but it will be eventually.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring has Sprung, FINALLY!!

Nothing prettier than a tree blossoming in early Spring. I love all the pinks, whites, and purples. Better yet, I love the smell in the early evening. Truly heavenly. Spring has finally come to central and southern Ohio. Spotted this breathtaking tree on a recent jaunt to Chillicothe and had to get a quick photo. Hubby was stopped at a stop sign and I quick took this out the car window. Hope you're all having a pretty spring. We still have cold temps, particularly at night and frost; but oh the colors and smells. Take it all in folks, it won't last.

Have finished 2 scarves for The Bridge, and am working on a blanket for The Midwest OddBalls Groups. The name of the blanket is Besty Ross. Cute name, and I bet you can guess what the colors are. I'm the 2nd person on this blanket and will get a photo when my piece is done.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One Year Ago Today, Memories of Mom

cross stitch samplerThis sampler is one I made many many years ago, and this picture isn't the best; but it's saying seems so very appropriate. Children are the precious rewards of a loving life.

I made this sampler long ago for my SIL for a Christmas Gift. The 3 names listed are my nephews, but it could say Chuck, Sandy, and Mike. Plug in the names of my 2 brothers and my own name and this is a loving memory of My Mother, who left us one year ago today. She had a loving life, she gave love to us all, she gave us precious memories and we miss her dearly. Though she is no longer with us in the flesh she is with us each and everyday in everything we do. We carry her in our hearts.

Off and on throughout this past year I shared memories with you in alphabetical order. This is memory M

Making Do and Mohican. Making do, Mom was the best ever at that. Through her abilities to make do-- our lives were far richer than they might have been otherwise. She taught us through her actions that you can make do and get by....an important life lesson. One that I think isn't taught nowdays as much as it should be. Making do, stretching the household budget with how you prepare food to not have waste, to utilizing hand me downs, to remaking clothing or repairing clothing. To taking fun filled inexpensive vacations with the focus always being on being together and loving each other.

Mohican, well there's a State Park here in Ohio called Mohican State Park. It's primarily known for canoeing, though fishing, hiking, and camping also exist. I still smile when I think of a canoeing venture there. Mom and Dad in one canoe, hubby and I in another. They got pretty wet, and almost tip at one point. Lots of laughs for sure. Another time, my oldest nephew wanted out of the canoe with his parents (who were shall we say not canoe savvy), and got in with Mom and Dad....he felt saver with them. Good times, good memories.

We love you Mom.

Alphabetical Memories

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B=Bread, and Bernie
C=Camping, Creativity and Courage
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E=Energy and Etiquette
G=Gown (wedding gown), grape pop
H=Hammocks and Holidays
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K=Kindess, something we're taught
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Larceny and Old Lace

Play bill for Larceny and old LaceStage Set for Larceny and old Lace
A while back hubby and I traveled to St. Louis to visit with our daughter and to see a play she was directing. This was the 2nd one she directed this year. Many of you will remember from your high school days a popular and very funny play, Arsenic and Old Lace, this is a newer version of that play and equally as funny called Larceny and Old Lace. Set and costuming is less elaborate then Arsenic version and therefore better suited to smaller schools and or smaller budgets.

We really enjoyed it as did the others in the audience. She's currently working with a cameo cast of 5 doing Shakespeare to close out the year. She loves doing this; but the hours she puts in are difficult. This is not her full time job, teaching 1st and 2nd grade in a difficult inner city school is. So, on top of teaching through the day, needing to grade papers and write lesson plans for 2 different grades, she drives 50 miles to get to this high school for more work. She's very very busy, and it makes me tired just thinking about all she does.

It was a good visit, we had fun, and are looking forward to our next venture with her there in St. Louis, though I don't know when that will be.

She loves it there in St. Louis, and everytime we travel there, we can see why; as we enjoy it

each of the links will take you to a different post about St. Louis, enjoy along with us.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Rehab Center Picture Show

installing digital frameHooked to the computer by way of USB port I'm loading pictures into a digital frame. Mentioned I scanned lots of old photo's the other day for my 90 year old Aunt who's at a rehab center in Urbana. Or maybe I mentioned it on my other blog? Anyway. The answer to how you make a Picture Show at a Rehab Center is to buy a digital picture frame. I added lots of pictures and still have room to add more. This particular frame holds 2,000 photo's. I'm no where near that. You can load the pictures into the frame without using a computer by hooking your camera directly to the frame with a USB cable, or by taking a memory card and sliding it into the frame. I elected to use my computer after scanning and editing the pictures that were on my computer.
digital frame slide showYou can select one of 3 speeds and I literally took a picture as it was getting ready to flip to another picture to show you. That's actually my Dad many years ago when he was delivery mail in Chillicothe, Ohio. My Aunt really enjoyed that picture. We plugged in and got it started for her, so hope it gives her some enjoyment and helps to keep old memories alive. You can see there's a mat within the frame so the picture area is smaller than the actual size of the frame.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Working on it!

"Working on it!" My favorite TV show is NCIS, so if you too watch that show; you'll be familiar with the quote. I finished my 2nd black Homespun scarf for The Bridge and started this 3rd one. I'm using 2 strands and larger knitting needles for this scarf. I'm also using up some stash with the various colors. The blue was donated to me by Rae when her mother passed, the purple was given to me as a gift when I helped someone with their family genealogy, the tan was donated to me by a previous co-worker when her sister past; and pinkish-rust was given to me from another previous co-worker....her daughter tried to crochet and hated it and so passed along the yarn. I crocheted a baby blanket for this co-worker so she figured I'd put it to good use. The black Homespun (all 4 skeins) was given to me by my Darling Daughter. So....lots of folks are involved in the making of this particular scarf.

Also shows you how people can pull together in small ways to get something accomplished that's far bigger then each of us individually. All may seem small at the time, but people truly are incredible. People do care about each other, and that seems to be a good thing to think about on this special Easter Sunday.

They all gave to me, and I'm able to give to others....giving is to me what this day is about.