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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Messy Yarn Organization, and Packing?

yarn mess
I always go through this when I'm trying to decide what yarn to take. You want things that don't take up much room when you fly so no bulky yarns. Sometimes I think it's wiser to have nothing but 1 or 2 skeins of real basic yarn and do scarfs or squares; but then you've got more bulk on the return. Sometimes I think baby items are good, lighter weight yarn; but that also means I need to pay attention to patterns. On the plane sometimes counting stitches and rows can be an issue.

Sooooooo, this mess on the floor is my attempt to organize and decide what to take, what to work on; what's the right size and amount of yarn. What size needles, should I only take crocheting or both knitting and crocheting etc.

I have a basket right by the chair, which tends to be where I put things I'm working on, left over yarn from items I've recently finished etc. And after a period of time, it's a mess and I no longer remember what's in there. So, I dump it and re-organize. Take some I'm not really using to the basement shelves, bring other stuff up etc. It's always such a process. Seems I always do this before I pack.

Sooo, right now I've put a bag of purple, white, and lavendar light weight yarn in a zip lock bag with a crochet baby sweater pattern and the right size crochet hook. This is obviously a girl combination of colors. So, to of set that, I also found a camo type dark yarn mix where I can use the same pattern for a little boy. That's probably going in my carry on bag. Then something to knit in my suitcase. That way I have variety. Or I'll flip it around. But, at least I've picked out the yarn for part of it.


  1. Oh, Sandy, it's sounds like you've been to my house. I have one of those baskets, too. It has a misc. collections of yarns, various projects started & set aside. I have a lot in zipper bags, too.

  2. I didn't know you could take crochet hooks on airplanes? I thought they took that away. Sounds like you'll be a busy bee. I have a bin also...as neat as I try to keep it, they get untangled in their and what a mess, just like paperclips and hangers...

  3. Deb, I bet most of our knitters and crocheters have such an area so we can get at things easily. Trouble is once it get's messy, easy goes out the window. lol

    Faith, I take both knitting and crochet stuff with me in my carry on. I've even taken little scissors. Though a while back you couldn't do that and I bought one of those pendant things that you can cut yarn with. No clue where it is now, didn't find it in my basket. Hum...must look around. lol


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