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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring has Sprung, FINALLY!!

Nothing prettier than a tree blossoming in early Spring. I love all the pinks, whites, and purples. Better yet, I love the smell in the early evening. Truly heavenly. Spring has finally come to central and southern Ohio. Spotted this breathtaking tree on a recent jaunt to Chillicothe and had to get a quick photo. Hubby was stopped at a stop sign and I quick took this out the car window. Hope you're all having a pretty spring. We still have cold temps, particularly at night and frost; but oh the colors and smells. Take it all in folks, it won't last.

Have finished 2 scarves for The Bridge, and am working on a blanket for The Midwest OddBalls Groups. The name of the blanket is Besty Ross. Cute name, and I bet you can guess what the colors are. I'm the 2nd person on this blanket and will get a photo when my piece is done.


  1. Fabulous pic ~ Love the Cherry Blossom trees ~ they are wonderful!!

  2. Wow - what a beautiful tree! Thanks for sharing the picture.

  3. Beautiful tree and color!

  4. Beautiful tree indeed!


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