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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Miracle of Birth, and Laying an Egg

Mallard Duck nestingThe other day I traveled to Urbana to help Daddy take his 90 year old Sister to the doctors. This Duck has made herself a comfy nest right beside the door to the doctor's office. I mean right beside it. See the drain, the door is to the left about 8 inches. There were tons of people in and out in and out. We were there about an hour and half and the poor Duck surely had lots of interruptions. Someone else there waiting got her the bowl of water and some stale bread. What a busy place to make a nest to lay eggs.
Momma MallardApparently, she had already layed the eggs. See the white there in the very front? One of the nurses came out to check on her and said there was a pond back behind the office; but there were often cats there. She figured the Duck felt safer close to the building with all the people.
Duck on EggsShe didn't squawk as we all watched her. I'm not as close as this looks (wanted to give her some space); used my Zoom and then cropped the photo here which makes it appear I'm closer.

Birth is such a miracle. Wonder if the doctors office staff has little ducklings there yet to watch over?


  1. I wonder if she builds there every year...and is just used to noise and people. We have a local pond closeby and there are tons of ducks there..but as I told you the two we have chose to build around here,not near the pond. There are cats here...go figure.Mom and Dad know what they are doing I guess. good job that you had the camera w/you....

  2. HI SANDY,

  3. I love the post and the photos! I'm going to put a link from my animal blog to this...the animal people will love it! Ducks are my favorite bird!

  4. I love ducks, they are my favorite animal in the world (mostly because they are so cute). But if I could be an animal, what better animal to be than a duck? They can swim, fly, and walk. Very few animals can do all 3!

  5. You know Anna, I never thought about it that way, but you're right...they can do all 3.


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