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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Rehab Center Picture Show

installing digital frameHooked to the computer by way of USB port I'm loading pictures into a digital frame. Mentioned I scanned lots of old photo's the other day for my 90 year old Aunt who's at a rehab center in Urbana. Or maybe I mentioned it on my other blog? Anyway. The answer to how you make a Picture Show at a Rehab Center is to buy a digital picture frame. I added lots of pictures and still have room to add more. This particular frame holds 2,000 photo's. I'm no where near that. You can load the pictures into the frame without using a computer by hooking your camera directly to the frame with a USB cable, or by taking a memory card and sliding it into the frame. I elected to use my computer after scanning and editing the pictures that were on my computer.
digital frame slide showYou can select one of 3 speeds and I literally took a picture as it was getting ready to flip to another picture to show you. That's actually my Dad many years ago when he was delivery mail in Chillicothe, Ohio. My Aunt really enjoyed that picture. We plugged in and got it started for her, so hope it gives her some enjoyment and helps to keep old memories alive. You can see there's a mat within the frame so the picture area is smaller than the actual size of the frame.


  1. You my dear are on the cutting edge of electronic evolution...I never knew this contraption is out there..heck I just figured out how to download to the computer not to long ago...I am sure your aunt is enjoying the pictures.. Hope your Easter was a nice one. I was out of comish for a while with the puter...techno savy...I am not..but I squeaked by..when all else fails reload IE again..hheee heee

  2. What a great idea! It is so nice of you to do this for your aunt. I need to clean out my mom's pictures, and I was wondering what to do with most of them. A digital frame might make a nice Christmas gift for her this year. You've given me a lot to think about.

  3. You and Heather are the photography queens! That photo album sounds really cool!


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