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Friday, July 24, 2020


Anyone want to play Bingo?  In these Covid Times, I've heard many people say they can't keep track of what day of the week it is.  Some have said they're spending lots of time in jammies.  Well, I can say I've clicked a few bingo squares off today.  I got dressed, ate food, stayed alive (so far), Got shit done (does making the bed count?), brushed my teeth.  Whew.....exhausting.  But no bingo yet.  How bout you?  I hope you're all dealing as best you can with the shape of things.

For those that need it, here's a safe from Covid Hug

This might be helpful if you're trying to decide whether or not to do something.  Me...I'm sticking with only things that #1 at the moment.

I've mentioned before I love fun cocktail napkins.  Happy hour is an Old Fashion, enjoy.

Still working on this.  Have several more inches than this picture, but honestly it doesn't look any different, so I didn't take a new picture.  Maybe next time.  Still have 2 afghans in the works........yes, I am behind on my knitting.  

Stay well and wear your mask!

Sunday, July 05, 2020

Cooking, Masking, Martini's and Race During These Covid Time

Enchiladas!  I make both chicken and pork.  Many people have talked and posted about how much baking they've been doing during these Covid times, not me.  #1 I don't need or want the calories, and #2 I don't like to bake, never have.  But, I have been cooking more.  Two fold, we've not gone anywhere since very early March, about 4 months due to the Virus.  So, you must cook more to compensate for not going out.  I also have more time it seems because hubby has been working from home, and I therefore don't have to limit what I cook to something that can be quick whenever he gets's home from the office.  I typically never even started cooking until he got home because he worked so many hours, one never quite knew what time it was going to be.  Now, he's right here working so that gives me more flexibility.  We have therefore, been eating a bit differently with more variety.

I recently order a toaster oven.  Haven't had one in years.  I generally don't like to store things on my counter tops, but thought a toaster oven would be helpful to not use the oven to heat up the kitchen as much.......since I'm cooking more.  I can't say it replaces the oven though, as a casserole dish like the one above simply doesn't fit in the toaster oven; but it has been helpful in cutting down how often I use the oven, and it does indeed heat the kitchen up less.  It also has an air fryer component.  I don't tend to fry anything, but I know many friends talk about how much they use and like their air fryers, so thought I'd give it a go.  So far, I've only used it twice with battered shrimp.  We both enjoyed that with a big salad.  A quick and fairly light meal.

To celebrate our 48th Wedding Anniversary, I broke out the special Martini glasses.  They're quite pretty, and large.  I don't use them on a regular basis, keep them in the china cabinet.  I had a lightly dirty Martini (Vodka), hubby has a Dry Gin Martini with a lemon twist.  We had cocktails on the deck, while the filet's were on the barby.

Remember, I said I like fun cocktail napkins.  This one makes me think of political and racial posts I've seen on line.....we've all been there I know, the yelling in my mind......sometimes actually outloud, as if the computer screen can hear us.

With the many protests around the country, and the world after the police murdered George Floyd, it seems racial problems might finally really be discussed.  It's always troubled me when friends/ or line acquaintances would say, I'm not racist...I don't see color.  Aren't we all just Americans instead of Black or White Americans.  I think perhaps people who say that, aren't being honest with themselves.....why, because of course we see color.  We see the color of someone's hair, the car they drive, the dress, suit etc they've chosen to wear.  To say we don't see color seems dis-honest.  I never could quit put into words why I thought that.  Then I spotted this, as part of on line forum to discuss racism and how we all have biases........even if we don't recognize them.  I thought this was worth a share.

Sorry if the wording is offensive to you, but I thought this meme was a perfect example of why, we aren't winning against this virus.  Here's a women with a mask and shield trying to be responsible and do her social distances, then you have the jerk........the non science believer leaning in, not wearing a mask and well...........being invasive in her protective space.........which is also meant to protect him.  I'm sick of seeing and hearing people who still believe this isn't real, or if they believe it feel it's against their personal liberties.  Wear your mask, stay away from parties, wash your hands, don't go to packed events, social distance.  All those pretending things are normal are making matters worse and causing the numbers of cases to climb, the death rate climb, and the virus to stick around longer.  Be a responsible person and wear your mask!