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Monday, January 29, 2018

Friday, January 19, 2018

Counting Days til Spring

This is not my idea of a pretty day, I want Spring.  I basically start counting down for Spring almost as soon as fall hits.  I used to like fall, but now all it does is make me sad summer is over.  Fall is always too short and I know what follows......scenes like above.  BOO!!

Some people like snow, some think it’s pretty.  I did when I was younger.  I do think it’s ok to look out if you have to go no where and you can watch the kids next door or across the street making a snow man or something along those lines, but like it.......NOPE!!

Just thought I post the picture, as I reminder of what winter in Ohio looks like.  I know some who visit the blog are from the South and wonder about snow.

Winter is a good time to read, to knit, to crochet or do other indoor activities.  If you scroll back, you’ll see some of the projects in the works for me during my inside time.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Works in Progress - Project Bags

Some time back these stripes were donated to Bridge and Beyond.  They are crocheted and were intended as scarves.  However, they weren't really large enough to meet the needs of homeless that are served on Bridge and Beyond, so they were laid aside for awhile.  My daughter helped me design future afghans from these stripes.  As always, we name afghans that made from various peoples donations.  I like the blue, green and purple which made us think of mountains, and thus the name of Mountain Haze.  The stripes aren't all equal size, so will need some edging to make them all fit nicely together.  Then there will be a good size border to make the afghan a good size.

This  future afghan is called Orange Julius and comprised of both knitted and crocheted squares, and rectangles.  Like the stripes above in Mountain Haze, they are not the same size and will be fitted together after edged.  It too is resting in one of the project bags below with the necessary yarn and crochet hook.  I've packed these 3 projects bags in hopes of completing these 3 projects soon. 

How many projects and or projects bags do you keep at the ready?  The green and brown are more stripes which were intended to be scarves, but weren't large enough.  People mean well, but sometimes they donate items without reviewing the requirements and guidelines.  In order to be sure the donations get used, I try to be creative.  We've titled this one Rolling Hills. 

And below is an afghan I've started knitting after raiding my stash.  I found burgundy, gray, teal that you see below, but also have orange, lavender, and gold that are the same type and weight of yarn.  I'm calling this one Eclectic Afghan...unless someone can come up with a better name. 

My idea for the new year, 2018, is to have a project bag for each day of the week.  But, I've not yet gotten there.  I thought by having a bag a day (7 project bags), I could have both large and small projects, some knitted and some crocheted to constantly be making progress.  That might keep things moving along vs trying to work on a large project, then starting others and having too many things laying around without reasonable progress.  We'll see how it goes.  I hope with having small projects that be worked on without being home and larger items for home, we'll make progress.

Monday, January 01, 2018

A YEAR in Review

Today is January 1, 2018.  Happy New Year to you all.  We stayed in last night, had a good dinner, then popped the cork at 12 mn, watched a bit more tv as we were enjoying the bubbly and called it a night.  I hope if you were out and about you were safe and warm.
That's the last completed projected, emphasis on the word completed for the year 2017.  This knitted afghan wasn't yet laundered or blocked in this picture, thus it's not laying out super nicely.  Once blocked it will be added to the donations for the homeless through my blog, Bridge and Beyond.
This afghan was completed just prior to the one above.  Was pushing hard at the end of the year to get them done.  The center pink was a small square someone had donated to Bridge and Beyond, and I added to it, to make an afghan.  It too was laundered, blocked, and donated.
This was a cute ferry garden we saw while traveling in Ireland in the fall.  The trip truly being a highlight of the year.
You can talked about Ireland and Scotland without thinking about Castles!  WOW and then some.  I've posted some, and will continue to post about Ireland and Scotland on my travel blog, Traveling Suitcase.  Please enjoy traveling virtually with me.

In some respects this has been a good year, I traveled to Ireland and Scotland, as mentioned above.  I returned to a favorite spot, Hilton Head and Park City in Utah for vacations both with hubby, daughter, and girl friends on different trips.  I love to travel.  But, it's also been a difficult year.  I've lost a cousin rather suddenly that took me by shock.  Somehow we all think we have endless time and can do tomorrow, or call someone tomorrow.  Just isn't always the case.

Politically, I am extremely dishearten by the person occupying the White House when he's not playing golf at one of his private clubs and charging The American Public for it.  

I hope 2018 holds some improvements for people suffering from illness.

And tomorrow, will be another day, January 2, 2018

Hope you noticed a new badge I added to this blog to join a blog linky party that focuses on yarn!  Oh lovely yarn.  Check out the badge upper left, Ginx Craft.