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Saturday, April 28, 2018

How to Occupy Yourself with a Broken Foot, Poldark and more

Spotted this picture a couple of weeks ago on Facebook and saved it to my computer as a reminder.  The cute bright colored lady bugs are painted rocks.  I thought it was a cleaver idea, but knew I would not remember it without a picture.  I don't think I'll do this in a flower bed, as my flower beds are too large and far from the house so I wouldn't really see them.  But, perhaps in flower pots on the deck where I could enjoy them?  

Am continuing to work on this afghan, Learning Logs.  This picture isn't absolutely up to date, as this was several sections ago; but you can see it's considerably larger than the last picture I took of it.  I'm having a problem in that I may run out of the right colors.  I actually think I have some down in the basement in my stash, but with my foot still in the boot and limited mobility; I can't go searching through my stash.  I had put what I thought was enough in the project bag long ago when I started this in the class on Crafty's to learn how to do the drop stitch work for multiple colors.  I was able to have hubby get me more of the yellow.  I sorta remembered where in my stash it was, so he found it easily; but.......didn't have much luck when I asked him to see about the rose color.  Soooooo, we'll see how this goes.  I may have to put it aside until my foot is healed and I can go back down the stairs.  I do have another project bag of yarn that I could start another project (but not sure there's enough in there either, as I planned to add to it when I got the original idea of putting specific colors together.

 I've mentioned several times lately how much tv I'm watching while elevating my broken foot.  This is Poldark.  If you've not watched this series, I highly recommend it.  Firstly, ladies...take a look at the main character.  WOW!  The scenery is captivating and reminds me of what I saw touring Ireland last fall.
 There's lots of love stories, intrigue, suspense and good guys vs bad guys.
And did I mention, the main character is sexy!!  I watched seasons one and two as part of my Amazon Prime Membership.  I'm currently using a 7 day free trial of Master Piece Theater to watch the 3rd session.  It's my understanding from a google search, that a date for season 4 will be announced sometime early summer of 2018.  Not sure how or where that session will be available, so am keeping my eyes pealed.

What are you working on?  How many work in progress do you have?  Are you out doing gardening things yet?  Spring has been fickle around the country.  Have you watched Poldark?  What did you think of it?  

Friday, April 13, 2018

Walking 4 Fun, Treadmills and an Empty White House

Walking4Fun Trail Badge

 Well, barely hiking it should say.  Since I'm still with the broken foot, wearing a boot and using the aid of a walker.  But, I do still wear my fitbit...haven't hit goal in AGES.  The pictures of Walking4Fun are truly awesome.  If you've not checked out the site, you really should.  You can link your fitbit and or other electronic devices to it so your steps are automatically attached to a virtual trail.  Or, you can manually add your steps.  

In truth, this more accurately shows my current level of activity.  LOL, though I can't drive the car to the gym to do this; so continue to knit.  Making good headway on the afghan in the previous post.  Scroll back please if you missed it.

Started this series yesterday, after finishing Downton Abbey.  Juries out so far.  It seems odd to me that the man character, the priest is involved in solving crimes and is extremely friendly with females.  Have you watched it?  Did you like it?  Did you find it believable?  I've watched just 2 episodes of it so far on Amazon Prime.

Some have quit, some have been forced to resign, some have been fired: David Shulkin, H.R. McMaster, Rex Tillerson, John McEntee, Gary Cohn, Hope Hicks, Rob Porter, Omarosa Manigault-Newman, Dina Powell, Tom Price, Sebastian Gorka, Steve Bannon, Anthony Scaramucci, Reince Priebus, Sean Spicer, Mike Dubke, James Comey, Mike Flynn, and Sally Yates.  MASS EXODUS from our White House.  That list is NOT complete, there are more names that could be added to the list and that doesn't include those who've decided not run again....  It seems to me even if you're actually in favor trump, you ought to be very concerned, very upset about the fact that he can't keep a staff.  Having people who know what's going on, having some consistency is important in any place of employment.  NEVER is our history has the swinging door been on on such high speed you barely can keep track.  There are 19 names above and I believe the current count is close to double that.  To keep track of soap opera, you need flash cards.  Truly a sad state of affairs.

Link for credit for the last picture, showing how empty our White House is

Friday, April 06, 2018

Broken Bones, and Downton Abbey

Current afghan I'm working on for Bridge and Beyond.  Called Learning Logs.  Started it some time ago to learn how to use multiple colors/stands at the same time.  This was through a lesson I purchased on Crafty's.  The lessons were flawed, as was the pattern and through lots of complaints it was removed from Crafty's, along with the instructor.  However, I did actually learn how to slip stitch and use multiple colors.The pattern was 6 large blocks all with these different patterns and colors.  FAR too busy, I think for one afghan.  So, am adding to it in solids with some texture at the moment.  I may decide to add some additional color with stripes as it's grows; but will try to keep the center the busy part.
You see me wearing the boot in the afghan picture.........here's the reason why.  Fractured 5th Metatarsal Bone on Right Foot.  
Watching this, courtesy of a friend has helped pass the time while I sit with foot elevated.  Never had the chance to watch it when it was on, so have been enjoying her collection of the entire series.

Am so very tired of winter.  We've been wetter and colder than normal.  How are things for you all?