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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Come, Look out my Window!

These are the views out my windows this morning. Here in Central Ohio, it's really coming down. The blanket of white is pretty; but........it's on top of the freezing rain we had last night; the freezing rain was after we had several inches of snow. So, it's really pretty nasty out there. Businesses and schools around town are closed. We're at a level II Snow Emergency. That translates to, you're not suppose to go out unless you absoltely have to. Sadly, my phone hasn't rung to tell me work's been canceled. Errrrrrrrrr.

Didn't leave work til 8pm last night, after not making quota; so I know today will be no better. My boss was home early. They, the administrative staff all left about 4pm, when it was starting to get bad; but not us. The phone crew left early, at least those that actually came in. You see (for some who don't know), I work doing food taste tests for market research. So, last night only a few testers came in and there were only a few of us there performing the test. Luckily, I live only 4.5 miles from where I work; but I was the ONLY one on the road last night as I drove home. It was slippery.

Pretty to look out the window at, but I quess I don't just get to admire it from afar.

Stay warm, stay safe all.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The end of Darling Daughters Yarn

You might recall DD bringing home a bag of yarn at Christmas, yarn she wanted scarfs to be made from. Several she wanted for herself, others for her housemates; and I think a fellow teacher or two.

I've posted them off and on here since, the finished projects that is. Not the housemates. lol

Just tucked in the last ends on this scarf, one more from The Light n Lofty Yarn she likes so much

And another hat for recess. It's cold when you're a teacher on recess duty. This is the 3rd hat I've crocheted for her. Though the pattern called for puff stitches, I only had the one skein of Lion Brand Jiffy #325 El Paso, and so did the whole thing in DC. It's certainly thick enough given the bulky yarn; just doesn't have the texture her 2 previous hats did.

The hat is made from a now favorite hat pattern Puffy Sloucy Hat. I printed it from a free site here on the net, will look and come back with link for you all. Nice pattern. Good change from the tight fitting, I've had a hat on my head patterns.

Things are really moving along nicely on The Bridge Project. Please take a minute and check it out.

My SIL, is having fun with her blog. If you've not had a chance, please stop by and chat. If you're a teacher, a mother, a grandma in need of quality writing suggestions/games for children, her blog truly is a must read. Got a particular problem, post it for her help.

Mr. Mitten has a story you might enjoy reading.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

D r A M a

Too much drama going on work these days. People are irritable, getting on each others nerves. People need to relax and be kinder to each other. Often it's not what one says; but how one says things that can make a difference. Take a deep breathe people, think before you speak.

We work in 2 different buildings, however we all work for the same company; and still need to work together. We're not. It's building against building right now, fighting over parking spaces, fighting over who works harder, fighting over who works the worst or best hours. I want to get everyone in one room in the same building and say GROW UP and STOP being so petty. Some of it I understand. It's my nature to see both sides of things...I am a middle child. I am the peace maker, I've always been in that role. I dislike tormoil, can't we hold hands and sing Kumbaah (sp?). Seriously. Work would be easier for all if we could get rid of the drama. Sigh.......

So...it's not about yarn, but drama = D, and thats the best I can do today. lol

I can however report on the A part of the alphabet. I finally got a good start on the Opal Ghan, previously you saw the yarn it it's project bag. Here now is the progress of that.

and one of the many WIP (brown light and lofty, another scarf for ----you know that darling daughter in Baltimore.

Those are 2 items I've worked on the last 2 days. Today, I'll work on mittens, and tomorrow more rectangles for Warm Up America, as I need to wrap that up...deadline is approaching.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Allow me please to introduce

Jan. Jan is my SIL. We've known each other for years and years. We graduated from high school together, were in English together, did Candy-Striping at the Hospital together. And, um...we even cut school together! lol So, you see we were fast friends before she and my older brother got together, though they did date in high school.

Jan is a published childrens' author, she does writing clinics and seminars for adults and children. She's very new to the world of blogging and has just very recently started a blog. She'd love some visitors to make things more fun and to help spread the word. She's interesting in helping teachers, and students. Perhaps you'd like some ideas yourself about things to do with your children, or grandchildren. Please stop in for a visit and introduce yourself to her, ask for ideas on an activity. Jan is a team member on The Bridge Project,and is my connection to Rae. You can find her here.

Finished up another scarf for my daughter, Chrissy last night (she's still giving them out there in Baltimore). This is another of the fun Light and Lofty, and is knitted. And so, in my ABC quest...this is C...a bit of a cheat perhaps as the item doesn't start with C, but hey it's going to Chrissy and that starts with C. lol

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


And now...I give you the letter B, which translates in knitting and crochet language into the following:

Finally after frogging a knitted pair twice, getting one mitt of a crocheted pattern done, Crochet Princess designed a crocheted mitten pattern that makes sense. So, I now have a pair of mittens for The Bridge Project Completed. Hubby showing them off, but not showing himself off. lol She has sent an improved and updated pattern to me, which I hope to start on tonight after work. Thanks bunches Beth.

JoAnne's had a nice sale of cotton, 5 of super sized cotton balls for $10.00. So 5 of them wanted to come home with me. Got 2 of the blue. These will be bibs, for Lil_Troppers. Marine Corps Kids, and perhaps Caring House. Aren't they pretty colors

Bottie....singular, as I need to knit it's mate. Plan to several pair.
**snowing to beat the band, gotten head to work, stay warm and safe all

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The ABC"s

Close your eyes and picture Julie Andrews singing, "Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start, when you sing you begin with Do Rae Me......"

And so following Julie Andrews, I give you The A
A being the very beginning of the alphabet.

A = in yarn language, AFGHAN.

I've got 3 in the works. Sorta.

Oh...you can't see into my project bags. Going left to right, bag 1 is for a co-worker Opal
I've not started it really, but I do have the yarn, and pattern....see. I will start it today, even if only a wee bit.
Bag 2 is Christmas ripple. Silly me, I actually started it a week before Christmas of 08, then came to my senses and put it away for 09. What was I thinking of?

Bag 3 is The Candy Corn Ghan, man this has been a WIP for a record long time. I plan to work on it today for either 1 hour, or until I hit the next logical section. Which is the strip with the wild corner and attach it to the ghan. This has been a piece meal type ghan, using up some donated odd colors and handful of bright colored granny squares that didn't go with anything else. I've ripped out a few times, not having enough of a particular color has required adjustments along the way.

When finished it will go to Victory Junction Gang. This is one of Paul Newman's Hole in The Wall Camps, free to children with medical problems.

**working on mittens for The Bridge Project, click on the botton on my side bar
***helping SIL with her blog, stay tuned for an introduction. She's a published Childrens' Author with great ideas about writing activities.

Friday, January 09, 2009

TGIF and then some!

WOW........what a week. Work was tough this week, soooooooooo happy I have today off. Worked some long and late hours this. Heading to the chiropracter soon which is much needed and will make me feel better.

Hasn't been a super productive week, yarn wise. I did get those 4 scarfs done and off to my daughter, I did search for mitten patterns both for knitting and crocheting. Started the knitted one yesterday, and wasn't happy with it; thought it about last night..check size again this am...nope, not gonna work. Just pulled it off the needles to be frogged. Sigh Started a hexagon sweater the other day I think it's next in line to be frogged (it's crocheted)...not liking the feel of it with the yarn I'm using and hook size...might revert to my tested pattern and try this new one again later. I did manage to make an infant sweater using the tried and true pattern I like so much, though I need to tuck ends and sew on a button. It's the blue sweater pictures above. I love the blue varigated and am sad to be at the end of it. Bought a bundle of it a few years back when it was on a super sale. It's nice Caron yarn and I've used in lots of differnt projects, (little boys hats, a ghan for a little one who lost his grandmother, scarfs etc.). Think it was called denim.

One of my goals for this year was to try and learn some new things with knitting and crochet, try new patterns etc. Thus my quest to knit mittens above. Haven't yet thrown in the towel, believe I'll try the pattern again with larger needles then suggested and see if I get the result I need...not right now though. Gotta lower the frustration level by making something I know how to do. lol Might though try the crocheted pattern I found for mittens. I really want to get some mittens done for The Bridge Project.

Been a SUPER DUPER SUPERCALAFRAGALISTIC week for donations for The Bridge Project. Please hop over to the blog and look around at the wonderful items people have made and sent. Some are knitted, some are crocheted, many sizes to cover a variety of people. How truly heart warming to know so many people care about their fellow man. This has indeed been the highlight of my week. HUGS and THANKS to all.

**still searching though for good, fast and easy mitten patterns. Please post them if you got some, or email me at sandycrochet@gmail.com

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Darling Daughter x 2

How darling is she? REALLY DARLING... Really. I know parents complain about kids, but she's perfect. Love her to pieces. Friends talk about how glad they are when kids go back to school, move out, get married, go home after a visit. They talk about how kids are lazy. Truly, my daughter is, and has been for many years ...The BUSIEST Person I've ever known. Not at all lazy. When she was in HS she took tough subjects and did well, while doing everything possible in the way of after school projects-clubs-groups, and had a job, and participated in 2 choirs. When she graduated and went off to college about 500 miles away...pretty much the same. She did a double major, she worked, she was active in church activities, sang in the church choir, was active in a sorority. After graduation she did a year of internship with the church, sang in the choir, babysat, and a host of extra activities she continued to do both for The University (Washington Unv. in St. Louis), and for the Sorority.

She's now in Baltimore, teaching full time (5th grade), doing her last symester of grad school, singing in The Handel Choir of Baltimore. Truly a busy person.

When she was home for Christmas, she always a pleasure to have around. She took me to work, she fixed dinner. She always calls when she's out to see if we need her to pick up anything. She really is a DARLING DAUGHTER.

She asked for several scarfs, brought home yarn she liked to have me use. So here are 2 more scarfs I recently finished and popped in the mail for her. Both are knitted. Used double strand Light and Lofty for the brown-orangish one and #19 needles, and #15 needles for single strand for the pink, also a Light and Lofty Yarn.

Got a bit more yarn she brought home, but will take a break and do some of the charity work I want to do and then return to her yarn. Previous post shows a couple of the scarfs she asked for.

***I'm super anxious to make some mittens, been hunting and hunting for a good pattern for The Bridge Project.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Darling Daughter

This is such a softttttttttt scarf. Made with lemonade Lion Brand Homespun. Some of the yarn DD brought home for Christmas to have me make a scarf. I used size 19 knitting needles and regular garter stitch. It's really nice to touch. The texture is good. Made with double strands and just 1 skein. I had my doubts there would be enough yarn; but the pattern was on the inside of the skien so I thought I'd try it out.
This is yes...knitted with size 19 needles...big and double strand Red Heart Light and Lofty Yarn. It's fun to work with. The colors are Paprika Multi and Spice. A fun combination. More yarn DD brought home wanting scarfs.

This is also knitted with double strand; but it's 1 strand of multi-colored homespun (the one I mentioned in previous post as being such a pain), and 1 strand of thin wool, not quick sock weight wool; but close. I used 15 needles for this. I love the funky look of the colors, it's thick; not super soft; but nice.

She's outside alot to and from school, where she teaches 5th grade and on playground duty, then there's the in and out at grad school where she's working on her master, and the in and out for choir practice. She sings for The Handel Choir of Baltimore. So, she likes scarfs plus I think she wanted a few to give as gifts. Delayed gifts; but thats normal I think for the teachers and those in her program.

Got a few more to do, but may take a break and work on some baby goodies for one of my groups.

Long days all week this week at work, but will get home in time to watch the football game tonight. The Fiesta Bowl. Go Buckeyes

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Isn't this ADORABLE! Came in a Christmas Card from a fellow crafter. Denise you rock!
9 Rectangles for Warm Up America. I'll be making more, trying to use up some odds and ends. This was one of my January focuses, remember. This will be going to James (from one of my groups) to put together. I could save postage by dropping off at a local JoAnne, Michaels, or yarn shop; but like the idea of joining them. They'll get distributed quicker that way to those in need.
When finished this will be mailed to my daughter. It's double strand. A thin purple yarn blended with a multi-colored homespun. I love the feel of homespun, but am always irritated at the quality of the skeins. This 1 had 2 knots, plus one area of badly twisted yarn I had to mess with. They really have some quality assurence issues. This isn't the first time this has happened to me working with this yarn. I quit buying it, but daughter loves it and brought the yarn home for me to make her a scarf.

Almost done with a black, grey, and white scarf (should be by tomorrow), for The Bridge Project.

Finished putting away the rest of the Christmas Decorations today.

I'll pick up the looking back (family story) in my next post.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Day 1 of the year 2009

Hop back to my previous post to see the family picture. My great-great grandfather, Wilhelm Heinrich Mader, unlike many of todays immigrants embraced his new country. Embrased it's language and traditions. He immigrated to Chillicothe as a single man at the age of 20. The year 1850. He married Anna Marquerite Heinlein in 1853 and in 1856 became a proud US Citizen. His orginal citizenship papers were kept and passed down through the family. He became a citizen as soon as he was permitted to. He Americanized his name right after immigrating to this country, and was known thereafter as William Henry.

He and his wife Anna, had 8 children; though one died in infancy. He performed many jobs in order to raise his family. He was a builder of roads, and bridges, a construction worker, a drayman and a business man. He owned and operated a merchantile store. His family lived upstairs and the business was downstairs. Through my genealogy research, I was able to learn several addresses where the family lived and the buildings remain to this day.

Hubby, daughter and I went out to our favorite resturant last night and had a wonderful meal and good time. Home in good time to see the ball drop and drink our champaigne to toast the new year. I finished her hat (pictures later), and plan to make her a scarf to match, though it will need to be mailed to her; as she's heading back to Baltimore tomorrow.

I'll start focusing on 3 things for this month, charity wise. One naturally my bridge project, rectangles for Warm Up America (as thats the Homespun focus of the month), and items appropiate for Caring House a womens shelter in Michigan (the focus for the month for The Attic). I want to finish candy corn ghan because it's been in the works for far tooooooooooooo long, and I have a yarn to make a co-worker a ghan she ask me to do about a month ago...yikes, haven't even started it. And...my plan is to work several days each month on the Christmas Ghan I started this year when I realized how foolish I was being. If I work on it a little hear and there, it can be for next year.

I bought my first set of double pointed knitted needles and want to try my hand using them, and I want to get back to walking at least 3-4 days a week. Guess I sorta have goals/resolutions. I'll keep you posted how I do.

Happy New Year, stayed tuned for the continuation of The Mader story.