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Monday, January 05, 2009

Darling Daughter

This is such a softttttttttt scarf. Made with lemonade Lion Brand Homespun. Some of the yarn DD brought home for Christmas to have me make a scarf. I used size 19 knitting needles and regular garter stitch. It's really nice to touch. The texture is good. Made with double strands and just 1 skein. I had my doubts there would be enough yarn; but the pattern was on the inside of the skien so I thought I'd try it out.
This is yes...knitted with size 19 needles...big and double strand Red Heart Light and Lofty Yarn. It's fun to work with. The colors are Paprika Multi and Spice. A fun combination. More yarn DD brought home wanting scarfs.

This is also knitted with double strand; but it's 1 strand of multi-colored homespun (the one I mentioned in previous post as being such a pain), and 1 strand of thin wool, not quick sock weight wool; but close. I used 15 needles for this. I love the funky look of the colors, it's thick; not super soft; but nice.

She's outside alot to and from school, where she teaches 5th grade and on playground duty, then there's the in and out at grad school where she's working on her master, and the in and out for choir practice. She sings for The Handel Choir of Baltimore. So, she likes scarfs plus I think she wanted a few to give as gifts. Delayed gifts; but thats normal I think for the teachers and those in her program.

Got a few more to do, but may take a break and work on some baby goodies for one of my groups.

Long days all week this week at work, but will get home in time to watch the football game tonight. The Fiesta Bowl. Go Buckeyes


  1. Size 19 needles, huh? I have had Homespun here for quite some time and everything I have tried to make with it, just doesn't look right. I am going to have to try this as these scarves look wonderful. Fun colors.

  2. All the colors really appeal to my eye. That banana scarf is so luscious.


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