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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The ABC"s

Close your eyes and picture Julie Andrews singing, "Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start, when you sing you begin with Do Rae Me......"

And so following Julie Andrews, I give you The A
A being the very beginning of the alphabet.

A = in yarn language, AFGHAN.

I've got 3 in the works. Sorta.

Oh...you can't see into my project bags. Going left to right, bag 1 is for a co-worker Opal
I've not started it really, but I do have the yarn, and pattern....see. I will start it today, even if only a wee bit.
Bag 2 is Christmas ripple. Silly me, I actually started it a week before Christmas of 08, then came to my senses and put it away for 09. What was I thinking of?

Bag 3 is The Candy Corn Ghan, man this has been a WIP for a record long time. I plan to work on it today for either 1 hour, or until I hit the next logical section. Which is the strip with the wild corner and attach it to the ghan. This has been a piece meal type ghan, using up some donated odd colors and handful of bright colored granny squares that didn't go with anything else. I've ripped out a few times, not having enough of a particular color has required adjustments along the way.

When finished it will go to Victory Junction Gang. This is one of Paul Newman's Hole in The Wall Camps, free to children with medical problems.

**working on mittens for The Bridge Project, click on the botton on my side bar
***helping SIL with her blog, stay tuned for an introduction. She's a published Childrens' Author with great ideas about writing activities.


  1. hey. im your new follower.hehe. i always want to know how to knit, as well. but i live in a tropic country, so not many people can knit in such a hot country =( AFGHAN. fun, eh?

  2. Wow, you are really busy with knitting! Fantastic! Love the yarn!

  3. It's amazing how many projects a person can have going at one time. then all of a sudden you feel overwhelmed by it all. But in the end it all comes together.

  4. Oh I can't wait to see your sisters blog. I have always wanted to write childrens books as well as illistrate them....I love the candy corn afghan...never seen the pattern before....

  5. Wow - 3 afghans seems really ambitious! Good luck with all of them.

  6. I also have 3 afghans going right now LOL secret one for hubby hope to be done before Valentines day. one for my SIL and one for the VJGC:)
    to answer your ? over at my blog is yes I will accept 6" & 12" squares. some of the ladies enjoy making the squares but not sewing them together:)

  7. You are very industrious! Good luck :)


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