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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


And now...I give you the letter B, which translates in knitting and crochet language into the following:

Finally after frogging a knitted pair twice, getting one mitt of a crocheted pattern done, Crochet Princess designed a crocheted mitten pattern that makes sense. So, I now have a pair of mittens for The Bridge Project Completed. Hubby showing them off, but not showing himself off. lol She has sent an improved and updated pattern to me, which I hope to start on tonight after work. Thanks bunches Beth.

JoAnne's had a nice sale of cotton, 5 of super sized cotton balls for $10.00. So 5 of them wanted to come home with me. Got 2 of the blue. These will be bibs, for Lil_Troppers. Marine Corps Kids, and perhaps Caring House. Aren't they pretty colors

Bottie....singular, as I need to knit it's mate. Plan to several pair.
**snowing to beat the band, gotten head to work, stay warm and safe all


  1. I applaud you. I can't crochet very well so I really admire the mittens.

    Can you provide a link to those baby booties...so cute!

  2. I will try the mittens soon. love the cotton and the bootie is cute.

  3. Hi, Sandy! Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comments :) I am feeling much better, thank you.

    I enjoyed checking out YOUR blog, too. The mittens look great! I like the Sugar and Cream, too....they will make adorable bibs. You should be very proud of your charity work. Good luck with the project! I will visit again soon.


  4. I really need to get that mitten pattern...I have found that I refer mittens over gloves, my hands stay warmer, and I would love to make some for myself and also family and charity....
    why is it men "hide" mine does too, unless I catch him by surprise, can never get him to model for me, so that what I make looks like what it is suppose to and not a FLAT object...really need to get a manequin (?) or at least the parts, like foot, hand, head...Hmmmm maybe I should check out some of these stores that are going out of business and going bankrupt...

  5. Hi Sandy!

    Love the mittens! It's so darned cold and they look so warm!!!

    You asked for a pattern, and now reading your post, I think you meant the cotton bib pattern. Thanks so much for thinking to make some for Marine Corps Kids! The yarn colors you got are beautiful!!!

    The pattern is on the Bernat site. For some reason, the Bernat site won't open for me right now, but if you google for "Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Bib and Booties" you'll be able to find it.

    Here is the main page - http://www.bernat.com/search.php?LGC=handicraftercotton&advps=y

  6. That's something I have never done...crocheted mittens. Your mittens look fabulous!!

    Sorry to hear all about what you have been dealing with with your Mom. I have great sympathy for you. All in all with Dad's troubles I have been very fortunate as he is pretty cooperative although he does get stubborn at times. Things are looking up on my end, but as you well know we are always waiting for the next ball to drop. It's is tough to have aging parents. Good Luck...I'll be thinking of you :)

  7. I'm diggin the pattern of that bottie thing. I think I may leave the tallents up to you in this area after many failed attempts. Though I do have one nice long string of yarn to hang around my neck! It may only be 2 inches wide but does size really matter? LOL Maybe I will stick with what I know AND keep searching for the romantic vampire. :)

  8. Love the mittens sandy! would love to have the pattern:)



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