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Thursday, January 22, 2009

D r A M a

Too much drama going on work these days. People are irritable, getting on each others nerves. People need to relax and be kinder to each other. Often it's not what one says; but how one says things that can make a difference. Take a deep breathe people, think before you speak.

We work in 2 different buildings, however we all work for the same company; and still need to work together. We're not. It's building against building right now, fighting over parking spaces, fighting over who works harder, fighting over who works the worst or best hours. I want to get everyone in one room in the same building and say GROW UP and STOP being so petty. Some of it I understand. It's my nature to see both sides of things...I am a middle child. I am the peace maker, I've always been in that role. I dislike tormoil, can't we hold hands and sing Kumbaah (sp?). Seriously. Work would be easier for all if we could get rid of the drama. Sigh.......

So...it's not about yarn, but drama = D, and thats the best I can do today. lol

I can however report on the A part of the alphabet. I finally got a good start on the Opal Ghan, previously you saw the yarn it it's project bag. Here now is the progress of that.

and one of the many WIP (brown light and lofty, another scarf for ----you know that darling daughter in Baltimore.

Those are 2 items I've worked on the last 2 days. Today, I'll work on mittens, and tomorrow more rectangles for Warm Up America, as I need to wrap that up...deadline is approaching.


  1. I can certainly empathize with your work situation. When I first came to my dept. 7 years ago, one gal was so nasty to me that she was written up by our supervisor and put in her personnel file. That gal is about to become an M.D., a doctor I would never in a million years go to.

    Your knitted items are delightful.

  2. That afghan is just gorgeous!

    Hope the work situation calms down soon!

  3. You have my sympathy about drama at work. I work with 20 women (and 1 man who only works part time). There are nights that I come home and tell my husband that there was just too much estrogen in the building that day! Luckily, for the most part we all get along very well, and I count 3 or 4 of my coworkers as among my closest friends, but there are still those days.

    Your afghan is beautiful! I love those colors together. I'm still working on the mitten. It's a little bit slow going, but hopefully I will speed up with the next one.

  4. Your afghan looks great! Sure hope everything improves "dramawise" (not sure if that's a word ;) )soon!!

  5. That afghan is gorgeous! I love it! And the scarf is turning out nicely!
    Sucks about the drama at work... adults can be so childish sometimes :) hopefully things settle down for you there!

  6. As I tell my boys, ages almost 7 & full blown 13.. "NO DRAMA FOR THE MAMA". I get enough drama from where I work too...they don't pay me enough for all the extra drama...and I work in an ER....no I am not a nurse....

  7. PS...see I sent this one first...I am NOT techno savy yet...however...thank you for putting a comment on my new blog....how fun when I saw that I made a new friend today, and she crochets! I am doing the snoopy dance.....:)
    I look forward to talking and sharing with you again...have a great day...Faith

  8. I am so glad that I no longer have work drama. It is a rugged world out there just to maintain a job. Your work looks great though and I can see that you are relaxed while working it.

  9. Hi Sandy,
    Sorry about that link, I tried it again and seems to work now..I also put up a link to the grocery game...I have been only doing that 2 weeks, and have saved money..I think I will blog about this next time...I am trying to get my crochet projects up there..I may consolidate down to one blog.. A Mother's Pearl was my first attempt at blogging.. They seem to be meshing together, and I have not really gotten any comments from anybody to make friends with. Theer are so many blogs out there...I work this evening 4p-12a..We have two boys 6 almost 7 and 13. I am a late bloomer..I work evenings so I can be at home with them during the day hours..talk to you later....have a great weekend.


  10. Sorry for all the drama at work! Wouldn't the world be a much better place if we could all get along and think more about others than about ourselves --- but I'm definitely preaching to the choir here!! :)
    I love the afghan your working on and the scarf is really pretty too!
    Have a super Sunday!!

  11. Sandy, here I am, you stopped by my blog and commented on the pictures (heritage) and said you had linked through Jan's writing blog. What bridge and where are you talking about. My sister works in Columbus ar Capital City Awning, and she has to park under an overpass bridge downtown. I think that's scary! I feel bad about people in the outdoors during this weather, but I'm not a knitter or crocheter; all I can make is a long skinny thing in both. I am going to contact a woman I know whose children go to our school, however, b/c I knnow she makes mittens and socks ans sweaters - oh my! I know that Drama with a capital D. My sis worked in that kind of environment for years with abusive women, and they ended up ruining her nerves and driving her out of her job. Her company knew aout it and even reprimanded othe people responsible once, but that never even slowed those women down. I tell people I would rather have a classroom full of boys any day. Boys fight with their fists - girls, and women, use theor mouths and those wounds are much more dangerous and longer lasting, in my opinion.

  12. Hi sandy the pattern for that square is here

    you have to go down the page



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