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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Darling Daughter x 2

How darling is she? REALLY DARLING... Really. I know parents complain about kids, but she's perfect. Love her to pieces. Friends talk about how glad they are when kids go back to school, move out, get married, go home after a visit. They talk about how kids are lazy. Truly, my daughter is, and has been for many years ...The BUSIEST Person I've ever known. Not at all lazy. When she was in HS she took tough subjects and did well, while doing everything possible in the way of after school projects-clubs-groups, and had a job, and participated in 2 choirs. When she graduated and went off to college about 500 miles away...pretty much the same. She did a double major, she worked, she was active in church activities, sang in the church choir, was active in a sorority. After graduation she did a year of internship with the church, sang in the choir, babysat, and a host of extra activities she continued to do both for The University (Washington Unv. in St. Louis), and for the Sorority.

She's now in Baltimore, teaching full time (5th grade), doing her last symester of grad school, singing in The Handel Choir of Baltimore. Truly a busy person.

When she was home for Christmas, she always a pleasure to have around. She took me to work, she fixed dinner. She always calls when she's out to see if we need her to pick up anything. She really is a DARLING DAUGHTER.

She asked for several scarfs, brought home yarn she liked to have me use. So here are 2 more scarfs I recently finished and popped in the mail for her. Both are knitted. Used double strand Light and Lofty for the brown-orangish one and #19 needles, and #15 needles for single strand for the pink, also a Light and Lofty Yarn.

Got a bit more yarn she brought home, but will take a break and do some of the charity work I want to do and then return to her yarn. Previous post shows a couple of the scarfs she asked for.

***I'm super anxious to make some mittens, been hunting and hunting for a good pattern for The Bridge Project.


  1. Your daughter sounds like a very lovely young woman. "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!".....or "like mother like daughter!"

  2. ahhhhhhhh, thanks for the sweet compliment Joansie, what a nice what to start my day

  3. What a beautiful tribute post to your daughter. And such I love you gifts! I am sure they will be well used and loved.

  4. You are such a wonderful mom to help grow a wonderful daughter! And you shared your big heart with her too!
    I love all the scarves you have made. They are so pretty and look super soft!

  5. Sorry I have not been around much, but just got caught up...LOVE the scarves and I am sure she will too...I hope I can say those things about my kids when they get older...
    Big Hugs

  6. Darling daughters only come from marvelous moms!

    Was just catching up on your projects (btw, all the girls are wearing their scarves and LOVING them - will take pictures of all of us in our finery to send to you) and saw this mega love-fest for me, THANKS and RIGHT BACK ATCHA :)

    Also, I think you passed me awhile ago for busiest person ever - have you seen your mounds of crocheted creation? Your knoll of knitting? Seriously!

    Have fun on vacay - just got your voicemail, will call you back tomorrow after school or on my lunch break (if I get one - haven't had one yet in two weeks).



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