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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Shawls For Me and for You, Drink Up

YIPPEE!!  In my previous post I discussed the possibility of adding the orange -green yarn to this potato chips scarf, as it seemed I wasn't going to have enough yarn otherwise.  I asked for some input on whether or not the two would work together and got mixed reviews.  One of ladies I asked is a high school friend who works at my local yarn shop.  She said, "I don't think  you'll be happy with it if you do."  Love people giving you a honest answer.  I bought this yarn on the West Coast months ago and didn't have the label to give me a color number of anything to match it with.  On line searching didn't look like anyone carried this yarn, but my yarn shop had a few skeins and my friend remembered it.  Yippee, problem solved.  See where the red circle is in the picture, that's where I added the new skein........so I've made some good headway with this scarf and am really liking it.  Pleased you really can't tell.  Who knows if the dye lot was the same.  I still have some of the 1st cake so will get to the 2/3rd's point and switch back to it.  

AND, I've made really good headway with my drop stitch shawl.  In the previous post you can see I've just gotten to the 5 rows of lace in the first solid yellow section.  After that lace section I've done a section of garter stitch of solid yellow, garter stitch darker bland, garter stitch solid yellow....which is the half way point.  Beyond that I've done a garter stitch section of light blend, followed by another solid yellow garter stitch section and am now at the end of the yellow lace section.  Quite a few additional inches.  Will move back to the mix sections of light and dark blends with lace and garter stitches.  Then, I will add yellow I think to both ends to pull it all together.

When last I showed you this gray blend shawl it needed to have it's ends worked in.  Yippee........got that done, something I put off.  Here's the shawl nicely draped with a fabulous hand made shawl pin.  I'm very pleased I found that, think it really finishes it off.  This is a gift for a very good friend who likes gray and hinted at that when I made the pink and green for myself awhile back.

A close up of the pin with those gray stones......I really thought it was perfect.

This is my upper arm, 4 days after getting my Shingles shot.  It was hot to the touch for a week, but got better each day.  Muscle type soreness.  My cost after insurance was $143.00.....and I still need the 2nd go round several months down the road.  Even with all that said, it beats getting the shingles, so I do recommend you get yours if you haven't already.

LOL......spotted this recently in a little gift shop and it spoke to me.  And with that, I'm heading to the kitchen to make Manhattan's for tonight.  Hubby just called and said he's finally leaving work.