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Sunday, December 30, 2018

On and Off the Needles as we Move into The New Year!

 Trying to get a picture with bad light isn't easy.  Neither of these is quite right in terms of color.  But, the first photo I lightened on the computer and think it's probably closest.  I'm using two color strands that are quite similar in color, just different intensity.  I started this shawl back in July for myself, and it got put away.........which is what always happens when I try to make something for myself.
Additionally, it's not something I can work on easily while watching tv at night.  Two fold, the fingering yarn is so fine, I find it hard to see at night using light vs day light.  AND the yarn is sooooooooo wonderfully soft it easily slids off the needle if I'm looking up to watch tv.  Which is why I only work on it once in a blue moon.  

This is the real color of the fiber/yarn of the lighter section before I did anything with it.  Perhaps the next picture will be better.  Anyway.  Thought I'd work on it for a few days during the day since I had just finished
Earth and Sky a few days ago.  (posted in previous post).  This is prior to being laundered and blocked.  Am pleased as it now is laying out to dry as it's being blocked.  It measures 60 x 65 ish.  
 After finishing above Earth and Sky, I dug out Cardiac Collage.  No doubt most of you will remember it.  I edged each square with the darker blue, crochet them together and ended up with a square measuring about 54 inches, from memory.  It was drying and being blocked yesterday.  After measuring it, I should have written it down, but think I'm not too far off in my memory.
The turquoise in the bottom picture is a bit closer, though the other colors in the first picture look pretty close.  So many gray drab days here in Ohio, it's often difficult to get colors to show up correctly in pictures.  Both afghans will be donated to Bridge and Beyond, my charity focused on helping the Homeless.
I trust you all had a wonderful Christmas with friends and families, I posted some Christmas memories in my previous post.  This picture just seems so appropriate to me.  I hope and pray, 2019 will rid of us of some of these horrible politicians.  So very tired of their ruining this country of ours.
If you're traveling for holiday, please be safe!

Monday, December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas, Earth and Sky Completed

 Without going through multiple files I don't know what year each picture represents
 But, from whatever the year was..............
 Wishing you a very Merry Christmas
 From my family to yours
 I hope you have a wonderful Christmas
 If you're traveling, please travel safe
 Funny, old, faded pictures.  Different hair styles......different
 glasses.........hair changing colors as well, lol
 Goodness, hard to believe we were that young once upon a time.

Look at the big hair.........lordy!
2017.......last years picture.

And finished Earth and Sky last night, got ends all tucked in and now it needs to be laundered and blocked and then can be donated to Bridge and Beyond, my charity.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Working on Earth and Sky...counting down to Christmas

Earth and Sky growing and growing.  On the 2nd to last section currently, the variegated section to be followed by the olive green section.  I measured this yesterday (have added a few more rows since), and it was 45 inches wide x 60 ish, so believe it will be ok size wise when completed.  Plus it will grow a bit when blocked after being laundered.  It like 99% of the stuff I made will be donated to my charity, Bridge and Beyond.  If you knit, crochet, loom etc...please hop over and check out the blog.  Maybe you'd like to help us by donating something you've knitted, crocheted, or loomed etc.
Making more headway with cleaning out, purging, de-cluttering.  Not sure if I'll get much more done before Christmas though.  
If you knew me, you'd know how much I hate winter.  So, when I saw this...had to save it.  Come on Spring.
We've not seen many adults who truly act as bad as a child pouting...but we see this often with this guy, except for maybe when he's playing golf at one of his properties.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Eating, Knitting, and De-Cluttering and

Breakfast is served.  When our daughter is home, we always have her make breakfast because she makes really good omelets.  I'm getting better, but.........no, I don't try to flip them over by flipping the pan.  She does.  We shared a 4 egg omelet with onion, peppers, spinach, mushrooms, and cheedar cheese.  I sliced avocado for the top.  We had some bacon and raisin cinnamon english muffins.

Earth and Sky continues to grow.  Have added the 2nd tan section and am now working with the next variegated section.  I measured it when I took the picture and have already forgotten how wide it is.......geesh, should have written it down.  Oh well...it's growing and looking more and more like it will be an ok size when I get the current variegated section followed by light green followed by another variegated section and then dark green to end.  I'm thinking now, I may not need to find another color of yarn and pick up on the other side.  Fingers crossed.

This looks less complicated then many designs I've seen posted.  Grapes, and cheeses...I don't know possibly this would be worth doing?

I'm making headway with my de-cluttering.  Though actually I've done a few things since editing my calendar.  I ended up erasing stuff that simply didn't pertain to me, things with toys, games, and my car, and then typed in stuff that I'm doing and or needs doing.  That worked better than when I tried to type at the end of the calendar.

 I haven't shared any new series with you all in a while.  This is a must!!!  A Place to Call Home on Amazon Prime, but you do need a membership to Acorn and it's definately worth it.  It's 6 seasons and I was totally addicted to it, staying up late at night watching.
 LOVED it, let me know if you watch and what you thought.  AND if you've not watched............treat yourself to a months membership and binge watch.

There used to be a way to see whom you've visited on your blog log because the link would change color.  It's driving me nuts that feature seems to be gone.  Anyone else having that trouble?  Anyone know how to fix that problem?

Monday, December 03, 2018

Knitting Earth and Sky is Enjoyable

I'm making really good headway with Earth and Sky, this afghan is moving along much faster than the last several I've done because it's just straight forward knitting, which I'm rather enjoying.  I'm not piecing things together or dealing as much with how much yarn I have of this or that color...which is often a thing for me.  It is here, but less so.  Currently am at 36 inches with about 12 inches left according to my striping.  That would make it 48 inches...but, am not sure I'm going to feel like that's large enough (48 x 60), so might need to add something else to each end, pick up stitches on the one side...jury's out on that, but am indeed enjoying these colors together.

This made me laugh.  I don't have any respect for this man, so seeing him as a toilet bowl cleaner somehow seemed appropriate.  I've never in all my 68 years felt that way.  He is not normal.  

I've made some headway with my de-clutter calendar.  I'm not going in any order though and the 3 check marks are things I've done mostly related to emptying out our entertainment center in order to get rid of it.  The 2 X's are things that don't pertain to our household, as we have no toys since there are no kids at home and no grandkids.  Written in red are things I've added to replace to the 2 X's.

Spotted this awhile back on Facebook and saved it, partially for a reminder.  I had, or maybe still have in the basement Mason Jars, and thought I'd give this a try.  Except I don't like drinking through straws...so thought I'd share as a way to re-purpose and or recycle in case any of you do.