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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

Hope you're all having a wonderful Easter Sunday.  This afghan, Iris and Lillies is about 90% done.  I have one more join to do, the bottom section; then figure out a border.  I'
m hopeful I have a couple of shades of purple to mix with the mellow yellow for a border.  Must review my stash to see and hope to be able to show this ghan completed very soon.

This is my YOP post, and let's Get Social Sunday Post, both badges and links in meme tab across the top of the blog.

When completed this will be the 9th afghan assembled from donated squares with 10 as my goal there's one to go.  Additionally I had the completion of the longest running work in progress ever.....candy corn on my list (just don't know if I'm going to get it done...wrong time of year is my excuse, lol), and completion of the feather and fan, Sea and Sand...which has about 3 sections remaining.

Hope on over to Oozing Out my Ears to see the yummy brunch we had for Easter Sunday.

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Memories of Mom and Typing About Easter

Though this story is about typing, I can't really say the typewriter was this kind, though Mom loved the color turquoise and I think the time frame is fairly correct. 

It's been awhile since I've shared an alphabetical memory of Mom.
(Mom in purple on my wedding day, 1972)
But, with this weekend being Easter, memories of her come flooding back.  She was admitted to the hospital on Ash Wednesday back in 2009 and had emergency surgery in the wee hours of the following morning.  It was a long and difficult period in all of our lives, testing our resolve; as well as her's.  She died on what we kids always called Easter Monday.  I guess we always called it that because long before kids got a spring break, we got Good Friday and Easter Monday off from school.  And so with today being Good Friday, I find myself reading about the stages of The Cross, Ash Wednesday, Holy Thursday, and of course Easter Sunday, and remembering  Mom as well.

There's more to the connection, but for now ...typing.  Mom was a strong, very determined woman.  She made things work, whatever was needed; though some of  her "I can do anything attitude" diminished as she aged; that is truly the way I remember her most.  And in fact, the minister at her funeral told this story.

Mom interviewed and got a job which required that she type.  She told a little white lie telling them she could type...oophs.  But, she was determine to get the job, and confident that she could do it.  When I arrived home from school, she told me I needed to teach her to type and we had about a week to do it.  LOL  This is before computer keyboards mind you.  Heck, most of my typing class used standard non electric typewriters...the few electric were reserved for those who were speedy at it...I was not among that group.  It's also pertinent to add...we did not have a type writer at home in order to teach her.  But, that didn't stop her/us.  We fashioned a cardboard keyboard on the dining room table and propped up my high school typing book.  Thinking that still makes me smile.  Yes, she did learn to type in the short amount of time she had, and yes she was successful in her new job...the job she retired from many years later.
( Mom and Dad at a nephews wedding.)
Mom at 16 in a gorgeous dress she made herself from dotted swiss, as was my wedding dress that she also made.
The family in 2007, at Mom and Dad's 60th wedding anniversary.  Younger brother Mike, Mom, Me, Daddy, and older brother Chuck.

Mom had grown up a Lutheran, sang in the church choir but after she and Dad got married they became members of The Methodist Church.  In those final hours, she squeezed my hand as I recited the 23rd Psalm.  Later when she opened her eyes (briefly and the first time in a couple of days), looking towards heaven she reached up, smiled, and crossed herself.  Lent is 46 days (bout 7wks), and that was how long Mom was in the hospital, most of it in ICU.  She bore her final days with bravery while the rest of us had tears.

Mom's name was Miriam, I read today that is a Hebrew name that means 'wise woman or lady'.  I read that Mary is the Greek form of the Hebrew name Miriam while reading about Mary in connection to the Easter Story.

Miss you Mom
Happy Easter All

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Working on Iris and Lillies on the Wednesday Before Easter

Am making good progress after the frogging of a group of 4 squares (1 block).  Top two blocks are attached, and am working on the 4th block which will get attached to the 3rd block, which will then get attached to the top rectangle piece.  LOL...Makes you think the hip bones connected to the thigh bone...blah

Normally, I edge the individual squares ( which I did in purple first) and tie them together and join in one long row, working across and then up and down.  But,  these squares needed a little more help with getting to the same size so (enter the mellow yellow) they're not all edge with the same number of rows, or even the same stitches; and I wanted a bit more width then the 4 squares across would give.  This seems to accomplish both of those goals, AND it's a bit less on your lap to work with therefore making it a bit more portable.  Currently the mellow yellow joining and edging of the block of 4 squares is muting the bright yellow a smedge which is helping to blend...I think the more mellow yellow in the variegated squares.

I'll be looking through my stash once this is all 1 piece to see about an appropriate purple to edge the whole thing with.

This is another of the ghans assembled from donated squares through Bridge and Beyond which will be donated to Homeless Families Foundation. 

I hope this Wednesday finds you happily busy.  Those who are traveling for the up coming holiday, please be safe and enjoy your time with loved ones.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Going Backward is no Fun

I feel like the Texas two step....going backward with my work on this Iris and Lillies Afghan.  All squares have been edged with various rows of purple.  I'm using a different joining then I typically do.  Normally I tied the whole ghan together and crochet all the way across and or all the way up and down.  But, that means you have to have the whole ghan on your lap at one time.  I needed this to be a bit portable...so decided to work in blocks of 4.  Plus felt it just wasn't quite wide enough at only 4 squares across, so by joining the 4 blocks and adding extra rows I could gain another couple of inches.  So first block of 4 done, 2nd block of 4 done, and when I went to join the 2 blocks of 4.......they weren't in the right order!  Somehow I had flipped them and couldn't maintain the diagonal design.  Kept moving the 2nd block around to see if I could use it as it was elsewhere in the ghan to avoid frogging it....to no avail.  I've added enough rows that it was probably 3 oz of yarn worth!  ERRRRRRRRR

But, it had to be done.  So, I redid the 2nd group of 4, and now have those 2 blocks joined.  I think I'll be happy with the additional width I've gained.

Flipped this around, thus the strange angle but thought you might better see the difference in width I'm talking about.  This is the way I see the ghan being used, but had to take the picture the other way at the time.

I'm in need of unknitting several rows on my DD's green sweater also, just haven't brought myself around to doing that yet.  Going backward on 2 projects at the same time was just more then I was up to.

Year of Projects (11) links in tabs across the top of the page.  And Let's Get Social Sunday (9) in the meme tab.   Looking forward to catching up with everyone, as I've been a bit behind.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Crocheting and Knitting on Wednesday

Working on Iris and Lillies. Making headway with the edging of the squares.  Think I'm about 1/3rd done with the edging of these squares.
Some squares require one granny style edge, others a sc row after the granny style, and others, maybe just a sc row to get things sized up before joinging.  Working on this afghan sure makes me think of flowers, lillies, iris, and daffodils.   It's another of the afghans being assembled from donated squares through Bridge and Beyond that will donated to Homeless Families. 

I've gotten upto 16 inches so far on this kimono style sweater for my Darling Daughter.  This is the back piece.  It's grown several inches since the last picture (previous post).  Think and hope when this is finished the sleeves and 2 front pieces will seem faster.

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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Green Kimono Style Sweater

Knitted on the plane going to Newport Coast, CA and almost every day while on vacation there.  This is the back of THIS, my work in progress this Wednesday.  Using washable Plymouth Encore Wool and Acyrlic yarn, and 2 sizes of circular needles 7's and 8's; this is the back.  Lots still to do, as it needs to measure 29 inches with a cast on of 120 stitches.  Currently this measures about 13 inches.  LOVE the color.  Some of you know, green is one of my DD's favorite colors, the other is purple.  I bought the pattern and yarn as a Christmas present ...but, wrap it and told her I'd make it after Christmas.

The style looks like it would be very comfortable and good sweater to have on hand.

What's everyone working on this Wednesday for work in progress?  Having just gotten back in town last night in the middle of our latest snow storm, this post is short and sweet.  Much to do in order to catch up.

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