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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

Hope you're all having a wonderful Easter Sunday.  This afghan, Iris and Lillies is about 90% done.  I have one more join to do, the bottom section; then figure out a border.  I'
m hopeful I have a couple of shades of purple to mix with the mellow yellow for a border.  Must review my stash to see and hope to be able to show this ghan completed very soon.

This is my YOP post, and let's Get Social Sunday Post, both badges and links in meme tab across the top of the blog.

When completed this will be the 9th afghan assembled from donated squares with 10 as my goal there's one to go.  Additionally I had the completion of the longest running work in progress ever.....candy corn on my list (just don't know if I'm going to get it done...wrong time of year is my excuse, lol), and completion of the feather and fan, Sea and Sand...which has about 3 sections remaining.

Hope on over to Oozing Out my Ears to see the yummy brunch we had for Easter Sunday.

**I have just a few hours left to decide whether or not to enter this blog in the A-Z Blog Challenge.  Check back tomorrow and see what I decided.**



  1. Love the colors ... Happy Easter!

  2. Happy Easter:))

    Thanks so much for joining Lets Get Social Sunday:))

    So sorry but I am not sure how to do a hyperlink:(( Let me see if I can find out:))

    Now I am on my way to check out your Flat Stanley adventures:)))

  3. Looks good! Happy Easter Sunday!

  4. I still really love the swirly black and white squares, they have wonderful depth to them. Those are large squares too, but I'm sure you are a much, much faster crocheter than I am.

  5. Happy Easter. Just think if you finish Sea and Sand, AND Candy Corn you've exceeded your goal. I'm only kidding - I can't imagine 10 afghans in a year!

  6. Thanks all for the visits. Pumpkin, it's not black and white, it's a very dark purple.

    Right you are Minding...I keep telling myself to push forward and meet that goal.

  7. I cant believe you've 9 done already ! I lovechecking in and seeing what afghans your working on, I love it so much next years yop will have me doing some afghans for the children to.

  8. I love how the yellow pops out, it's beautiful. Looking forward to the finished product!

  9. That is such a cheerful Afghan... It's like a garden on your lap. I am interested in this a to z blog thing. I gotta check that out!

    Hope you have a great week!

    Angela @ Knit Luck

  10. I love this one..the colors fit so wonderfully. Love your dedication to helping others..

  11. Ruth, Delia, Angela and naugetbluff...thanks so much for your visits and kind words. I can't knit or crochet that many on my own, but put together squares and pieces people donate.

  12. Ohh! I love blue and yellow together and that makes for a lovely afghan. So many people are blessed by your actions.

  13. thanks all for the comments, so sorry the colors just aren't coming through the ghan is purple and yellow, not blue and yellow and the dark color is also purple not black. Seems everyone is seeing it differently. Computers sometimes have issues.

  14. Nice blanket! See you around the A - Z:)

  15. Your afghans always put a smile on my face, I bet the recipients smile too! Gorgeous work.


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