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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Green Kimono Style Sweater

Knitted on the plane going to Newport Coast, CA and almost every day while on vacation there.  This is the back of THIS, my work in progress this Wednesday.  Using washable Plymouth Encore Wool and Acyrlic yarn, and 2 sizes of circular needles 7's and 8's; this is the back.  Lots still to do, as it needs to measure 29 inches with a cast on of 120 stitches.  Currently this measures about 13 inches.  LOVE the color.  Some of you know, green is one of my DD's favorite colors, the other is purple.  I bought the pattern and yarn as a Christmas present ...but, wrap it and told her I'd make it after Christmas.

The style looks like it would be very comfortable and good sweater to have on hand.

What's everyone working on this Wednesday for work in progress?  Having just gotten back in town last night in the middle of our latest snow storm, this post is short and sweet.  Much to do in order to catch up.

Happy Stitches all, badges and links in tabs for meme's across the top of the blog, please join us.


  1. The sweater is going to be beautiful! The yarn is so pretty.

  2. I've often thought about knitting a kimono garment so will follow your progress with interest. The work you have done so far is looking good.

  3. Thank you Karen and Pauline for the visits and encouragement. I think the sweater is a slow process, but am enjoying working on it.


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