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Friday, March 29, 2013

Memories of Mom and Typing About Easter

Though this story is about typing, I can't really say the typewriter was this kind, though Mom loved the color turquoise and I think the time frame is fairly correct. 

It's been awhile since I've shared an alphabetical memory of Mom.
(Mom in purple on my wedding day, 1972)
But, with this weekend being Easter, memories of her come flooding back.  She was admitted to the hospital on Ash Wednesday back in 2009 and had emergency surgery in the wee hours of the following morning.  It was a long and difficult period in all of our lives, testing our resolve; as well as her's.  She died on what we kids always called Easter Monday.  I guess we always called it that because long before kids got a spring break, we got Good Friday and Easter Monday off from school.  And so with today being Good Friday, I find myself reading about the stages of The Cross, Ash Wednesday, Holy Thursday, and of course Easter Sunday, and remembering  Mom as well.

There's more to the connection, but for now ...typing.  Mom was a strong, very determined woman.  She made things work, whatever was needed; though some of  her "I can do anything attitude" diminished as she aged; that is truly the way I remember her most.  And in fact, the minister at her funeral told this story.

Mom interviewed and got a job which required that she type.  She told a little white lie telling them she could type...oophs.  But, she was determine to get the job, and confident that she could do it.  When I arrived home from school, she told me I needed to teach her to type and we had about a week to do it.  LOL  This is before computer keyboards mind you.  Heck, most of my typing class used standard non electric typewriters...the few electric were reserved for those who were speedy at it...I was not among that group.  It's also pertinent to add...we did not have a type writer at home in order to teach her.  But, that didn't stop her/us.  We fashioned a cardboard keyboard on the dining room table and propped up my high school typing book.  Thinking that still makes me smile.  Yes, she did learn to type in the short amount of time she had, and yes she was successful in her new job...the job she retired from many years later.
( Mom and Dad at a nephews wedding.)
Mom at 16 in a gorgeous dress she made herself from dotted swiss, as was my wedding dress that she also made.
The family in 2007, at Mom and Dad's 60th wedding anniversary.  Younger brother Mike, Mom, Me, Daddy, and older brother Chuck.

Mom had grown up a Lutheran, sang in the church choir but after she and Dad got married they became members of The Methodist Church.  In those final hours, she squeezed my hand as I recited the 23rd Psalm.  Later when she opened her eyes (briefly and the first time in a couple of days), looking towards heaven she reached up, smiled, and crossed herself.  Lent is 46 days (bout 7wks), and that was how long Mom was in the hospital, most of it in ICU.  She bore her final days with bravery while the rest of us had tears.

Mom's name was Miriam, I read today that is a Hebrew name that means 'wise woman or lady'.  I read that Mary is the Greek form of the Hebrew name Miriam while reading about Mary in connection to the Easter Story.

Miss you Mom
Happy Easter All


  1. Very touching story about your Mom.
    I am sure she was very special !

  2. Thank you Susan for your sweet comment, much appreciated.

  3. Thanks for stopping by. Just wanted you to know I'm still alive :) Just real busy with work....my 2 - 4 hour days a week have turned into 3 days. Yesterday I worked 14 1/2 hours...no time for blogging or anything else, plus I've had a very sick Dad who is now on the mend. Good news I'm becoming a grandmother the end of Sept! Happy Easter!!

  4. What a lovely post and dedication to Mom. The pictures and memories brought tears to my eyes...probably yours too.

    With what you know now Sandy, I know how much you truly appreciate the meaning of Easter and the joy of eternal life.

  5. hakucho, so glad to hear from you, hope things calm down and glad Dad's on the mend. Congrats on your exciting news about being a grandma!

    Thank you sisto...right you are !!!

  6. Thank you for sharing your special memories of your mother with us. She comes across as a remarkable woman.

  7. Thank you Pauline for the kind words and your visit. I appreciate you're taking the time to read it. Writing is one way I remember her.

  8. Your mother sounds like she was not only a very kind person, but she was so talented too! She made pretty dresses and picked up new skills really quickly. I particularly enjoy hearing about how determined she could be, I think we could all learn from her. Thank you so much for sharing your memories of her.

  9. The beauty of Easter...it's not over.

    Your post about Mom was hearfelt and beautiful. A loving tribute. Blessings to you this Easter, & Happy Spring my friend.


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